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So many people I speak with say the same thing “ I can’t recognize this country anymore” and I believe they’re right. We currently face so many overlapping challenges that I fear things will get much worse before possibly getting better.

I know it’s depressing to think about, but we need to address and face these issues to help get through them together and protect our families and NOT be caught off guard like so many mothers needing infant formula they cannot find.

Never before in our history has so much been so wrong at the same time. In 2008 when the great recessions came, we did not have inflation this high or energy prices this high, or a crumbling supply chain.

Most of these problems feed off one another. Inflation makes people turn to crime. Empty shelves encourage hoarding and so on. The future has never looked this bleak in my opinion then it does right now.

Here is my list of these challenges, in no particular order…..

  • An illegitimate Regime running the government into the ground-killing the economy and middle class

  • Societal decay- rampant crime, homelessness, poverty, drug addiction, divided population, promotion of alternative lifestyles, CRT in schools, political corruption, stolen elections

  • Global debt levels are huge, and many countries are at the precipice of collapse-Japan, China, US, Europe, and South America….to name a few.

  • Massive die-off and disease due to experimental gene therapy

  • Global agricultural output shrinking fast-massive food shortages are incoming

  • Food protectionism-many counties have halted food exports, not us-we’re run by idiots (Hungary, Egypt, India, Russia, Ukraine, Kosovo, Indonesia-to name a few)

  • Inflation nearing runaway status-families struggling to pay for food, medicine, food, medical care-inflationary depression en route IMO

  • Fuel and energy prices at all-time highs, gas, diesel, Nat. Gas, propane

  • Shortages of key commodities-fuel, fertilizer, most ag chemicals, rare earth minerals

  • Global weather-cooling, drought, and crazy jet streams causing many problems and shrinking crop yields

  • Supply chain disarray-The retail out-of-stockalypse is underway-stores are getting emptier by the day, China closed-we’re screwed

  • Food Shortages are causing fear and will cause serious trouble later this year.

  • Partisan Federal Reserve-Fed IS worried about climate justice, etc. instead of inflation and debt

These facts in my mind are indisputable


Resources For This Episode:

Cold Weather Across The Globe-Sorry Al Gore, You’re Dog Water

Global Agriculture Yields Down Due To Cold Weather-AKA Climate Change

Rediculous Partisan Janet Yellen Waxes On About Gun Control and Climate Issues Instead of Inflation

Massive Die-Off Due To Gene Therapy

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I get a lot of inquiries regarding making mayo or Aoli as it’s also referred to. This is so simple and makes a better product than just about all store-bought mayonnaise. While this is basic, the exact same method can be altered by using flavorings such as garlic, lemon zest, fragrant herbs such as dill, tarragon, basil, thyme, etc.

The other point which is important to mention is that just about all commercial mayonnaise is made using GMO mono-crop seed oils which IMO are not the most healthy to eat. There is avocado oil mayo in the market but some (like my family) find it to be off-tasting and not as good as say…Dukes!

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While many are focused on the Johnny Depp trial, Monkeypox, or other non-events much of the world, including the United States is entering into what I’ve coined “The Out Of Stockalypse!” Across most industries, American companies large and small are experiencing out of stocks at a rate never before seen in our history. I cannot understate the colossal challenges we are now facing that will be our reality for some time.

On March 28th, China locked down the biggest cities and ports in the world under the guise of a Coronavirus outbreak (more on that later) that has crippled global manufacturing and shipping resulting in a critical shortage of parts and materials.

The CCP has locked down over 26 million citizens in the most important manufacturing regions in China. Ports in Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Ningbo were shuttered. Since we’re extremely dependent on China to supply everything from prescription drugs to car parts to foodstuffs, to industrial components (pumps, switches, hoses, belts, etc) to plumbing parts, etc. this is a major problem. So many critical industries here in the US are facing serious challenges. Retailers are seeing inflation eat away at profits as consumers are struggling to pay higher prices while major retailers cannot raise prices fast enough to keep up with inflation. Couple that with out-of-stock items and the future is not bright.

Recently Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, and Target have seen profits evaporate and sales slow, the worst is yet to come. As the supply chain empties out, the same retailers will have major holes in inventory resulting in lost sales.

I wonder if China is using this lockdown as a way to further weaken their enemy, the USA? The reason for this thinking is China does not give a rats rump about the Chinese citizens. They have shown contempt for their citizens many times throughout their history, so why are they so worried about a virus which we know has a survival rate of over 99% in most cases? Hmmm, I smell a rat! They can crash our markets and might just succeed with these supply chain bottlenecks that are causing our retail business to get clobbered.

Just imagine how many items are not going to be in stock and all the missed opportunities our retailers, service sector companies, and manufacturers will face. Scarier still are the hospitals and pharmacies that will be short critical life-saving medicines…not good!

I have read about the myriad of industries and businesses that are short critical items with lead times that are many, many months out, this is not good folks. I have been saying for years on this show that allowing offshore countries to make our critical stuff is a major mistake and a national security issue. Instead of these bumbling government officials and congress making stupid laws they should have focused on laws that prevent American companies with government contracts to offshore critical items, but they are too busy lining their pockets, lying their asses off, and generally making the people hate them.

Now many might shout we don’t want the government involved in our business and I totally understand that, but what about critical medicines and infrastructure parts? For example electrical grid components and water system items like pumps, controllers, etc. These are critical, national security infrastructure parts that should only be made here domestically, for the reasons we are seeing now….unavailable parts and parts with stupid lead times that cannot be guaranteed.

In closing, the next few months are going to be a rocky road as the supply chain empties of critical items needed by industries very important to our economy and way of life. Be sure to get the stuff you need NOW, items like shoes, car parts (belts, hoses, oil, filters, tires, etc.) foodstuffs, electronics, etc.

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Show notes at Keith

If you have ever visited Charleston SC you quickly realize that among the southern charm and historic buildings there is something else that has visitors flocking to the Holy City. Charleston was founded in 1670 as Charles Town, honoring King Charles 11, and is literally a living history book. Once the heart of the slave trade almost half of all slaves arrived at Charleston, or course this stain on the city’s past should never be forgotten.

One of the results of this slave trade was that many slaves from Africa brought their Gullah cuisine and cooking methods with them as well as other traditions such as basket weaving, these recipes, methods, and skills have become a treasure to the Charleston area and all who visit. it

Many ingredients that are considered basic commodity staples like rice and corn are now heralded in the Charleston area and have become the stuff of obsession.

A reading from Fast Company….The Grit Awakening: Why Antebellum-Style Cornmeal Has Risen Again

Tim Mills remembers that as a boy growing up on a North Carolina farm, one of his favorite chores was riding with his grandfather to the local mill to get the corn ground. So when “the still voice of God” told the 71-year-old Methodist farmer to build a grist mill on his small farm in Clarke County, Georgia, Mills says he at least had some idea what The Almighty was talking about.

God had great timing: Mills’ brand of grits, made with 19th-century techniques and a pair of mules, are now a hit in upscale Southern restaurants. Mills’ brand, Red Mule, is one of a slew of successful pre-industrial cornmeal companies that are seeing sales surge across the New South and beyond.

There are a number of trends that help explain the increasing appeal of Antebellum-style grits. First there’s the increasing preferences among consumers for less-processed, locally sourced foods. There’s the well-documented Southern instinct to celebrate old ways of doing things. But above all, the success of Red Mule is probably about their taste, which for most Southerners is older than living memory.

“I grew up eating those bland grits, and they didn’t have any taste, other than the butter, salt, and pepper you’d put on them,” says food historian John T. Edge, director of the Southern Foodways Alliance. He’s referring to the familiar white stuff pooling beside fried eggs on breakfast plates. Those grits are processed on high-speed roller mills, which heat to a high temperature, damaging the flavor of the corn and smashing the germ to dust. Edge has watched, happily, as grits have been resurrected into an artisanal food. “What’s happened to the South isn’t some fad but a genuine unearthing of old foods and varieties,” he says. “Grits are a reintegration of a very old food being enjoyed in a very new time.”

Now grits or corn are just one staple that is being celebrated and the focus of many Charleston area menu items, also oats, Carolina Gold Rice and other simple staples are making a huge comeback, and rightfully so. Several years ago I had the pleasure of filming an episode of Harvest Eating TV in an old steel building behind the railroad tracks in downtown Columbia SC with Glenn Roberts founder and principal of one of the most important companies in America, Anson Mills.

And then there’s Anson Mills in Columbia, S.C., which takes the term “heirloom” to a new level. Owner Glenn Roberts produces grits and meal made of corns that were raised as crops in the nineteenth century. But Roberts’ mission isn’t just to sell grits. He’s spent the last 20 years finding, protecting, and cultivating corn and other pre-industrial domesticated plants–called “landraces”–and resurrecting agricultural systems that existed in North America centuries ago. His Carolina Gold Rice, grown in the coastal area of South Carolina, is of the same variety that people were eating at the end of the Revolutionary War. In old journals and diaries Roberts discovered that in the South Carolina of the 1700s, many farmers followed a 17-year-long cycle of rotating specific crops to enhance their flavor, hardiness, and nutritional value without depleting the soil. -Fast Company

I literally could go on and on about how important the work Glenn Roberts does at Anson mills but suffice to say we all owe Glenn a debt of gratitude for his dedication to Antebellum grains and preserving southern foodways.

Resourced for this episode:

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Visit Keith for the show notes and recipe.

In today’s episode, I share another recipe for bread that is very soft, slightly luscious, and amazing. This is a simple bread that I originally made using boiled potatoes but found that to take a long time and be a pain in the rump.

Using potato flakes is much easier and the results are the same.

This bread also freezes very well, so I made two loaves and froze one of them. I also used the bread both toasted and not toasted to make sandwiches, they are delicious. This makes perfect egg salad sandwiches and also a great Italian w ham, salami, mortadella, provolone, shredduce, and roasted peppers.

I hope you give this a try. Be sure to tag @harvesteating on Instagram with the photo of your bread.

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Show notes

I’ve eaten a bunch of gluten-free pancakes, many that I created, some store-bought. When you decide to avoid or eliminate gluten you likely will long for the foods you once ate, including pancakes, bread, pasta, etc.

Pancakes though have a special meaning for me, because I often make them for my children on the weekends, those big breakfasts and times spent together are memories I cherish.

Lately, I watch my kids eat those gluten-filled pancakes with a jealous eye and often much frustration. I often think of making them better and imagine me actually enjoying them….without gluten. But until recently, those attempts were never truly satisfying.

The trouble with most store-bought recipes is many have too much coconut flour and taste more like the tropics instead of the mountains of Vermont….where pancakes and syrup are very popular I imagine.

So I went back to the drawing board and created a gluten-free mix that is pretty darn enjoyable. You would NEVER miss the gluten or even ask if they were gluten-free because there is no chalky aftertaste or crumbly texture all-too-common with store-bought gluten-free pancake mixes.

Many today are aimed at Keto eaters and these are particularly “coconutty” and usually fall apart too easily, plus the overwhelming taste of fake sweeteners is not to my liking.

I will be testing this recipe without the banana mashed up in the batter and will evaluate the taste and texture minus the banana, because believe it or not, some people don’t like bananas, my son included.

Here is my recipe, you’ll see that the ingredients are easy to find and it could not be simpler to execute.

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Show notes at Keith

In this episode of Keith Snow, Off The Cuff, I just outline my thoughts on the Canadian truckers convoy and why I love what they are doing. I read this the other day on Children’s Health Defense and wanted to share a quote….

“Canadian and U.S. truck drivers who arrived in Ottawa Jan. 29 to protest COVID vaccine mandates showed no signs of leaving, as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today said sending in the army to clear the protesters is “not in the cards right now.”

The statement came after Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly said Wednesday “there may not be a policing solution to this demonstration” and that he and other commanders were “looking at every single option, including military aid to civil power” to end it.”

When petty dictators like Trudeau push too hard, eventually people stand up and say NO, I’m glad the truckers are doing this and I pray they stay long enough to make things change, hopefully long enough to rid us all of this gaslighting, race-baiting dumpster fire of a PM.

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The United States of America used to be dotted with dairies farms, but the industry has seen a steady decline in the total number of dairy farms while the average size of herds has increased, super dairies are becoming the norm, not the exception. 

My uncle, John Snow (one of my dad’s older brothers) had two beautiful dairies, one in Goshen NY, the other on a 174-acre farm in Carlisle, PA (car-lyle).

Uncle John milked Holsteins and grew corn and other crops, the farms were so beautiful. Both farms had classic red barns with hay lofts and tractors, I was in love!

I can vividly remember sitting in the farmhouse kitchen drinking milk fresh from the bulk tank that was so creamy and thick and raw! My Aunt Judy reminded me I had to finish all my beans and corn before leaving the table. No problem I thought!

I also remember being with my cousin Greg in his third-story bedroom listening to a tiny transistor radio with an extra-large antenna pointed out the window that was broadcasting AM radio, circa 1974!

To say that I have a fondness for people who raise and milk cows is an understatement.  My kids were raised on raw Jersey cow milk and we had a few Jersey heifers in 2010 but we sold them before they calved, their names were Cinnamon & Ginger.

So all of this dairy doom makes me sad! Between 1970 and 2006, the number of farms with dairy cows has fallen steadily, from 648,000 operations in 1970 to 75,000 or so in 2006, probably lower in 2022.

Technology such as printing food, yeah I said printing food, will become common, and fake meat and dairy substitutes will be ubiquitous. I find these statements hard to believe and grandiose, but time will tell.

“We are on the cusp of the deepest, fastest, most consequential disruption in food and agricultural production since the first domestication of plants and animals ten thousand years ago. This is primarily a protein disruption driven by economics. The cost of proteins will be five times cheaper by 2030 and 10 times cheaper by 2035 than existing animal proteins, before ultimately approaching the cost of sugar. They will also be superior in every key attribute – more nutritious, healthier, better tasting, and more convenient, with almost unimaginable variety. This means that, by 2030, modern food products will be higher quality and cost less than half as much to produce as the animal-derived products they replace.”

Over 60% of dairy farms are less than 25 cows. The current price per hundred lbs is averaging  $21.64 for every hundredweight (100 pounds) of fluid milk so the dairy farmer is netting about $1,400-$1,700 per week, depending on the cow breed they milk and the gallons produced, this is for a 25 cow herd.

So dairy farmer gets roughly $21.64 for 11.62 gallons yet the supermarket gets $42. If farmers sold direct and could attract customers to a small farm store, and had some value-added products like butter, cream, half & half, creme fraiche, yogurt, etc. they could potentially meet or top what is made selling to the dairy coop.

However, this usually requires the younger generations to stay on the farm and help as the job of tending to cows and crops leaves little time for research, planning, and large changes to the farm’s business model.

One amazing benefit of such an arrangement would be interacting with the people who consume the products, instead of just a driver who pumps milk into a tanker to take it to the coop/processor.

Reading from an article…..

The emergence of large dairy farms, and the continued shift of production toward such farms, is the principal focus of our analysis. We also touch on geographic shifts in production, a closely intertwined component of structural change.

Between 1970 and 2006, the number of farms with dairy cows fell steadily and sharply, from 648,000 operations in 1970 to 75,000 in 2006, or 88 percent (fig. 1). Total dairy cows fell from 12 million in 1970 to 9.1 million in 2006, so the average herd size rose from just 19 cows per farm in 1970 to 120 cows in 2006.

Moreover, milk production per cow doubled between 1970 and 2006 (from 9,751 to 19,951 pounds per year), total milk production rose, and average milk production per farm increased twelvefold. These changes reflect a trend toward greater specialization as well as greater size.

However, like much of agriculture, dairy farms come in a wide range of sizes. The largest U.S. dairy farms have over 15,000 cows, though farms with 1,000–5,000 cows are more common.

Large dairy farms account for most inventory and production in the Western States, and a growing share of production elsewhere

The smallest class of dairy farms (fewer than 30 cows) still accounted for nearly 30 percent of all operations with milk cows in 2006, but had only 2 percent of all cows and provided just over 1 percent of total dairy production.

Such farms, which frequently combine a very small dairy enterprise with other commodity enterprises or with off-farm work, are disappearing rapidly. 

Non Dairy Milk (soy, almond, oat, macadamia, hemp, hazelnut) is cutting into the share of milk sales rapidly. Average consumption is off 40% as of 2019 compared to 1975.

There is an ongoing label war between the dairy lobby and the non-dairy “milk” producers. They call their products milk, which the dairy industry sees as competition.

In my mind, people who drink milk are not mistakenly buying oat or soy or almond milk, rather sales of non-dairy milk are fueled by highly educated consumers who either have dairy allergies or are plant-based or vegan or environmentally aware.

So what does this mean to today’s dairy farmers? Well, we all know the average age of the American farmer is 57.5 years of age. Farmers are much older in other countries like Japan! 

This portends problems in the future as today's youth, even if they were raised on farms and taught work ethic, are routinely leaving the farm for “easier” ways of making a living.

We are talking only about dairy farms here but the same scenario plays out on our cattle, hog, grain, and vegetable operations. Who knows what this means for the future of ag.

With so much pressure to “get big or get out” small dairies either choose to invest in larger operations or sell their land to developers or, invest in on-farm processing to be able to sell to local customers and DSD(direct store delivery) and cutting out the coop and keeping the vast majority of the profit themselves.

I know of several dairymen who sell both to a growing number of customers who want farm-fresh products and want to know who grows their food.

They have made on-farm investments in processing equipment and been awarded permits to process their own products and they know their customers.

A good example of this model in action is SC Milky Way Farm in Starr SC LD Peeler has been milking his Jersey cows for decades. We used to buy raw milk direct, which had been legal in SC for years. His A2-A2 Jersey cows are raised on grass and produce milk that is nothing short of amazing, at least 3-4 inches of cream on top of each gallon.

We were paying $4-6 per gallon back in 2009 and it was worth every penny! LD has increased the number of products he produces on the farm to include some vat pasteurized milk, chocolate milk, cream, etc.

He even has a really nice, clean refrigerated milk truck to make deliveries with.

I can remember him using a metal hook he built to grab milk crates instead of bending down each time. He wore the typical wrangler jeans, a ball cap, and flannel shirts.

Another dairy that is doing great work is Alexander Dairy in California. I regularly buy their certified organic, A2-A2 milk which is also certified Regenerative and tastes amazing.

They have many products that are sold to retail stores and distributors, they leave the butterfat on top (non-homogenized) and only pasteurize at 165 degrees for 30 minutes, unlike most dairy that is UHT, Ultra High Temperature pasteurized at over 200 degrees.

This is a large dairy with over 4,300 acres and about 4,000 cows. They have built soil organic matter from 2% to as much as 15% in some pastures using regenerative principles I outlined in episode 454.

They are sequestering a great deal of carbon in the soil, using ruminant animals, the way nature intended. Even a hard-core Al Gore tree hugger cannot argue the fact that they are not helping the environment, even with all the cow farts!

Finding Raw Milk…

The laws in this country regarding the sale of raw milk are pretty frustrating, but progress has been made in most states. People should have access to this life-giving product, without bureaucrats restricting it. I have not looked in a while to see how things are progressing with the law but the website Real Milk lists hundreds of dairies across the country that sell raw milk. See this handy interactive map to find local raw milk.

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See today's show notes over at Harvest Eating

Chili Colorado is a simple dish made with beef (or pork), usually beef that is stewed in a mixture of rehydrated chilis with some onion, garlic, and a few simple spices.

I use several dried Mexican chilis….Ancho and Guajilo chilies are rehydrated in hot water after being “warmed” up in a dry skillet.

I used 4.25 lbs of chuck, 1 large white onion, 5 garlic cloves, 4 Ancho, and 5 Guajilo chiles along with about 5 cups of stock, 3 cups beef, 2 cups chicken.

Takes about 3 hours 30 minutes to stew the beef. Serve with rice or on corn tortillas with radish, sour cream, raw onion and cilantro. You will be amazed at how tender and succulent it is and also how little heat it has. These chiles are not very spicy but have TONS of complex flavor.

I hope you give it shot!

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In today’s show, I discuss some simple apps you can make for your holiday parties. The first is a simple chicken and mushroom mousse served with crostini and the second is whipped goat cheese with pepper jelly, also very easy to make.

The chicken mushroom mousse is a recipe in the Harvest Eating Cookbook for those that have a copy. I hear there are still some used ones on Amazon if interested.

Refer to the book to make the mousse, or listen to the audio above.

To make the whipped goat cheese on crackers with pepper jelly you’ll need some basic ingredients:

  • 3 bell peppers, a few colors like red green orange, or yellow, seeds ribs removed, cut into small cubes, no bigger than 1/4

  • 1 spicy pepper, habanero or similar, or sub a jalapeno, leave seeds if you like it spicy

  • 2 lbs Granny Smith apples

  • 1-1/2 tsp salt

  • 1-1/2 cups sugar

  • 1/2 cup cider vinegar

The procedure is simple, roughly chop up the apples and throw them into a saucepot, skins, seeds, all of it. Bring to simmer and let cook like 45 minutes covered over low heat. Once completely mush, pour thru the strainer and reserve the juices, those are a great source of pectin, which will thicken our jelly. You need about 1-1/2 cups of juice. (please do not use bottled apple juice, that won’t work)

In another sauce pot add the apple liquid and the rest of the ingredients, bring to boil then lower to simmer. Stir this mixture often until it starts to thicken up and coats a spoon, which will take at least 45 minutes if not longer.

Please remember to be stirring every few minutes. Once it looks thick place a tablespoon on a plate that has been in the freezer for at least 30 minutes. Then try to move the jelly with a spoon, if it looks wrinkled it’s ready, if not, cook longer until lit looks slightly wrinkled using the trick I just described. Be careful NOT to scorch the pot or the whole thing is ruined.


Make the whipped cheese:

2 small logs of goat cheese, fresh chevre-not aged!

1/2 tsp salt

2 tbs parmesan cheese

2 tbs minced chives (ok-freeze dried works too!)

1/4 cup heavy cream

Place the first four ingredients into a bowl and use a whisk to whip it up to a mousse-like consistency adding the heavy cream a little at a time until it’s like a mousse, it cannot be runny or rock hard.

you need to pipe or scoop this on the crackers then top with called pepper jelly.

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On today’s show, I discuss our plans for Thanksgiving 2021. I’ll talk about our menu and some basic thoughts on my favorite food holiday.

Here is a video on making cranberry sauce

See this search for a bunch of recipes/videos etc.

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Today I want to speak about all the ways you can use eggs. In tough times eggs can save your life…I meant it!

Eggs are an excellent protein and fat source that just about anyone can produce. Chickens and ducks do not need vast acreages, just a backyard and a few basic items like feeders, water source, coop, etc. nothing beyond the reach of most able-bodied, motivated people.

Eggs are one of the most versatile protein sources and can be used any time of day for stand-alone dishes or as an addition to many other dishes like meatballs, meatloaf, stir fry, myriad baked goods, etc, etc.

On a homestead, eggs are probably the first thing to focus on as birds can be used to help process many other “waste” items like kitchen scraps, weeds, and trimmings of bushes, grains, and of course insect reduction. Ducks and chickens are excellent at eating ticks, flies, worms, slugs, grasshoppers, caterpillars, and many other insect pests.

Ducks and chickens also provide excellent fertilizer for free! Some permaculture practitioners use them to fertilize all kinds of things like trees, bushes, grassland, pasture, gardens, etc. Here are a few great videos to illustrate this:

  1. Feeding chickens cheap

  2. Permaculture chicken systems

  3. Gardening with livestock

Visit Harvest Eating To see more regarding this episode.

Join Food Storage FEast for $79-use coupon code: stuffing to save $70

I hope you all eat more eggs and more importantly, raise your own animals.

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Today I will answer some questions that were sent in by listeners.

You can send questions by emailing the show at

Today I will talk about the following:

  1. Suggested ways to use greens such as kale

  2. A great recipe for pork green chili featuring NM Hatch green chilis.

  3. Grid Down tools for cooking/kitchen

Here are a few links to check out:

Resources for this episode:

This Episode's Show Notes

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Today I spoke about making various condiments at home. With the food shortages and supply chain breaking, certain items are not available and may be spotty in the future. Why not learn to make these items at home yourself and be free of the supermarket?

Here are items I make at home:

  • mustard (Dijon, yellow, whole grain)

  • hot sauces (cayenne pepper, chipotle, green chili, etc.)

  • mayonnaise

  • sweet chili sauce

  • pasta sauces

  • dressings-vinaigrettes, ranch-yuk!, blue cheese, parmesan peppercorn, French, etc.

  • horseradish cream

  • teriyaki

  • pickle relish

  • different kinds of ketchup

Visit this page on Harvest Eating for a bunch of videos

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On today’s show, I discuss just a few things I have been cooking up in my home kitchen. The pie and English muffins are notable and delicious!

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In today’s show, I delve into creating a deep pantry at home. Essentially insulating you from many issues that are coming to our lives; food shortages, food inflation, shortages of just about everything.

This is an excerpt from a long article/tutorial from Food Storage Feast that discusses creating a deep pantry.

So why all this emphasis on the home pantry? As you will see and read, the well-stocked home pantry is one of the easiest and least painful of all investments. It does not require brokers, investment accounts, bank transfers, downside risk, tax consequences or the loss of use of your capital. 

If you look at the average American home pantry you will see a small closet in the kitchen with some white wire shelves with roughly 10 sq feet of shelf space. Hardly enough to store a week of food. This set-up is found in the majority of homes. how did this happen? What happened to the large walk-in pantries that our grandparents had? How did we slowly give away our ability to cook and eat for long periods from our home pantry to corporate take out, dine in and fast food?

As outlined earlier in this course the rise of "just in time delivery" and modern high-tech logistics with barcodes, predictive stock levels, and sales tracking etc. has transformed our homes over time to become very un-prepared, dependent boxes. 

In most supermarkets, the computer knows how many SKU's are in the store at any time and even orders more items automatically when a certain “par level” is reached. Behind the scenes, there are forklifts, conveyor belts, pallets, trucks, trains, DSD (direct store delivery) drivers all working 24/7/365 to keep the stores stocked using “just in time” delivery. Gone are the days when the store had a large “stock room” where it pulled inventory to keep the store stocked and received weekly shipments.

The above provides a better understanding of how our supermarkets work and how inextricably connected we are to the supply chains that are now in the news constantly. We can use this complexity and choice we all have to our advantage by slowly, little by little, building storage and systems into our households to prevent or lessen the effect on crumbling supply chains.


Supply chain Video

Highly Effective

While these supply chain systems are important, more important is our ability to find food locally and better yet, grow or raise it ourselves. Gardening, row crops, animal husbandry, permaculture, etc. are all good practices to consider implementing into your plan. More on those in the future…..

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On today’s show, I talk about making some simple cocktail snacks you can bring to a party or just nosh on at home.

These are pretty basic but most people buy these….we need to collectively STOP buying stuff and START making stuff ourselves. Yes, I’m preaching to you…deal with it!

It’s simple people…buy good olives, packed in water, and marinate them up…I buy canned CA green olives packed in water for about $2.69 per can…then season them up crazy good….people FLIP for these.

I use the following:

  • Fermented chilis, garlic, and onion

  • Extra virgin olive oil NO SOYBEAN, NO CANOLA, NO VEGETABLE oils…c’mon man…

  • CA garlic powder and onion powder

  • Chili flakes

  • Kosher salt

  • Red wine vinegar

  • Italian seasoning

That’s it…you probably have this stuff in your pantry….these olive rock…they are nutritious and rather sexy if I say so myself!

As far as the onion dip…I do this….

  • 1/2 cup Daisy sour cream

  • 1/4 tsp Worcestershire sauce (damn I never spell that right…spell check to the rescue!)

  • 1 tsp onion powder

  • 1/4 tsp garlic powder

  • two pinches kosher salt

  • black pepper

  • minced chives if you got em!

Mix it up…adjust seasoning and crush that dip with kettle chips!

For the hummus….heck…I am almost done with a stiff screwdriver(it's late Friday afternoon!)…just listen and work thru it, they're not hard to make!

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Today I will be trying to inspire you to create simple family-style meals using inexpensive proteins and starches. With food prices on the rise, many families need some inspiration to keep things interesting, tasty and not break the bank.

Today I will focus on the following foods to use as a starting point:

  • Ground Beef

  • Chicken Thighs

  • Rotisserie Chicken

  • Black Beans

  • Rice

I won’t go into super detail on each recipe idea rather just go over some of the basics and ways to switch them up to make simple meals your family loves. Here are some of the ideas I’ll speak about:

  • meatballs, meatloaf, taco salad/Burritos, stuffed peppers, stuffed cabbage with tomatoes over rice

  • Thai chicken over rice, butter chicken, skewers with peppers, onions, grilled over rice

  • Chicken salad, chicken caser salad, chicken noodle soup, use carcass to make stock

  • Black beans and rice, black bean, roasted squash, cheese burritos, taco bowl, rice beans, ground beef, avocado, cheese, tomato, black bean chili, black bean burgers

  • Green rice, chicken and rice soup, fried rice-add just about anything to stretch, rice pudding, risotto, Arroz con pollo

I make many of these dishes each month and we thoroughly enjoy them and they save us money on grocery bills and most importantly-they keep us out of restaurants.

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On today’s show I will discuss winter squash, the wonderful “fruit” that if grown and cured properly can last many, many months in storage making winter squash some of the most beneficial crops to grow on your homestead, farm, or home garden.

I have limited experience growing winter squash but hope I can learn to get a bountiful harvest in the years to come.


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Today I am speaking about another great one-pot meal, arroz con pollo. In Latin America, this is a staple dish that is as common as spaghetti and meatballs stateside! Most Latin cooks will put their own twist on this dish but you can be sure it will contain some similarities; one being the use of soffrito, a simple seasoning mix of onion, garlic, cumin, peppers, cilantro that is found commonly in the refrigerators in the kitchens of Latin cooks.

The best chicken for this is bone-in skin on, thighs, wings, and drumsticks. The recipe is simple and takes about 30 minutes to get the whole thing in the oven. You will need a few ingredients you may not have, one being Goya Saizon….a packet seasoning mix that brings much flavor and color. If I left it out I’d get some serious hate mail, so I am using it! You can find it on Amazon, see the link above, or in most grocery stores in the International section where Goya products are found.

I love adding pimento-stuffed green olives that I slice and toss in this dish, they bring a nice briney flavor that adds another dimension and helps to cut the heaviness of this dish. Peas are usually added at the end but I forgot to add them! The recipe is below-!

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Each year in late summer I usually make corn chowder. Some years I make it thick, some years I make it smooth, this year I made it using some chile peppers and bacon. This soup is best with fresh corn and I always use NON-GMO sweet corn. You can use canned corn but it will be slightly less flavorful. By all means, if you‘re reading this in January, just used canned corn…not a problem.

In this version, I used some Jalapeno and poblano peppers, which really added a nice “grassy” flavor plus a tiny bit of heat. I like to garnish with Cotija cheese and cilantro.

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So here is episode #439 that I had chosen not to post but I have heard from many of you saying you want the personal update on the Cape Cod, here it is. After the update this is the same episode as the 439 meatball episode that proceeds this, you only need to listen to this if you want to hear about Cape Cod.


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In today’s show, I talk about my Sicilian Style Meatballs which are a great alternative to boring “regular” meatballs. You can find the recipe here.

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Today I am speaking about the Tartine, a simple European sandwich that is open-faced. You can make these with so many ingredients which makes them very versatile. The key here is using terrific bread; I suggest sourdough or seeded dark rye sourdough

I've eaten these with simple toppings like cured salmon with cream cheese and dill, salami and cheese, drained ricotta with radishes, etc.

Show Website:

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In today’s show, I discuss some basic methods of canning such as water bath & pressure canning and some ideas of what foods lend themselves to each method.

I also discuss using fermentation in all its forms to preserve foods for later consumption as well as increased nutritional values and fewer anti-nutrients.

Also included below is a basic sour pickle recipe, see recipe on Harvest Eating website.

I have been practicing many types of preservation since 2004, these include:

  • water bath canning

  • pressure canning

  • dehydrating

  • freeze-drying

  • fermentation

  • cheesemaking & yogurt making

  • cultured dairy (creme fraiche, clabber, butter, marscapone, etc.)

Through these trials I’ve made many great things, and some not-so-great things. But in the end, my ability to preserve foods for later consumption or simply to improve their taste, texture, or nutritional content has grown substantially.

I find these home-ec projects to be very fun & rewarding. My hope is this episode gets you interested in diving deeper into this subject.

Ohio Stoneware

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Recipe for shrimp burgers at bottom of this page!

On today's show, I discuss creating your own food system that is free from corporate control and systems that we attempting to control our entire food system.

Consider this: the US beef supply is 85% controlled by 4 companies and these companies are openly advocating for non-meat foods, fake meat, and the end of factory farming. At the outset, this sounds promising as CAFO systems (concentrated animal feeding operations) are not beneficial for the environment, the animals, the workers, and in most cases, the neighborhoods they exist in.

I have visited the northern Colorado town of Loveland and Ft. Collins many times in the last 20 years and depending on the wind direction the stench from Greely CO can be smelled over 25 miles away. That stench is from the JBS slaughterhouse facility in Greely. Trust me, CAFOs and industrial slaughterhouses are disgusting places no matter the protein, beef, chicken, pork, lamb, etc.

I have advocated for direct farm purchasing since 2004 in an attempt to help people eat higher quality protein and to protect the family farm. These CAFOs suck, but they supply the vast majority of the protein we eat.

Inflation is just transitory according to the Fed.

However, we can do something about it and I recommend we start to decentralize ourselves from these systems NOW. I addition to the ridiculous prices I am seeing for this low-quality CAFO protein these companies are advocating for fake meat and ending the animal ag system.

These fake meats are not good. As a reformed vegan, I tasted many of them in my desperate search for the protein my body craved during the 5 months I was vegan. These “foods” are nothing but science projects with a ton of nasty ingredients like stabilizers, fillers, additives, GMOs, and other fake stuff.

Even the ex-CEO of Whole Foods John Macke advised NOT eating these foods, said we are better off with beef than this fake meat. I think he is dead wrong about fake meat benefiting the environment as the core ingredients are GMO. The vegan community holds these new companies up as the saviors of the world but I see them as repugnant profiteers and corrupt actors.

Basically, anything Bill Gates invests in I want no part of, except farmland, that is good, but the fact that he owns it is bad IMO. This creep is invested in just about every fake protein company that exists, as well as most vaccine companies and he owns many shares of GMO seed companies. But he trusts the science and wants to save our over-heating planet so it’s all good!

Here are a few things I suggest we all start doing now to secure our own food supply and build the systems we need to stay free of this corporate takeover. I believe these are all import, do whatever you can from this list ASAP.

  1. Start storing food as much as you can afford and learn to cook with it.

  2. Join a CSA or protein subscription service.

  3. Delay frivolous purchases (you don’t need a bass boat) and invest money into food-producing equipment like canning, drying, or anything that can help produce food.

  4. Plant perennial trees and bushes-NOW!

  5. Plant an annual garden-NOW!

  6. Purchase and save heirloom open-pollinated seeds.

  7. Consider turning part of your yard into a food forest.

  8. Learn about permaculture today!

  9. Keep ducks & chickens and, or find people that keep these birds to secure local eggs.

  10. Find local protein and other food sources by visiting your local tail-gate or farmers' markets. and making connections. Many protein sources are right under your nose.

  11. Find local dairies and if legal buy direct.

  12. Buy farmland and become a farmer!

Some links mentioned in the show:

The Great Food Reset

The creepy World Economic Forum on fake foods.

Hot Planet? Why So Much Effort To Suppress Record Cold

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Shrimp Burgers

Shrimp Burgers

Author: Keith Snow


  • 10 ounces fresh shrimp
  • 7 ounces minced, 3 ounces roughly chopped
  • 2 green onions chopped
  • 1/4 cup minced red bell pepper
  • 1/2 tsp garlic powder
  • 1 tsp toasted and ground fennel seed
  • 1 egg white
  • 2 tbs corn starch
  • 1 tsp lemon zest
  • juice of half lemon
  • 1/4 cup fine organic cornmeal
  • 1 tsp kosher salt
  • 20 twists black pepper
  • pinch cayenne pepper


  1. Pulse 7 oz shrimp in processor, then add chopped shrimp, pulse twice
  2. In a work, bowl add shrimp plus the rest of the ingredients
  3. heat nonstick skillet over medium-high heat, add a large spoonful of shrimp mixture, pat into a burger shape
  4. Cook until starts to brown on side one, then flip, cook for two more minutes.
  5. Serve on toasted onion rolls with sliced tomatoes and red pepper mayo..of course, I use




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On today’s show, I discuss the western drought situation and bring some up-close and personal experience to this as I live in one of the hardest-hit areas in the west, Utah.

NOTE:  The powers that be will use this drought to pound the table on carbon emissions and “climate change“ a natural cycle, as a means to an end. That end is eliminating fossil fuels, promoting electric cars, and stopping animal agriculture and traditional family farming. So, while we have a drought, be mindful it fits their climate change narrative so they will make lots of news about it. I want you to be informed!

We are experiencing a serious drought out here in the west, the last two winters had very low snowpack in most areas so there was little to no spring runoff or melt. In the west, we rely on snowpack to fill our reservoirs, not rainfall. In my town we average about 9 inches of rainfall per year, so far in 2021, we’re under 3 inches according to most estimates.

Basically, it never rains yet we irrigate golf courses, yards, parks, splash pads- all with meltwater. Currently as of June 1 st 2021 we are slightly behind our usual average in my local area, but others are not as fortunate. Lake Powell and Lake Mead are extremely low at around 31-34%. Those two water sources serve millions downstream, in AZ, CA, and NV. So their low level is a bad situation. Southwest Utah has 4 reservoirs that strategically supply water to Washington Cty so we don’t rely on the Colorado river (as far as I know) to supply our water.

Over in CA, they are restricting water to farmers and I fear that will get much worse which results in less food being produced; fruits, vegetables, nuts, olives, grains, beef, chicken, pork as all require lots of water to produce. Only time will tell how bad it gets.

On a brighter note, rice pudding is today’s featured recipe idea. I will be updating this post soon with photos.

Here are some links to check out:

2021 could be one of the driest years in a millennium, and there's no relief in sight

What about us? Ute Tribe asks as Utah moves to protect its share of the Colorado River.

This is a great example of a company that is growing lots of food responsibly, but not in CA, this model would be in every state and we’d be a lot more secure as t grocery store shelves remaining fill.

Crumbling Chinese Buildings:

Why Is Everything In China Falling Apart?

More Chinese Falling Infrastructure

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In this episode, I will be talking about stretching your meals to feed more people using inexpensive ingredients and some protein to make healthy tasty meals. We practice this often at the Snow house especially this summer when we have an extra kid staying with us.

My calculations show it’s possible to feed 6-8 people a very nice meal for under $5 per person, try that at a restaurant!

Today’s dish comes from the Cuban culture, Cuban rice n Beans, it’s served at every Cuban restaurant and is a staple of many Latin diets. It’s simple to prepare with humble ingredients and can be on the table in 30 minutes flat. It will also feed a small army!

In many Latin homes the veg component is fortified with soffrito; a mixture of onions, garlic, oregano, tomato, and Sazon a seasoning by Goya you can find in just about every market. This soffrito mixture is as varied as Latin culture itself, no two cooks use the same soffrito.



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Inflation is not a word most Americans are used to hearing on a daily basis. I’ve been talking about it on this site and on my podcast for a long time because I knew the laws of economics could not be stifled forever and with a dovish Fed, it would arrive sooner or later. Well, it’s here now and people who have been in the dark are finally understanding what this word means to them-less money!

Recently, I paid $14.33 for a package of three chicken breasts at my local store. Granted this is the nicest of the local stores but c’mon…..$14 bucks for a couple of factory-farmed chicken breasts? Seriously? What a joke. When Biden says he will only “tax the wealthy” to pay for his big-government garbage what he does not tell you is that inflation is a tax on the lower to middle-income Americans, basically theft. Everything costs more and for people who live paycheck-paycheck (over 40% of people), this is a major drag. I suggest you see this article written by my friend Michael Synder for more data.

Being prepared can help insulate you from this inflationary spiral we’re heading into. Buying food items that are shelf-stable in today’s dollars is a great way to help insulate your family finances from this epidemic. I talk a lot about this in my Food Storage Feast Course and also demonstrate how to save money with lower-cost stored food. Quality meals are easily made with the proper know-how.

I suggest firstly buying protein, fats, and meat as these items are already getting expensive. 6 cans of tuna at Costco is over $14! We are currently buying tinned roast beef, ham, tuna, chicken, butter, bacon, evaporated milk, coconut milk, etc. these items store a long time and can be quickly added to other items like beans, rice, corn, etc. to make healthy, tasty and filling meals, did I mention cheap? This is why I am so keen on Food Storage Feast and think everyone reading this should have access. To that end, I am designing different payment options including a “pay what you want” option for those who can only afford a little bit.

I do this for a living but I am more interested in helping others than simply being a profiteer, so I will allow anyone to have access to this course. If you are in a tight spot just email me and let me know you’d like access and it’s a done deal!

Now let’s talk food…….

Clafoutis, sometimes spelled clafouti in Anglophone countries, is a baked French dessert of fruit, traditionally black cherries, arranged in a buttered dish and covered with a thick flan-like batter. The clafoutis is dusted with powdered sugar and served lukewarm, sometimes with cream. It’s just plain easy and delicious in my book.

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On today’s show, I give a basic update on my life, what I have been doing for the last 2 years, and then discuss my current plans for the future of Harvest Eating and our products, website, etc. I discuss.....

  1. Harvest Eating Spices

  2. Thoughtful Harvest Vegan Parmesan Cheeses

  3. Thoughtful Harvest Premium Pasta Sauces.

  4. Food Storage Feast

    Towards the end, I will provide the basic road map for Migas, one of my absolute favorite breakfast or brunch dishes.

Directly translated from Spanish, the word “Migas” means ‘crumbs’. And in the culinary world, “Migas” can mean many different things. For me, Migas is the perfect breakfast, Tex-Mex inspired, easy, filling, and best of all; very satisfying.

You start with some fat in a skillet and saute minced white onions, then add salsa (I like spicy hatch chile salsa from El Pinto), and/or minced peppers, beans if using, beaten eggs, crumbled tortilla chips, sharp cheddar or Jack cheese, then topped with cotija cheese, sour cream or crema and avocado.

You wind up with a dish that has texture, flavor, aroma, and serious satisfaction.

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A simple recipe for a delicious salad made with Mexican Street Corn or Elote which is grilled and topped with chili powder, Cojita cheese, and usually mayonnaise.  This being a salad has a cilantro crema as the dressing, super easy to make.

Be sure to follow my Instagram feed at

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On this episode of Harvest Eating, I discuss a not so famous Thai noodle dish called Pad Mee Korat. It's a better version of Pad Thai IMO. This dish hails from northeastern Thailand and uses pretty basic ingredients except the fermented soybeans, which are readily available in most Asian stores.

The tricky part of this is NOT burning the sugar mixture, if that happens start over!  This dish is sweet, spicy, and has amazing minced pork, bean sprouts, garlic chives, shallots, and garlic too!

Pretty much a symphony of flavors and textures, such a great dish! I will be posting a recipe at Harvest Eating soon!

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In today's episode, I walk you through a basic bone broth that will yield some delicious soup and extra meat that can be used in many ways. As always, try to use a pasture-raised chicken if possible. The flavor of this broth, especially with the garlic in it, is incredible. This can be strained and used to sip on like a drink for anyone on the GAPS diet. It can be used to make just about any soup and in this case, I describe a simple leek soup. You can learn more about soups by visiting Harvest Eating.

Direct download: 0312_222420.mp3
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In this episode, I discuss Rugbrod, a famous Danish sourdough rye bread that is loaded with cracked wheat, rye, sunflower seeds, flax seeds etc.

I have made this many times and it's a very delicious, hearty bread perfect for toast with many toppings like cream cheese and jam, cucumbers and cheese, peanut butter, almond butter, chicken, or tuna salad. The sky is the limit.

this bread is simple to make assuming you have a strong active sourdough starter to use. Check out the recipe over at Harvest Eating


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*** Recorded 4/10/2020-I said 3/10...duh

On today's show, I will do my best to walk you through a basic sourdough bread recipe. I discuss making bread using a banetton and also in a Pullman loaf or similar pan.

It's s simple recipe and method but certainly challenging to describe in audio format I do my best, however.

You can find the episode notes and plenty of photos and links at Harvest Eating


Food Storage Feast



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In this episode of Harvest Eating, I will walk you through a quick sourdough starter recipe and technique.

I will also discuss making simple whole wheat fermented sourdough pancakes which are to die for!

Be sure to visit Harvest Eating to find the recipes for these and hundreds of other recipes.



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Here is a quick episode about a simple dish that is still perfect for this time of year as I record in March 2019.

It's simple and easy to prepare and vegan for those following that lifestyle.


Enjoy...more shows coming soon!!



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Today I share some personal updates and discuss a wonderful Asian style salad I've been enjoying recently.


Please be sure to visit Harvest Eating for much more.

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Today I am discussing Migas, a very rustic dish that Mexican's enjoy with day-old tortillas, eggs, chilis, onion and usually cheese.

I find this to be one of my favorite breakfast dishes to splurge on once per month. Not exactly lo-carb! However, extremely satisfying.

I love it with Cotija cheese. Cotija is a Hispanic-style cheese named after the town of Cotija in the Mexican state of Michoacán. This hard, crumbly Mexican cheese is made mainly from cow’s milk.

This cheese is very flavorful and adds that finishing touch to the dish.

Be sure to check out Harvest Eating's Store to get some spices

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On the last show of 2018 (maybe forever?) I walk you quickly through making simple popovers & Omi's lard roasted potatoes both of which are terrific with meat dishes for Christmas.

I hope everybody has a blessed Christmas season and a wonderful new year. 

thank you for the support in 2018...!

Chef Keith Snow

Direct download: 421-Popovers__Lard_Roasted_Potatoes.mp3
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Today I thought I would just chat about our plans for Christmas Dinner 2018 and what I think we should prepare.

Yes, of course, the production and planning for this holiday meal will rest on my shoulders. I greatly appreciate and enjoy this task, however.

Instead of the standard prime rib we're thinking (no decision has been made yet) of having a fillet of beef with all the trimmings this year. So I'm discussing this today in hopes that it might help you with your planning.


Direct download: 420-Thoughts_On_Christmas_Dinner_2018.mp3
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Today I am talking about the need for probiotics in the form of food. Real Food.

Eating items like sauerkraut, kimchi, yogurt, miso, natto, kombucha, kvass, kefir, raw milk cheese, sour pickles etc.

These foods are rich with beneficial bacteria that helps your immune system function well. There is plenty of research and writing on the topic of the microbiome.

Gut health and beneficial bacteria is being studied the world over. you will see major pharma companies coming out with super bacteria that is prescription only as they do not want to "miss the boat" on this important topic.

You will be reading and hearing much more about the microbiome as the research continues to come out, trust me, this is not a fad. And the only thing you need to do is start consuming the items on the list above, you don't need expensive pills!

Support the show by becoming a Harvest Eating Foodie!

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Today I talk about the Keto diet being affordable or not. Many keto practitioners say it's affordable while many new devotees say it's not.


I say it can be, but you must be realistic about the choices you make. Avoiding the pricier cuts or beef can really help bring the costs down.

Using butter, cream and avocados to help provide needed fats and calories is also a great tool to cut the costs associated with keto diets and low carb in general.

We'll talk about a wide-ranging array of topics and even about my dog who decided to go ballistic while  I am recording.

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Need a simple dessert to bring to a party or for invited guests? This apple cake is perfect!

Very few ingredients, simple techniques and common equipment all combine to make this a wonderful addition to your baking regimen.

Perfect when apples come in season, especially for those who are fortunate enough to have trees.

Takes only 15-20 minute to get this entire cake ready to go into the oven. Bake for 50 minutes to 1-hour and you're ready to go.

Gild the lily by glazing the top with apricot jam and butter warmed int eh microwave for that shiny finish.

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Today we are talking about beef brisket, one of the underdogs of the beef world. Sure, it's popular around Passover and in Texas at BBQ joints and in NYC for pastrami and corned beef, but aside from that.. somewhat unpopular.

Brisket is a wonderful cut, juicy, beefy and very flavorful is cooked properly. If in Texas you must visit hill country and try the bbq...legendary!

Today we're talking Passover brisket, cooked slowly with cabbage, onions, tomato, and seasonings. Nothing short of amazing IMO

I really like the fennel seed in this, it provides that "what is that flavor?" element. If you buy a full packer brisket you will start with 8-12 lbs of meat and wind up with about 30% less due to cooking.

Be sure to check out Farm Foods Market, you can get amazing grass-fed beef from select CA family farms shipped right to your door free. Save 10% on first order by using coupon code:  harvest

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Today I discuss a dish that I grew up eating at holiday time; Mom's Sausage Apple Stuffing!

This is a terrific recipe, it's super easy to make and does not require any special ingredients aside from sweet Italian sausage.

The combination of those flavorful sausages, apples, and sage end up creating a wonderful stuffing. IMO much better than a boxed stuffing mix! 

The fennel in real Italian sausage and the sage play off the sweetness of the apple and overall moistness of the stuffing to create something that is not just a plate filler, but something to behold.

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Moms Sausage Apple Stuffing
8 tbs butter
1 onion, chopped
3 stalks celery, chopped
1/2 green bell pepper, chopped
3-4 SweItalianian sausages, casings removed
3 medium tart apples, like Granny Smith, cored
2 cups turkey or chicken stock(or's your stuffing)
1 about 8 cups of good bread, cut into 1/2 cubes, toasted
2 tsp rubbed sage
1-2 sage leaves, minced
Season with salt and pepper
Melt butter in large pot, add vegetables, cook 10 minutes or until cooked through
Add sausage, cook stirring often until well browned, add apples.
Cook apples 5-10 minutes.
Add the rest of the ingredients, stir well, adjust seasoning
Place in a preheated 350-degree oven for 25 minutes.
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On today's show, I discuss making a simple keto coffee cake. Basic ingredients and simple to make.

It's moist, flavorful and not too sweet, plus Lakanto sweetener does not jump-start the blood sugar. You can learn more about Lakanto here.

I choose the blanched almond meal for this but those with nut allergies can use coconut flour...although that is not my favorite taste or texture as coconut flour can be "grainy"

Be sure to visit Harvest Eating to get the recipe and be sure to check out our Harvest Eating Foodie Memberships to learn about the awesome benefits you get by supporting this show.

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On today's show, I walk you through the proper way to make a rich and flavorful stock, then a wonderful turkey gravy.

With the big Thanksgiving Holiday coming soon, I want you to have the best possible gravy, making it yourself using these methods will ensure you'll be a rockstart in the ktichen and in the dining room!

The secret to making stock is using a combination of roasted turkey and chicken, particularly the fatty wings. Also, a basic mirepoix or trinity is needed.

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Today I dive into Pate Choux...the old-school French pastry dough that can be made into both savory and sweet treats. It's simple to make with very common ingredients and takes only minutes to prepare.

You can make wonderful little goodies with pate choux like gougeres which are cheese puffs, add some diced salami and WOW.

The pate choux dough is also great for profiteroles or cream puffs.

Be sure to visit Harvest Eating to learn more.

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On today's show, I share a simple dinner roll recipe. Having dinner rolls with a meal is an amazing treat. These rolls are so simple anybody can make these without special equipment.

A simple bowl and spoon will do it. Here is the Recipe:

-5 c sifted bread flour

-1 tsp  regular yeast

-2 c warm water (under 110 degrees)

-1/2 c whole milk

-2 tsp salt

Harvest Eating Dinner Rolls

Mix flour and yeast in a bowl, add warm water an milk, mix briefly, cover and let sit 30 minutes to 1 hour. Add salt and mix well until well combined. Let sit 3 hours minimum up to 5 hours.

Shape rolls into balls, the recipe should make, 12-16 rolls. Bake in preheated 400-degree oven 25-30 minutes.

I wanted to encourage you to support the show. Harvest Eating is supported by listeners, without you contributing, I cannot continue to do this. Thanks to all the supporting listeners through the years, your support is very meaningful!

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Today's episode is not focused on food or cooking rather sustainability. I use the word in my show's opener so I thought it was about time I discuss these conservation action items with you.

Now we're not Green Peace members but we do feel a responsibility to conserve what we have in order to be thrifty (not cheap) and do our part to protect our precious environment.

Sadly, conservation and other closely related topics have become political; that's a shame because we all can do something to help conserve. I would appreciate hearing about your efforts so email me if you're inclined. Enjoy the show!

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Today I give you three ideas to help make Thanksgiving Day as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

Making sure your turkey is not overcooked, creating hot and lump-free mashed potatoes and lastly encouraging you to make ahead as much as possible.

Cranberry sauce, pies, stuffing (dressing), prepare vegetables etc.

Don't wait to do everything on one day!

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On today's episode, I discuss the upcoming 2018 Thanksgiving feast which is just a few weeks away.

I chat turkey, and the best type to get. I also discuss myriad of sides including lard roasted potatoes, roasted sweet potatoes, slow-cooked collard greens, green peas, rustic cranberry sauce....basically, the whole meal is contemplated.

I will touch on these dishes in more detail in shows upcoming.

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Today I discuss a classic southern dish, Sweet Potato Pie.

Most folks are familiar with good ole pumpkin pie which is great, but sweet potato pie is better in my opinion and has more style and class if I may say. What makes this pie special is the preparation of the sweet potatoes, in this case, roasting is the special trick.

Roasting is a dry heat method of cooking and it produces more “caramelly” taste and texture than boiling does, which is the method most commonly used.

If you’ve had sweet potato pie there is a good chance (like 80%) that the potatoes were precooked in cans, just like pumpkin. Sadly, this makes mush out of the sweet potatoes and does nothing to enhance them.

My method of roasting enhances the taste, texture and sweet flavor naturally present in sweet potatoes. It’s best to find clean, unblemished potatoes to make this. Often times store-bought sweets are rather beat up.

A local farm market is the best place if you have access, but alas, a great pie can easily be made using store sourced potatoes. If you can grow your own….now that would be awesome, next level!

I hope this episode finds you well, hungry and ready to cook!

Be sure to visit Harvest Eating to find the recipe, and possibly a video too!

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Today's episode is dedicated to a dish I call the garbage salad.

A Keto salad recipe made up of a combo of lettuces w olives, peppers, feta & provolone cheese, salami, cucumbers, roasted peppers, and a simple creamy Greek Dressing.

This salad must be cold....which means cold salad bowls, serving bowls, and ingredients, no warm salad!

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Today I discuss a few basic eggs recipes, Gratin of Eggs and the tortilla or frittata....both classic comfort food egg dishes. 

Anyone adhering to the keto diet is usually cooking with eggs. These recipes are very eggcellent (could not resist) and filling but of course, delicious!

Here is a link to the Spanish Tortilla video I did. It's a very easy and wonderful way to make use of eggs.

Also, here is what typical European eggs look those to the eggs you get at your'll be crying too!

Very nice eggs....NOT from factory farms.

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Fall is here, my favorite time of year for cooking! As apples come into season I get very excited to share new recipes with you featuring fall ingredients. No ingredient says fall more then apples!  So today we will walk through a low cab apple tart recipe. Speaking of apples, have you seen this baked stuffed apple video I made?

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In today's episode, I discuss making another German favorite Blaukraut. A simple dish of red cabbage with apples and onions this dish is perfect with any pork dish.  I made video a few years back showing the procedure. 

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Today I'm sharing some basic roast beef cooking methods. Learning how to make a wonderful roast beef dinner is a great skill to have.

Using the leftovers to make roast beef and swiss cheese sandwiches with horseradish cream sauce is the next level of awesomeness!

Be sure to look up my Instagram feed to see photos of what I am cooking.

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I want to thank Carl from Hawaii for sending me the request for a collard greens recipe. This Collard Green Gratin is a wonderful way to prepare collard greens. A simple bechamel sauce with cheese (compound-mornay sauce) and nutmeg is the binder for this dish.

Some toasted breadcrumbs add a crunchy texture on top. If you enjoy collard greens, this dish is for you! I would encourage other listeners to send me their questions

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On today's episode, I discuss Sauerbraten, a classic German comfort food recipe. I did a video on this way back when...see it here

I also discuss Blaukraut, a simple cabbage recipe, I did a video on that one also. See that video here 

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On this episode, I discuss my recent Cape Cod trip then get into this wonderful alpine dish from France, Tartiflette.  I have updated this one to be keto-friendly as it is usually made with pommes de terre AKA ..potatoes.

This is a great dish!

Also, please visit my Food Storage Feast Course and learn about how and why you need to be building a long-term storage pantry.

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A quick episode today...I want to encourage you all to use indirect cooking for your bbq's. The cost of meat these days is nuts! Why burn or overcook it? Just use the simple indirect cooking method.

I have sadly seen so many bbq's go bad in recent years because of people using sticky, sugar-laden marinades and sauces and leaving meat on the direct heat too long.

By creating an indirect cooking area on your charcoal or gas grill you can sear and mark your items then finish them to proper desired internal temp without burning them.

Here is a good article by Kingsford Charcoal that details this.

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I hope you enjoy the 4th of July holiday!

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On today's show, I feature a video and recipe from my online course Food Storage Feast that is popular with students and so delicious.

This buttery toasty cornbread is more like cake than bread, very rich satisfying and the best part-moist!

On today's show I also talk about a new program I am releasing called Harvest Eating Insider which comes with many products, access to all online courses and a copy of the Harvest Eating Cookbook.

Many of you good folks ask how you can support the show more than buying a jar or two of spices(which is great by the way!), this is a rather costly program but I know many of you will enjoy it and take advantage of it.

I also talk about a negative review I got recently and how much it bothered me. I would really appreciate those of you who love this show to make your voice heard by leaving a review and subscribing if you have not yet. See the link above.

This buttery toasty cornbread is rather easy to make except for cooking the corn in butter. Aside from that is is rather standard.

This is the perfect dish to bring to a 4th of July picnic as it's rather unique and it features corn, a staple of summer. Remember the farmers say "knee high by the 4th of July" a reference to corn.

Your local corn might not be ready yet, but you can get organic frozen corn for this. PLEASE use organic stone ground cornmeal at all costs.

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On today's show, I discuss making a simple but delicious Southern specialty; corn spoonbread. This soul food classic is simple to prepare, uses common ingredients and delivers the comfort-food feeling we all love about Southern food.

Spoonbread is not cornbread which tends to be dry and crumbly. This is rich, soft, creamy and delicious. You need a spoon to eat it, almost pudding-like, hence the name-spoonbread.

If you're serving some Carolina BBQ, a pot of greens or green beans this HAS to be served alongside. I really do love this dish.

To make it properly you will need some real stone-ground cornmeal. Not the crap in the baking aisle of most supermarkets. Unless its Bob's Redmill, that will do the trick. Also, farm-fresh eggs.

For those of you who really appreciate the finer things in life, I suggest sourcing this cornmeal from Anson Mills, my go-to source for all fine grains. You can also get AMAZING oats from Anson Mills too.

Steel cut oats are available from Bob's Redmill and in supermarkets also.

I do follow a lower carb diet so I avoid sugar at all costs. In this dish, I use Lakanto Golden, a sugar sub. that tastes great without the creepy aftertaste so many others have.

If you give it a try this dish please tag my Instagram account @harvesteating

Thanks...oh..dont forget to get a free bag of my Harvest Eating Seasonings at Try Harvest



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On today's show I walk you through a very simple summertime dish, or basically, anytime you can get fresh green beans.

This dish takes under 30 minutes to make and needs just a few ingredients. Of course, in my opinion, the special touch is my Harvest Eating Northern Italian Seasoning; a blend of basil, rosemary, oregano, marjoram, garlic and porcini mushroom.

Get a free jar at Try Harvest

This is the biggest flavor component. the onions, garlic, and tomatoes play an important role as does the freshness of the beans.

You cannot use canned beans here...different dish for sure!

When done this should be a pleasant side dish, especially if the beans are not mush. Do not overcook them.

25 minutes steaming is all they need.

This is perfect for your next summer picnic, gathering, bbq, etc.

The colors are enticing and the flavor is excellent. I suggest serving this with bbq and my Corn & Oat Spoonbread w Maple cream..episode 395 of this show. Check the website for recipes.


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On today's show, I discuss cooking a wonderful tri-tip roast rubbed with Harvest Eating Steak House Blend. 

I filmed it and it's included in these videos for a small fee.

Prime beef isn't that readily available....maybe some stores and specialty butchers and online places...but in the everyday world it's still a touch pun intended!

Costco club stores do have a prime beef program and excellent pricing on quality beef. Keep in mind..even though it's prime it is still part of the factory farming system.

Other then marbling it still has the problems that all factory farm products have. No special treatment of animals that are graded prime. It's a roll of the dice..because they are all fed the same thing...corn, soy etc.

No that I covered that let's move on to the taste.  It's hard to beat a prime steak for taste, texture, marbling and overall eating experience.

These tri-tip roasts are MUCH cheaper then primal cuts like fillet, rib eye etc. But they will not disappoint on flavor and texture.

The Montana Steak butter is simply pulverized Montana Steak Seasoning mixed with Kerrygold butter to create a flavored butter.

I slathered it on the trip tip after it cooked...dude....crazy good.

Visit Try Harvest Eating for your free sample!


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Today I discuss fruit salad. Not fruit salad cocktail, the stuff from cans, rather my Omi's (my mother in law) WONDERFUL fruit salad called Bircher Muesli.

A combination of fruits, nuts, yogurt, oats and if you're felling into it....whipped cream.

This stuff is legendary in my household. I had never seen anything like it before I met the "babe" my wife Sonja who grew up eating this stuff.

It's hard to stop eating this stuff and if you like dairy the whipped cream version is dope! (sorry could not help myself)

The recipe is simple, bananas, grated apples or pears (or both), seasonal berries, citrus, rolled oats, yogurt, sliced almonds or chopped walnuts, whipped cream and if you like, cinnamon. I think unsweetened coconut flakes are great in this too!

Sadly, cinnamon is off-limits around my in-laws. Opi, who hails from Windsor England (my wife was born in England and did not become a US citizen until she was 18) has a rather bland English palate.

He does not like cinnamon, or garlic and many other things. However, when I visit I put a TON of garlic in dishes and he loves it. So it might just be a "thing". He does love beer however and has a chilled keg tap in the basement (pub) with wonderful Colorado-brewed beers, so I can't complain.

I LOVE cinnamon, so I would prefer it in my Bircher Muesli, but alas, the babe is German (and English) and she won't permit it.

Vegan? This recipe adapts beautifully to a vegan lifestyle by using vegan yogurt and omitting the cream, the rest is perfectly ok for vegans.

There are many versions of this recipe that call for a little touch of apple juice, but an unfiltered apple cider would be great too. Just a touch, not that much. Check out the recipe at Harvest Eating

Want to try our organic spice blends? Just visit Try Harvest to get a free sample.

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Just a quick announcement about a new website that lets you get a free sample of our spices (just cover shipping) If you visit Try Try Harvest you cna get a free sample of the spices.

The website there wil loffer a few differnt packages once you commit to taking the free sample. None of these are required but keep in mind they are the lowest proces I have, basically a multi jr discount.

Speaking of jars...I now pack the spices in larger BPA free plastic jars with shaker tops that allow you to stick a measuing spoon inside or shake some on your food.

Also, on try harvest is a littel extra video package you can get for $3.99 that shows me using the spices. This is part of my education efforts as it realted ot cookign with spices.

I ahve had so many requests thru the years to give more assitance with using the product. So now you can grab these videos on Try Harvest  

There will wind up being about 10 videos when I am done..I add more each far two are live with a few more tomorrow.

So that is the announcment/clarification. In my efforts to grow my customer list I am using a more sophisticated marketing approach...but I don't want to be a used car salesman either! (sorry to those who sell used cars :)

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On today's episode, we cover quite a few things. I give an overview of the spices, where I'm at now, plans for the future, spice vendors etc.

I have been mixing, blending, testing spices since 1992. Having worked with many vendors and having screwed up many blends has allowed me to become somewhat of a spice ninja. I have always looked at the spices like a side venture, more of a favor for the fans than a business for me. Sure I make some jingle...but it's always been done out of duty rather than pure business.

I have realized that this is stupid. Not the way to conduct business. I was interviewed recently on a VERY LARGE business podcast and the subject of spices came up. The host, being very shrewd yet honorable businessman said: "you have a lot of low hanging fruit" which is marketing speak for many things I could be doing to improve my business, my sales, and my profits.

He mentioned that I should be offering free samples to create more customers, setting up marketing automation to provide my customers more ways to engage with me and offering more products, more content etc.

I have undertaken that already and shipped over 100 free samples in 48 hours with a simple Facebook post.

I am excited to create more content and usage videos as many spice customers are not sure the best way to use my spices and honestly, I have left them out to dry.

Also, I discuss my miserable garden this year. Everything is dying and yield is non-existent. Maybe you can learn from my failure.

I give a fun fact of the day; that I was the celebrity chef on a cruise ship in 2009. I discuss throwing up on a formal night and how much of a drag that was.

Lastly, I briefly talk about a cold smoked tomato soup. Perfect for a BBQ, picnic, special dinner etc. Very tasty with the addition of smoked paprika. Check out this version of the soup, then add some smoked paprika to it.


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Making sauerkraut at home is a simple, fun and rewarding activity. Instead of paying for probiotics that may or may not be working you can eat your own SUPER POWERFUL probiotics contained in sauerkraut. Some laboratory tests have shown that homemade sauerkraut can contain trillions of gut-friendly bacteria in a 4-6 oz serving that is also delicious and versatile. Take it slow at first, eat only an ounce or so the first few days to allow your gut to get used to the superfood. Learn more by visiting Harvest Eating

Direct download: 389-Making_Sauerkraut_At_Home.mp3
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Today I discuss a very simple stir fry I enjoyed twice last week. Made with just a few vegetables like kale, onion, pepper, and garlic it's very simple yet very delicious. Ingredients for this are widely available as well. The full recipe is available on Harvest Eating.

Direct download: 388-Simple_Veggie_Stir_Fry_w_Basmati_Rice.mp3
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So here is my cilantro lettuce salad w roasted cashwes and rice wine easy to make so delicious, so refreshing, so amazing. Find the complete recipe at Harvest Eating.

There cannot be a better summertime recipe then this. The amount of refreshment this salad brings cannot be described with words alone, but please take note....this HAS TO BE SERVED COLD...IN A COLD not be a clown and serve it in a warm bowl!

Direct download: 387-Cilantro_Lettuce_Salad_w_Roated_Cashews.mp3
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Here is an old-school recipe for a creamy tomato soup better and vegan. Creamy Tarragon & Tomato Soup is loaded with flavor, super creamy and rich tasting yet contains no cholesterol, no dairy, no animal fat. The minty, licquorice flavor is sexy too. Visit Harvest Eating for more great recipes.

Direct download: 386-Creamy_Tarragon-Tomato_Soup.mp3
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On this short episode I discuss my recent cholesterol screening and numbers compared to 2 years back while eating, meat, dairy, eggs etc. Anybody looking to improve their cholesterol numbers needs to consider a vegan diet. My total cholesterol went from 238 to 130 in 120 days as a vegan. LDL went from 170 to 69 in same time period.

Direct download: 385-Vegan_Cholesterol_Numbers.mp3
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On today's episode I discuss my new partnership with Ceramacor and their amazing solid ceramic cookware Xtrema, and an amazing vegan dish that you will wan't to make. Learn more by visiting the <a href="">Ceramacor website</a>.
Quinoa is a terrific grain that is high in protein and very versatile. Today's Harvest Eating podcast instructs on how to use quinoa with sweet potatoes, Bush's vegetarian beans and wonderful tuscan kale greens.

Direct download: 384-Quinoa_Sweet_Potato_Cakes_w_Beans__Greens.mp3
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Here is a very simple vegan version of creamed spinach only this used cashews and tofu along with garlic to bring tons of flavor.

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On todday's episode of the Harvest Eating podcast I discuss making a vegan yet very meaty black bean chili for Superbowl Sunday. I use dried black beans for this and a variey of seasonings like cumin, corriander, chili powder, mustard seed and smoked jalepeno peppers in adobo AKA chipotle chilis....Mushrooms give it a very meaty texture.

check out photos of the dish on my Instagram page.

Direct download: 382-Meaty_Black_Bean_Chili-Superbowl_Sunday.mp3
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Here's a very simple hearty stew made of vegetables/legumes. Perfect for lunch with some Naan bread, side of rice etc. Easy to cook and the ingredients are found in just about every market. Find a video at Food Storage Feast

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On today's show I dive into more terminology in the plant based vegan world then I offer a few recipes ideas; baked potato salad and a simple quinoa bowl.

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On today's episode I talk about plant-based diet or vegan diet definations. I will cover what to eat and what to avoid, with plenty of helpful tips and suggestions too.

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Today I discuss my long absence from this show. I have not recored since July 7th, life has gotten in the way. Learn why and what we've been dealing with in the last 6 mos. Also, you'll learn that the Snow household is now totally vegan, plant based. This change is for health reasons and has been working out nicely.

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In this episode I take a listener question from Dan D. at regarding cooking with seafood. I discuss some basic fish buying, handaling and cooking.

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Here is a super-simple keto friendly beef casserole. Video for this will be in the Keto Mastery Course at Tasty

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Here is a simple recipe that produces amazing results. Takes less the n30 minutes start to finish. It comes with a jazzy lemon sauce that is bright yet rich...a show stopper! I strongly prefer chicken thighs for this one, chicken breasts are, well....dry! Stick to the tighs but also note I prefer boneless skinless thighs. Get the recipe here.

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This simple recipe produces a legendary sandwich that is perfect for upcoming BBQ weekends. Tri tip is easily acquired and makes perfect sliced meat for this sandwich....the sauce, heck it takes 2 minutes make that too..also check out this grilled trip tip video...can watch on your mobile device...

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What's Up ?  I wanted to share the details about a new dish I am going nto be placing into Food Storage Feast, a simple but tasty Indian spiced rice dish. It features basmati nad a ton of'll find this to be simple but really, really good.

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On today's show I discuss making the famous Cuban pressed sandwich called..well. the Cuban. A mix of soft bread, mustard, Swiss cheese, pickles, roast pork, sliced ham...and a flat griddle and some way to PRESS the Cuabn down.

It should be crispy yet yielding in the middle and should not fall apart. Do not over stuff the Cuban, too much is not good here. for more visit

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On the continuation of our Cuban Food series we discuss making a Cuban style Pork Roast, thsi is a very easy dish that produces magical results. Perfectly seasoned pork perfect for slicing and making a Cuban sandwich, which will be covered in an upcoming episode.

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On today's show I'll discuss my take on Cuban black bean production. We'll dicuss my method for removing the potential intestinal distress that beans can cause. Also, the basic soffrito recipe most Cuban cooks use to flavor many dishes. Do check out My Tasty Education website.

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Today's show focuses on Cuban history and food culture. I discuss Cuban coffee and tostones which are fried plantains usually served with mojo, a sauce of oil, garlic, oregano and sour orange.  Enjoy today's show rich with  information the small island nation of Cuba, only 90 miles off Key West Fla.

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On today's show I steal a recipe from my upcoming Paleo Beef Course hat wil lbe posted soon to Tasty and feature a wonderfully simple stew made with beef, red wine, rutabaga nad a few aromatics. Super easy...but does need a 12 hour marinade. 

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On today’s show I discuss the famous Parisian bisto sandwich, the Croque Monsieur….basically a very fancy and rich, ham n cheese. Actually, it’s so much more so don’t confuse this with an American ham n cheese..there is no comparison. Find Recipe Below or at Harvest Eating


365-Croque Monsieur Sandwich

On today’s show I discuss the famous Parisian bisto sandwich, the Croque Monsieur….basically a very fancy and rich, ham n cheese. Actually, it’s so much more so don’t confuse this with an American ham n cheese..there is no comparison.  See recipe below….!


Corque Monsieur

Makes 3 Sandwiches


6 slices of high quality bread, at least 1/2 inch thick, rubbed with butter or oil, griddled until just starting to brown slightly

  • 1 cups whole milk
  • 2 Tbsp  unsalted butter
  • 2 Tbsp  all-purpose flour
  • 1 Tbsp sour cream or crème fraiche
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 2.5 ounces Gruyère, Apenzeller, Comte cheese, shredded
  • 6 slices good ham
  • 1 ounce Parmesan, shredded
  • Salt, pepper and nutmeg to taste.


Make Mornay sauce:

  1. Place milk in sauce pot over low heat, season with nutmeg, warm to about 125 degrees or so.
  2. In saucepot over medium low heat melt butter, then wisk in flour, cook for 2 minute without coloring the roux.
  3. Add milk, whisking until it’s all incorporated and smooth. Bring to simmer, cook 2 minutes, mixture should thicken. Turn heat to low
  4. Slowly add the cheeses a little and a time whisking to incorporate. Season with salt and pepper to taste. This cannot be bland…so make sure it’s seasoned. Transfer to a bowl, and place plastic wrap in-contact with sauce, refrigerate 2 hours until cooled and very thick.
  5. Preheat broiler to 450 degrees and place top rack 8-10 inches from broiler.
  6. Layout bread slices on parchment covered baking sheet. Spread cold Mornay sauce on bottom of each slice, add ham, grated cheese, then cover with top slice of bread that has been smeared with Mornay.  There should be Mornay sauce on both sides of sandwich filling.
  7.  Top each sandwich with Mornay sauce and more grated cheese.
  8. Broil until thee are many brown spots, do not burn.
  9. Allow to cool 10 minutes before eating.

Chef’s Note: Dijon is optional on the sandwich, best served with cornichons and a green salad.

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On today's show I discuss a dish called Butter Chicken, hailing from the northern region of Indian in the state of Punjab bordering Pakistan, this dish is world famous, easy to make and of course really tasty!

You need only basic ingredients to make this dish, you'll find all of it at any market so rest assured that you can make this. Do choose high-quality butter here "great value" brand....that is crap!

I will post the recipe first on Http:// or just email me...keith@harvesteating dot com



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Here is a terrific appetizer that hails from Morroco. Loaded with flavor and interest this dish is sure to please. As I told my family, if you don't like this your mouth is broken!

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This episode covers making a Mexican Potroast...simple recipe. Can be found in the Harvest Eating Cookbook.

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On today's show I discuss making fondue, family, amd much more. Here is a quick ingedient list for fondue...listen to the show to learn about making it.

2 garlic clove
8.5 oz dry white wine, chablis, chardonnay
1/2 tsp kosher salt
2 tbs corn starch
1/4 tsp nutmeg
8 ounces gruyere/ emmentaler
grate cheese, add cornstarch, mix well
heat wine in fondue pot, add garlic, bring to simmer, fish out garlic, then reduce heat,
slowly mix in the grated cheese to create a fully melted fondue.add a tiny bit of nutmeg......kirchwasser is terrific...2 tbs if you can find it...
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Simple recipe for ham n potato casserole here, but it's very meaningful to me becasue it's one of Omi's recipes. Simple yet very satisfying. Check out the recipe at

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On today's show I discuss making nut milks. How to find the best nuts, how to make the milk. Also discuss my course Food Storage Feast in the beginning.


I did break into laughter talking about soaking nuts...I know some potty humor, childish but I did not have time to please remove any little kids before playing out loud. Sorry in advance for anybody who gets offended.....!

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On today's episode I discuss making an incredieble pork dish taht features hard cider, apples, sage, nutmeg and a touch of cream...I can't think of a better fall recipes. If you an access a local farm with heritage brred pigs such as Bershire, Hampshire, Durac etc. you will be amazed at the flavor. Get the recipe on Harvest Eating

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On this episode I discuss making simple but delicious leek & potato soup served 2 ways. You can find the recipes here and you can watch a Youtube video right now on your device by clicking here.

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On today's show..#356..not #355 like I mentioned... :)  I discuss a simple comfort food dish of Spanish origin, a potato tortilla. Now this has no tortillas in in Mexican tortillas.

Years ago, when I was about 25 I lived briefly with an MBA student from Babson College near Boston who hailed from Madrid Spain. This man was very lean yet he went through one large container of corn oil each week to 10 days. He not only fried this tortilla in oil but even eggs were cooked in allot of oil.

Our apartment smelled like Burger King or Long John Silvers..yuk! My version of this tortilla uses allot less oil and is delicious.

See the recipe at

To watch my videos and subscribe to the new Youtube Channel visit this link

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On today's show I walk through the process to create a Swiss Chard Lasagna. This rather simple dish yields amazing comfort food that will be loved by all. An accompanying video is available on Youtube and at Harvest

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On today's show I discuss Sous Vide Cooking; cooking in a temperature controlled water bath using a vacuum sealing machine. This method of cooking produces super tender, moist properly cooked foods. Everything from a basic steak to yogurt, to eggs, to fish, to vegetbles can be cooked sous vide. This will be a multi part series. Todays introduction will cover the basics of this method. 

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Today I discuss a basic method of cooking rice that is pretty much like Paella, a classic Spanish preparation of rice that usually contains meat and seafood. This method can be used to cook rice with many different vegetables, proteins and types of broth. Versatile, inexpensive, delicious and filling....perfect!

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On today's show I talk for a bit about our recent family vacation to Cape Cod, the food, fun and family. Then I delve into a more serious topic, the collapsing dairy industry, both here at home and abroad.<!--more-->
Here are a few links to check out to read about this challenge our men and women in the dairy industry face. As always, I'd love to hear your feedback on this.

<a href="">Dairy Numbers in the USA</a>

<a href="">TPP and How It Will Hurt THe US Dairy Industry</a>

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Today's episode is all about making shrimp burgers. This simple burger is of course meat free yet still has a pleasant texture, awesome taste and is very easy to make.  Shrimp burgers take easily to ethnic flavors such as Thai, Mexican, Latin, Spanish etc. Shrimp burgers are rather healthy too...low in fat and cholesterol.

Remember you can support this show making texting:

test the letters hep to 33923  any amount helps...I greatly appreciate the support.

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On today's show I discuss something that has been on my mind awhile now, that is Private Collective Food Production. Essentially a privately organized barter/trade/supply network for all things food. I have done his on a small scale for years...but it's never been too organized or planned. As I continue developing my online course for cooking with storable foods I realize that the gaps in the storable pantry will cause some pain for people. Imagine cooking without onions or garlic for example. If we privately organize with others to fill in these gaps we can have a more solid, dependable supply of the things we need as it relates to food and cooking. A properly organized private food production collective can be the answer. I delve into these issues today. I focus on the need for privacy and not letting the camel's nose get under the tent. 

PLEASE consider supporting Harvest Eating with a one time support payment. Using your mobil phone and text the letters  hep to this number  33923   You can also visit

Your support of this show is greatly support is too small...or too big :)

Thanks!! Keith

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On today's show I give you a twist, instead of burgers, bbq or hot diggity dogs I muse about Latin Food. In particular, pork carnitas, black beans and guacamole.  Pork carnitas are quite easy to make, they just take 3 hours or more to slowly roast. However the final result is amazing....with some good black beans, guacamole and lime juice-you're in heaven. Please SUPPORT the show by texting HEP to 33923 then choose a support payment....MUCH appreciated. Also, visit for web based support options.

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Toasted Garlic, Tomato Soup w Rosemary-On today's show I discuss making the most simple soup using basic items you keep in the pantry or in the garden. The flavor of toasted garlic is nothing short of intoxicating and the crisp bread really makes the dish a meal in itself.

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In today's episode I discuss making a simple Italian inspired appetizer that uses everyday items yet produces something a bit unfamiliar to most yet certainly a welcome surprise to many. This white bean bruschetta is terrific for your next BBQ, dinner party, special meal for the love of your life....heck..just a simple snack too. Give it a shot.


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In today's show I discuss and opportunity for you to be one of the first and only 100 folks to own a jar of my lacto-fermented pepper sauce. Truly a foodies dream product  this American oak aged sauce is premium for sure. Containing only 4 ingredients it relies on toasted oak and careful fermentation to deliver such outstanding flavor, aroma and texture. Don't miss the only opportunity this year to try this product. Also discussed are foods of summer and how I love cooking with them.

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In this episode I discuss the dish ceviche, originating from South America and popular all across the Latin World. you will find hundreds of ceviche preparations near coastal regions that harvest fresh fish, shellfish etc. I have eaten ceviche with eel, shark, fish, scallops, clams and others I cant even remember. This dish is perfect party food as it's bright, colorful, tangy, spicy and flavorful.

**PARENTAL NOTICE-I spout a 4-letter word toward the end...maybe nobody under 14 should hear this....****

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Today I go over a very simple recipe, Arroz Verde or green rice. Made with green onions, cilantro and a few spices this simple dish is the perfect snack or "heft' for other meals like arroz con frijoles, burritos, soups etc. This dish can be made in under 30 minutes and costs a dollar or so for a huge bowl. 

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Today I discuss making falafel, a middle eastern dish that is very common as a street food and claimed as the national dish in many countries. It's made from chick peas and flavored with onion, garlic, parsley, lemon, cumin, coriander, cayenne pepper etc. Typically it's deep fried but my version is oil free and either baked or sauteed in a non-stick pan. Most falafel is served inside pita bread and adorned with tahini sauce, cucumbers, tomatoes and sometimes yogurt.

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Todays's show covers the ever popular ingredient quinoa, a South American seed crop that is taking the healthy eating scene by storm. High in protein and containing 9 essential amino acids quinoa is a complete protein source with a great nutty flavor and can be very filling. Used in a salad with other healthy ingredients it makes a nice meal for anybody looking to eat healthier options.

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On today's show I discuss the popular and very simple vegan stew that features robust sweet potatoes, a hint of peanut butter and a variety of spices popular in North African cuisine; cumin, coriander, cayenne, cinnamon etc. It's also flavored with ginger, garlic, onion and the sweetness of dried apricots. This very filling dish is served over couscous which is the dominant starch in the region, but can also be served with white or brown rice.

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On today's show I discuss two vegan breakfast choices, so if you only eat eggs and bacon..which is heavenly, this will not be the episode for you. I tach you how to make a banana, date and almond shake with wonderful Medjool Dates. It's very tasty and makes a perfect portable meal. Second is a multi grain (or seed) porridge with quinoa, oats and organic heirloom corn with almond milk, syrup and fruit.

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Aloo Palak is a simple Indian dish of spinach, spices and potatoes. Rather simple but LOADED with flavor and color. Typical Indian spices like cumin, garahm masala, turmeric, cayenne, cinnamon, coriander etc. bring such great flavor to ordinarily bland spinach.

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Today I discuss the the light and delicious Thai spring roll. Popular all over Asia, these rice paper wrapped rolls are light, healthy and full of flavor and texture. They can be totally vegan if you leave out the fish sauce.  Making them takes time but you are rewarded with a terrific treat.

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Today I decided to talk about an old school culinary favorite; caramelized onions. so versatile and delicious caramelized onions are a wonderful addition to many other dishes. The classic French Onion Soup features these sweet lovingly cooked onions paired with beef stock, herbs etc. I recommend cooking a large batch of these then using them in other dishes. Excess onion can be frozen.

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On today's episode I discuss making a simple strawberry tart with a base of Mascarpone cheese softened with creme fraiche, a hint of lemon zest. The crust can be Gluten Free or a basic graham cracker crust....the strawberries stand up like volcanoes and look impressive. Make this today!

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On today's show I describe a simple puff pastry tart with root vegetables and a savory rosemary infused cream drizzle. This is a very easy dish that takes mere minutes to assemble yet presents like a fancy restaurant dish.

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On today's show I discuss the famous French dish Pot Au Feu. It's rather simple to make but the results are certainly worthy of your time and adding this dish to your repertoire is important.

Slow cooked tender beef, perfectly poached vegetables, rich and clear beef broth...what could be better ? Give this amazing Pot Au Feu recipe a try

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Today I discuss sausage making, sausage casings;both real and phony, plus spices and finally cooking. I have been making sausage recently trying to prefect a new sausage seasoning that will be easy to use, weigh the ground meat, add measured amount of seasoning and make the sausage...perfect results will follow. But, this is NOT easy..have worked on it for months in an effort to prefect it, while doing this testing getting real casings has been a pain in the I use easy to find temporary casing to form the sausage, then cook it in water before frying grilling or smoking....I will advise you today how to do it.

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This cheesecake is very easy to make and contains no added sugar. It has a slight sweetness derived from the stevia and it has a delightful almond crust with a hint of cinnamon. You should notice a beautiful “yellowish” glow that comes from the use of farm-fresh eggs…they make a big difference in appearance and taste.

The cheesecake has very few carbs, it is safe for ketogenic dieters too. It has less then 4 net carbs per slice…so it WONT spike your insulin like a regular over the top sweet tasting cheesecake. Lets get on to the recipe….

Direct download: 332-Low_Carb_Cheesecakes.mp3
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My admiration for the vinaigrette is widely known by fans of Harvest Eating. In the Harvest Eating cookbook, there are many recipes showing the proper way to make vinaigrettes.

I even taught a Udemy class on basics of making healthy salad dressings and vinaigrettes. In American, we are awash with cheap, chemical filled bottle of crap they call dressing and vinaigrette, yet a movement is underfoot. People are growing artisanal greens and organic vegetables and are hesitant to cover them up with store-bought trash, so there is a huge interest in making homemade items like vinaigrettes. This red wine vinaigrette, unlike the store bought variety does not contain herbs or other preservatives that can make it taste fake.

Direct download: 331-Red_Wine_Vinaigrette-Super_Amazing_On_Crisp_Lettuce.mp3
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On today's show I teach you how to prepare a delicious and rather simple winter time comfort food dish....braised short ribs of beef in a rich red wine gravy...the recipe is posted at Harvest Eating..

Direct download: 330-Oven_Braised_Short_Ribs_w_Red_Wine_Gravy.mp3
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On today's show I discuss making real cheese fondue from scratch. This European classic dish from the 70's is part meal, part family activity and certainly delicious. Only a few simple steps can result in well made luscious fondue that can be made in less than 30 minutes. I recommend a combination of cheese with either French Comte or Swiss Gruyere as 80-90% of total with a sharp English cheddar as the balance. I like dry white wine, not Kirsch to give it the "gourmet" kick.

Direct download: 329-Making_Real_Cheese_Fondue_From_Scratch.mp3
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Today I am discussing the top priorities I have identified for 2016. I may add more items to the list but will be focusing on these and aiming to continue working on them all year. They Include:

  1. Fitness...continuing to use the keto diet principle to shed wet and hopefully improve blood markers and to increase exercise and general fitness.
  2. Stocking up on homestead/ prepper stuff-new generators, ammo, rifles, food, de-hydrator, vacuum sealer
  3. Saving money by eating more affordable foods, cooking to generate leftovers, buying in bulk, avoiding buying useless no-value "stuff" especially for kids. Buying only high quality items that will last. If it says Made In China I do not buy it if at all possible. Selling items of value that are just taking up space or not being used to buy more monetary metals and items of value.
Direct download: 328-Top_Three_Priorities_for_2016.mp3
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Simple advice for cooking your Christmas Standing Rib Roast of beef and a recipe for excellent lard roasted potatoes. I discuss the proper way to cook standing rib roast and to make a nice easy au jus with red wine.

Direct download: 327-Standing_Rib_Roast__Lard_Roasted_Potatoes.mp3
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On today's show I do my best to explain how to make an easy no-knead walnut raisin Christmas Bread. This bread is amazing and has lots of texture and moistness and interesting festive ingredients to behold, like walnuts, raisins, nutmeg, cardamom and buttermilk.

Direct download: 326-No-Knead_Walnut_Raisin_Christmas_Bread.mp3
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**SPECIAL NOTE- Had a it of audio trouble during the first 30 seconds*

On today's show I answer listener questions on a variety of topics including:

  • Differences between Prime, Choice and Select grades of beef?
  • Difference between stock and broth?
  • Do I eat Gluten Free Foods?
  • Are Oats a Gluten Free Food?
  • What is my favorite brand of knife?
  • What kind of storable food do I keep and recommend for newbies?

All that and more on today's episode of the show.

Direct download: 325-Listener_Questions.mp3
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Check out this amazing onion & bacon gratin that is so lovely with it's bechamel sauce perfumed with nutmeg, cayenne pepper and white wine. Get the recipe over at Harvest

Direct download: 324-Onion_and_Bacon_Gratin-Casserole.mp3
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On today's show I will walk you through the making of a simple split pea soup, however this one does not contain any meat. Most split pea soups recipes call for ham, smoked ham hocks, bacon etc. I choose to do this version and it was really great and the lack of meat only helped. Sometimes too much smoke flavor can overpower the pea flavor. This is terrific on a cold night.

Direct download: 323-Vegetarian_Split_Pea_Soup.mp3
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Today I discuss some basics on making great mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving Dinner. So easy to make yet so easy to mess up. Mashed potatoes are essential to complete your holiday table.  If you watch out for a few potential pitfalls and get your timing right you too can have smooth rich mashed potatoes this coming Thursday night.

Direct download: 322-Making_Great_Mashed_Potatoes.mp3
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Today we discuss my thoughts on making great gravy. Included are details about seasoning the gravy and which thickening agents I prefer to attain that perfect cling that gravy needs. Of course no gravy chat at Thanksgiving time would be compete with discussing sage...the herb that makes thanksgiving taste so darn good.

Direct download: 321-Making_Turkey_Gravy_Shavingand_Other_Stuff.mp3
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Today I introduce a new Brussels Sprouts recipe I used to make years back, but with minor changes that I think make a delicious side dish. Perfect for the Thanksgiving table with flavors of sage and pie spices then enriched with cream.

Direct download: 320-Brussels_Sprouts_w_Herbs_Cream_and_Spices.mp3
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On today's show I walk you all through the procedure needed to make a nice apple cake. This is so easy and can be in the oven in less then 30 minutes. Reminiscent of typical French patisserie it's not too sweet and has great balance between crust, fruit and sweetness. A real winner. Make it gluten free by substituting your favorite gluten free baking mix or almond flour for a denser texture.

Direct download: 319-Gluten_Free_Or_Not-Apple_Cake.mp3
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Today we focus on some simple comfort food; meatloaf (or meat balls ) with a mushroom sauce or gravy. It really does not matter if you make a meatloaf or meatballs, the mixture is created using the same technique just shaped differently. The sauce works with either shape of course. The sauce is rather easy to put together...a basic aromatic saute, some re-hydrated mushrooms some beef stock, sour cream, and seasonings. In the end you have a rich creamy gravy... almost like Swedish meatballs...yet totally different if that makes any sense. We had this dish tonight and it was loved by all.

Direct download: 318-Making_Meat_Loaf_With_Mushroom_Sauce.mp3
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Today I walk you thru one of my favorite French desserts; Tart Tatin. This amazing apple dessert is one you'll find throughout France. Basically an upside down apple pie with caramel and a simple buttery pie crust called Pate Brisee this dessert is easy to make and stunning to look at. It tastes best with tart, firm apples such as Granny Smith or other firm late season varieties.

Direct download: 317-Making_Tart_Tatin.mp3
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On today's show I discuss making a roasted mushroom bisque with real sherry. This is a very simple recipe and only requires a short trip to a real liquor store.....NOT GROCERY find true dry-aged Spanish sherry...or similar. A Vitamix is greatly recommended for recipes like this.

Direct download: 316-Roasted_Mushroom_Bisque-What_IS_Sherry__.mp3
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On todays show I share a new recipe for a roasted butternut squash and tart apple gratin, topped with a silky Gruyere laced Mornay sauce and a parmesan crumb topping.  This is rather easy to make, but does take some preparation time to assemble before roasting.  Mornay sauce is a compound sauce with made from Bechamel, a Mother Sauce, one of the 5 in French Cookery. These simple sauces can unlock many recipes and treats on a year round basis.

**The Show cut out just before I love you all and God Bless! ****

Today I walk you through the process of making basked stuffed apples. Granny Smith or other tart apples stuffed with oats, almonds, raising, butter and other goodies makes for an excellent fall seasonal dessert.  When you can find local apples that are only a few days or hours off the tree you're in for a real taste treat. Also, later in this show I kinds get off topic and rant about skinny jean wearing soft weak men. If you're offended....I'm not sorry.

Direct download: 314-Baked_Stuffed_Apples__Skinny_Jeans.mp3
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Well I can't think of a more fitting topic in October then apple butter. Apple butter graces tables all across America and beyond each year, especially in the cooler months. Rather simple to make, it's ability to be used as an ingredient rather then a stand alone condiment is why I consider it a multi-purpose ingredient.

Direct download: 313-Making_Apple_Butter__Apple_Butter_Recipe_Ideas.mp3
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On todays show we discuss water and it's importance not only in economic emergency, but natural disasters and everyday life. You would be amazed bow many people do not store any water at all. I was one of them. But after power outages rendered our well useless and we had no water for 10 hours I learned my lesson. We now stock plenty of water and have several ways to purify water that we may need to "acquire" in nature from a stream, roof runoff, pond etc.

Direct download: 312-Storing_Water-Part_6-Preparing_For_Economic_Downturn.mp3
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Today we discuss making a fabulous soup that is full flavored and features dried porcini mushrooms, le puy lentils and fresh thyme. This Simple soup takes about 45 minutes and uses simple ingredients yet yields a mushroom flavor that is unmatched. The French lentils are so tender and filling, perfect for a cool evening.

Direct download: 311-Dried_Porcini_Mushroom_And_Lentil_Soup_w_Fresh_Thyme.mp3
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On today's show we continue the series we have been focusing on concerning preparing for the eventual economic collapse or system change we all will face when the charade is finally over. Part 5 is about raising animals on your homestead including ducks, chickens, goats, cows, beef cattle (did not mention pigs but should have) etc.<!--more-->  I have owned cows, goats, chickens and been around cattle pigs and HUGE dairies for most of my life. While not the end all be all expert, I do know enough to be dangerous. Raising animals like we discuss today can be a HUGE asset on any homestead as they can produce a year round supply of milk, meat, eggs etc.


Resources For Today's Show:


<a href="" target="_blank">Learn all about raising ducks from my friend Jack</a>

<a href="" target="_blank">Hoegger Supply Company-Everything Goats</a>, Dairy, etc..AWESOME COMPANY

<a href="" target="_blank">Raising Dairy Cows</a>

<a href="" target="_blank">Heritage Ducks</a>

On today's show I go over making a tomato tart. Simple ingredients like garden fresh heirloom tomatoes, fresh rosemary, blue cheese and bacon...listen to find out how easy is it to create a simple yet elegant tart. Once a simple crust, pate brisee, is made that tart comes together rather easily. The secret is not overworking the crust and to use the freshest tomatoes you can get a hold of. When this tart cools off the flavors of these tomatoes with the amazing aroma of fresh rosemary and the tang of the blue cheese is so delicious your friends and family will love this.


Tomato Pie Video

Direct download: 309-Making_A_Tomato_Pie.mp3
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On part 4 we discuss ways of growing and producing your own food. Activities like gardeing, planting trees etc. I cover:

  1. Seeds-why everybody needs back up Heirloom seeds...not hybrids
  2. Gardening....whay we do and have done in the past
  3. Row crops, potatoes, winter squash etc.
  4. Fruit trees such as figs, apples, peaches, pears
  5. Berry bushes such as blueberry, raspberry, blackberry

I enjoyed this recording this show.

Today on part 2 of our series I dicuss the homesteading kitchen equipment I own or recommend. In all but one case I own or have owned everything discussed today. If you're a homesteader, having canning equipment, canning jars, a food processor etc. are all critical pieces of equipment. If you store grain having a grinder, both electric and non-electric are important considerations. As alwyas, acquiring these items without going into debt is the only way I advise getting them. Remember, these are tools of self sufficiency and they are good at keeping you out of debt, don't go into debt to get them! 

On today's show I discuss in detail the storage of commodity items like rice, beans, grains, corn, etc. Also discussed is how to store them-what type containers, oxygen absorbers, mylar pouches etc. I give ideas on where ot find these items, which varities I recommend and how long these items can be stored.

On today's show I introduce a series we will be covering that lays out the current state of world economies and how an impending economic downturn will affect you. We will be discussing the following during this series of shows:

  1. Commodity Food Storage-rice, beans, pasta, grains, etc.
  2. Common Kitchen and Homesteading Equipment-what you need
  3. Storing Pantry Items-canned goods, condiments, paper products, baking supplies
  4. Seeds, Gardening, Fruit Trees, Row Crops
  5. Dairy Animals, Egg Layers, Meat Animals
  6. Water Purification and Storage
  7. Strategies To Produce Food Stores


Direct download: 304-Preparing_For_Economic_Downturn_and_Potential_Food_Shortages-INTRO.mp3
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Today's show is strictly about Thoughtful Harvest Sauces, it's not a regular episode so if your not interested in behind the scenes business and food manufacturing stuff you might want to skip ahead to next show.

I will be discuss our recent packaging change from glass jars to flexible pouches and the benefits of doing so.  Also I talk about new equipment we used and how the packages sealed etc.

Category:general -- posted at: 4:19pm EDT

Today I discuss making a super summer dish; fried green toamtoes with a tomato peach jam....SPICY tomato peach jam. The addition of a cayenne pepper (or your favorite type) brings a special something to this great appetizer. In August tomatoes are at their best..and peaches are almost this is perfect time of year to make this. Frying green tomatoes is a tradition down south nad this cornmeal crusted pan fried version is the best IMO. The addition of an easy spicy tomato peach jam is perfect.

Direct download: 303-Fried_Green_Tomatoes_w_Tomato_Peach_Jam.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:38pm EDT

On today's show I go over 5 ways to use the summer bounty of peaches many of us have right now. I'll highlight:

  1. Grilled peaches w mascarpone cheese and balsamic drizzle
  2. Sourdough Peach Clafoutis
  3. Habenero Peach Jam
  4. Salted Caramel & Lavendar Peach Cake
  5. Buttermilk Peach Smoothy.

I love peaches and often can them as well as just eating from the hand. I hope these ideas inspire you too.


Direct download: 302-Cooking_With_Peaches-The_Favorite_Fruit_of_Summer.mp3
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A few episodes back I suggested the use of probiotic rich foods like sour pickles, kombucha, sauerkraut, kefir, yogurt etc. On today's show I walk you thru the making of a delicatessen classic; the full sour dill pickle. These intoxicating little pickles can be found floating in wood barrels in many delis that appreciate old-world goodness. Sour pickles are made using just water, salt and aromatics and they allow natural bacteria to multiply and produce lactic acid to prevent spoilage. In the process, a rich probiotic is created with a wonderful and unique taste. Simple to make with everyday equipment your journey into lacto fermentation should always incude a stoll down sour pickle lane!

Direct download: 301-Making_Full_Sour_Kosher_Dill_Pickles-Lacto_Fermented.mp3
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On today's show I celebrate my 300th episode and read a few quick thoughts from listeners. The main topic is the vinaigrette. This is something  I want you all to try. It's simple, if you can find lacto juice, delicious and healthy too. It takes 1 minutes to make it and your salads and taste buds will thank you.

Direct download: 300-Lacto_Fermented_Mustard_Chive_Vinaigrette_Wit_Feta_Cheese.mp3
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Today I provide a recap of my trip to The Colorado Rockies to visit with and help nurse Omi (my mother in law) back to health. My goal was to assist her immune system, which is being ravished by anti-biotics that are killing her lung infection, through the use of function foods, probiotics, lacto-fermented beverages, vegetables and dairy products. While I was not able to create any weight gain, I did manage to bring her appetite back and improve her spirits. All in all a great trip even though it was weird NOT having my family with me as usual while visitng Colorado.

On today's show I provide instructions so you can make a terrific summertime dish; rosemary & garlic marinated chicken with a berry coulis. This dish can be made with chicken breasts, chicken thighs, (personal favorite) or even pork tenderloin. The marinade leaves a delicious rosemary garlic flavor and the refreshing coulis is the perfect foil and balance to the dish.

Direct download: 298-Grilled_Chicken_w_Rosemary_and_Garlic_and_Blackberry_Coulis.mp3
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On today's show I discuss the salts I keep in my pantry and give tips on how to use them. The proper use of salt is paramount to good cookery and even more important in the crafting of artisan foods of all sorts. I keep the following salts:

-Morton Kosher Salt

-Iodized salt (rarely used)

-Maldon Flakes Salt

-Grey Sea Salt, France

-Himilayan Pink Salt


This episode has been requested many times so I hope it's useful to you.

Direct download: 297-Which_Salt_To_Keep_In_Your_Pantry_and_Tips_On_Using_It.mp3
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On today's show I discuss ideas for cooking with fresh spring peas. Unlike canned or frozen peas, which have their place, fresh spring peas are truly luxurious. <!--more-->


Rather rare these days, fresh peas are amazing ingredients and a treat to cook with. I mention some very specific ways to cook with peas like a cilantro garlic pea cream sauce served over roasted halibut, curried peas, rosemary garlic peas over pasta and much more.

Direct download: 296-Cooking_With_Fresh_Spring_Peas-Ideas_For_A_Long_Time_Subscriber.mp3
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On Today's show I discuss how I make shrimp n grits, The grits have cheddar cheese and garden fresh chives along with some roasted red peppers. The shrimp were marinated, then grilled to perfection and placed carefully on the wonderful grits then adorned with a heavenly drizzle of the shrimp reduction sauce.  When done the meal is a feat for the senses. All the elements to a memorable dish lie within this creation.

On today's show I dive deep on the reasons you would consider NOT buying pond or farm raised shrimp from overseas. When buying pond raised imported shrimp there are issues with in-humane labor practices that include slavery, terrible quality and lack of sanitation, plus the economic consequences of your dollars not going to your local fishermen. At the end of the show I detail a tasty shrimp recipe that you can find on the blog at Harvest

On today's show I discuss the micro biome referring to your intestinal health. The trillions of bacteria that live in your digestive system are the key to a healthy life. They can prevent and even cure some disease and modern science and the pharma industry is hard at work unlocking what may be the biggest human health development ever discovered. You micro biome or gut has over 100 trillion bacteria that determine many facets of your life. 

I recommend the new book called Brain Maker authored by New York Times best selling author and neurologist Dr. David Perlmutter MD.  It discusses these topics and related ground-breaking research in depth.

Direct download: 293-Eating_Fermented_Foods_To_Help_Protect_And_Boost_Your_Microbiome.mp3
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Today I talk about my top 4 tips for successful grilling. So easy if you follow them to produce great grilled chicken, steak, grilled pork or even grilled seafood. If you keep your grill hot, brushed, oiled and let the grill cook instead of flipping the meat every two seconds you will have great results. Charcoal grills are my favorite and I use lump charcoal instead of charcoal briquets, and never use lighter fluid. This podcast on grilling will help you get the most out of your Weber Kettle Grill.

On today's show I talk about my plans for using up produce we have growing. I na short few weeks there will be many vegetbles coming into the kitchen after being harvested. Having a plan and some recipe ideas BEFORE this occurs is the way to go. Try to envision the myriad ways you can use your upcoming harvest.

Direct download: 291-Strategies_For_Using_Up_The_Upcoming_Crop_Of_Produce.mp3
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On today's show I discuss the Vertigro hydroponic system were using and also the Rootmaker and Roottrapper growing vessels were experimenting with. Both are AWESOME additions to our gardeing efforts and both allow us to garden-above digging, weeding or bending. We will update progress as 2015 continues.

Direct download: happy_memorial_day.mp3
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On today's show I discuss a term called Ketosis, essentially when your brain uses ketones created in your body to burn as fuel. You can turbo charge weight loss and brain function if this is done properly. A ketotic diet is becoming common place with many in the medical community which flies in the face of government recommended diets which are total garbage.

Direct download: 289-Ketosis_What_Is_It_And_Why_I_Am_Doing_It.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:25pm EDT

Direct download: 288-Tortilla_Soup-My_Thoughts_On_Making_This_Amazing_Soup.mp3
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On today's show I discuss a rather simple Asian inspired dish that uses fresh spring asparagus; sesame ginger flank steak with asparagus. This is made with a wok and uses common ingredients. We love simple Asian food and this dish is no exception. Check out the video of this recipe at Harvest

Direct download: 287-Sesame_Ginger_Flank_Steak_w_Aspragus_Spears-PRAYER_REQUEST_FOR_OMI.mp3
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On today's show I discuss making slow braised pork ribs with dried red chilies as the base for a braising liquid. Country style pork ribs become amazinly tender and delicious when cooked with a flavorful chili and tomato broth. The addition of garlic, carrot, onion and a few spices makes this so good. Serve over rice, in tacos, burritos etc.

Direct download: 286-Red_Chili_Braised_Country_Pork_Ribs-From_The_Farm.mp3
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Today's show is all about making an old-school Italian classic, Spaghetti Carbonara. This pasta dish usually features a unique cured pork product called Guanciale or pork cheeks, eggs, cheese and usually some herbage. Since pork cheeks can be difficult to find in middle America bacon can be substituted. And other things such as peas, tomatoes, cream etc can be added ot make the dish your own. This dish can elecit anger, threats of death and water baording too from those that are purists. So take that into account when making your own version.

Direct download: 285-Spaghetti_Carbonara_My_Way.mp3
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On today's show I walk you thu making tamales a classic Mexican dish that is amazingly diverse and incredibly delicious. Tamales are also gluten -free making them safe for Celiacs too. I made some pinto bean and cheese tamales the other night that turned out really nice, see for a photo and visit Harvest for the recipe.

Direct download: 284-Making_Tamales_A_Mexican_Specialty.mp3
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Today's episode is a quick show focused on making these simple breakfast, lunch or snack cupcakes. They're made with farm-fresh eggs, two types of cheese, Italian kale, roasted red peppers and de-hydrated hash brown potatoes. These take only a few minutes to prepare and only 25 minutes to cook. They were loved by my entire family...we finished 12 in mere minutes.

Direct download: 283-Kale__Potato_Egg_Muffins-Easy_Breakfast_Idea-Or_Snack.mp3
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On today's show I discuss the avian flu outbreak in the midwest where turkey and chicken factory farms are experiencing a massive bird flu crisis. Millions of birds are being destroyed and the whole factory farm system is being exposed for what it is....concentrated risk. FULL DISCLOSURE: I eat factory farm protein occasinally, but hate doing it. I feel the need to discuss this and present some options that we can all do to avoid this system.

On today's episode I discuss making smoked chicken pate using your pressure cooker. Chicken pate is a classic French recipe with many variations; with ingredients and techniques. This techniqu used the speed and efficiency of a pressure cooker to quickly tenderize the chicken thighs so they are "fall off the bone tender" and easy to process. I like to flavor this with liquid smoke (natural kind) and other aromatics like fresh parsley, white wine, onions, carrots and pepper corns are nice here too. This French recipe is MUCH easier using this method...and it can be made with chicken, pork or even salmon. Be sure to support this show by visiting Harvest and getting on the email list, also see our Facebook Page

Direct download: 281-Pressure_Cooker_Pate_Making_a_French_Clasic_Simply_In_35_Minutes.mp3
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Today I discuss our past gardening experiences; what worked, what did not and what we are doing this year to get back into gardening after a 2 year hiatus from gardening, America's favorite past time. I mention some new products I am working with as well.

Direct download: 280-Our_Past_Gardening_Experiences_and_New_Gardening_Methods_This_Year.mp3
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On today's show I talk about making Paleo spinach nad bacon cakes with butter and parmesan cheese. These are supper yummy yet also very easy to make. Fresh spoinach is a must here, no frozen please. This makes a great appetizer that is very rich and full-flavored.

Direct download: 279-Paleo_Spinach_Bacon_Cakes_w_Butter_And_Parmesan_Cheese.mp3
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On today's show I talk about using up leftover ham from Easter. Millions of people have ham for Easter dinner.....and using it up becomes a challenge. I offer a few simple ideas here on how I like to use it.....including a split pea soup.

Direct download: 278-Using_Up_Leftover_Easter_Ham.mp3
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On today's show I go over the contruction of a Beurre Blanc- which is a simple white butter sauce that is amazing on seafood. This sauce is not hard to create but you need the basic techniques so you do not break the sauce. I go into detail regarding my recipe for soy chili beurre blanc.

Direct download: 277-Making_Buerre_Blanc-White_Butter_Sauce.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:42pm EDT

On today's show I walk you thru the creation of my favorite bread, a rusitic bareley kneaded round loaf that is amazing! Everything about this recipe is terrific....especially the crisp outside texture and the perfect crumb inside. Super easy..just takes some time.

Direct download: 276-Making_Rustic_Barely_Kneaded_Bread.mp3
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On today's show I am pounding the drum again about growing lettuce. Being able to walk outside and cut your own lettuce is truly one of the great experiences of farm to table cookery. I sugget gowing several varieties of heirloom lettuces to see what works best for your situation and taste buds.

Direct download: 275-Growing_Lettuce-Your_Ticket_To_Flavor_And_Money_Savings.mp3
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On today;s show I discuss making Chicken Satay with Thai Peanut Sauce. Simple techniques with bold Thai flavors make this the perfect party food. Juicy chicken thighs skewered and grilled become amazing once drizzled with the peanut sauce.

Direct download: 274-Thai_Peanut_Sauce.mp3
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Strictly personal updates food talk...!

Direct download: 273-On_A_Personal_Note.mp3
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On todays's show I walk you through the creation of one amazing sandwich; Roast Beef w Garlic Confit Butter, Bluee Cheese & BBQ Sauce....this creation has been lingering in my head for weeks so I had to share it with you. You'll learn how to roast the beef, make the garlic confit butter and assemble the sandwich too.  Enjoy...!

Direct download: 272-Roast_Beef_W_Garlic_Confit_Blue_Cheese__BBQ_Sauce-YUM_.mp3
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On today's episode of Harvest Eating I discuss the methods and reasoning behind slow poaching a whole chicken. To make clear, delicious broth where the chicken is NOT dry, slow poaching is the way to go. Simple, inexpensive and delicious !

Direct download: 271-Slow_Poached_Whole_Chicken.mp3
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In this episode I discuss making one of my new favorite dishes, Lemongrass beef. This Thai specialty is nothing short of amazing. My take on it is luscious, super-flavorful nad best of all, easy. Tender beef marinated in lemongrass, garlic, green onion etc. Love it!

Direct download: 270-The_Wonder_of_Lemongrass_Beef.mp3
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On today's show I discuss making and enjoying bone broth. Quite the rage these days, bone broths have been consumed for many centuries by people the world over. Easy to make with a few simple techniques bone broths are a good way to supplement your diet with many nutrients.

Direct download: 269-Enjoying_Bone_Broth-A_Flavorful_Way_To_Do_Your_Body_Good.mp3
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On today's episode I discuss the in-depth the technique of braising which is a low and slow method of cooking using plenty of flavorful liquid.  Braising suits tougher cuts of meat that have plenty of connective tissue. Braised beef shanks are easy to make and are not only spectacular looking but super flavorful.

Direct download: 268-Braising_Beef_Shanks.mp3
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Today's show is all about Thai fried rice, which is to say fried rice in a Thai Style...that usually means salty, sweet and spicy flavor notes. It also always means it's flavored with fish sauce. Fish sauce is essential to Thai cooking and it's what brings that wonerful flavor we all love about Thai cusine. You will love this recipe.

Direct download: 267-Thai_Fried_Rice-Asian_Comfort_Food_Youll_Love.mp3
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On today's shpw I discuss 3 simple superbowl recipe ideas to thelp make your party special. Green chili, onion dip and a roasted green chili queso dip. All very simple with basic ingredients but will amazing flavors.

Direct download: 266-Superbowl_Recipe_Ideas.mp3
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The Espagnole sauce is the most difficult and time consuming of all the French Mother Sauces. It can easily take 12 hours even if you take shortcuts. the resulting sauce, whether made from chicken or beef or veal, is heaven on a plate. Top a roasted chicken or steak with it and you will understand what I mean.

Direct download: 265-Five_Mother_Sauces_Of_Classic_French_Cookery-Espagnole_Sauce.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:57pm EDT

Ae we proceed we come to Hollandaise sauce, the special touch on the Eggs Benedict we all love at breakfast or brunch. This is a simple sauce with very few ingredients yet is has many uses. Learning to make this sauce is a terrific skill to have.

On our third show in this series on the Five Mother Sauces of Classical French Cookery we discuss Tomato Sauce, one that is closet to my heart. This sauce is easy and can be made ahead for freezing or canning. If you can locatea bunch of long dense plum tomatoes you can make it totally from scratch, if not, canned plum tomatoes can be used with great results.

Direct download: 263-The_Five_Mother_Sauces_Of_French_Cookery-Tomato_Sauce.mp3
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On today's show I discuss making Veloute' sauce, the roux thickened white sauce that can start with ether chicken, fish or veal stock. This is a very simple sauce and it's variations can be many. We discuss a few compund sauces including Hungarian Sauce, Normandy Sauce and Bercy Sauce 1.

Direct download: 262-The_Five_Mother_Sauces_OF_Classical_French_Cookery-Veloute_Sauce.mp3
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On today's show I start a 5 part series on the 5 French Mother Sauces in classical French Cookery. These sauces are the starting point for many other meals so understanding their construction leads to a much improved arsenal of dishes. This first episode focuses on Bechamel, simple white sauce that is perfect for making many other dishes.

Direct download: 261-The_Five_Mother_Sauces_of_Classical_French_Cooking-Bechamel.mp3
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On today's show I offer a few simple recipes; one for my spinach artichoke dip which is perfect for holiday parties. Also the green beans with shallot cream sauce that so many of you rely on each Christmas to adorn your tables.

Direct download: 260-Spinach_Artichoke_Dip_and_Green_Beans_WIth_Shallots_And_Cream.mp3
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On today's show I discuss making cherry clafoutis and hand made chocolate truffles. These two desserts are both perfect for Christmas. A cocktail party or the typical Christmas eve gathering is the perfect place to showcase these unique treats.

Direct download: 259-Christmas_Treats_Chocolate_Truffles_And_cherry_Almond_Clafoutis.mp3
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In this episode I discuss the thin wonderful French pancake we call crepes. Crepes are easy to make and can be fillied with both sweet fillings or toppings and even savory options like ham, cheese spinach, meats etc. An easy crepe batter recipe is posted at Harvest Eating. com

Direct download: 258-Making_Crepes_Both_Sweet__Savory.mp3
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On today's show I discuss the wonderful sweet potato. It's readily available, inexpensive and very healthy. Grown all over the country sweet potatoes can be a part of breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are good in ethnic foods, baked goods, savory dishes and even in waffles. 

Direct download: 257-Cooking_With_Sweet_Potatoes.mp3
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On today's show I discuss making turkey, gravy and discuss some strategies for pulling off the big meal. Let's face it, if the turkey is dry and potatoes cold and gravy bland you will not enjoy the meal. So listen ot these basic tips and have a great meal.

Direct download: 256-Thanksgiving_Turkey_Gravy_and_Other_Tips.mp3
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On today's show I take some listener questions on topics like using dried mushrooms, favorite podcasts, baked desserts etc. I also discuss some interesting ways to use the Harvest Right freeze dryer. Anytime you have questions, just post them on Facebook and I will address them.

Direct download: 255-Listener_Questions__Answers.mp3
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On today's show I discuss making dog food. So many of you have asked about this but since it's not really cooking I have avoided it. However, I've been making lots of food for SNIPA lateley so I thought I would do a show on it. I discuss why you might consider making dog food, why I think it's beneficial, what types of protein to use, what carbs and what else might be added. Also, the results in my own dog's health.

Direct download: 254-Feeding_Fido_Strategies_For_Making_Your_Own_Dog_Food.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:55pm EDT

On today's show I discuss a classic dish, Beef Stroganoff. This warming food has a Russian origin but is enjoyed throughout most of Europe and especially in parts of Germany. Made with cheaper cuts of beef and classically infused with sour cream, beef stroganoff is a rich hearty dish usually served over egg noodles. My version uses Worcestershire sauce, fresh and dry Thyme and plenty of garlic. I like beef stock but chicken stock works well too. As far as mushrooms just about any can be used, even canned which are good in this dish, however if served to guests I would most likely use fresh mushrooms.

Direct download: 253-Beef_Stroganoff_A_Classic_Comfort_Food_Dish.mp3
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On today's show I discuss my most recent effort to develop a gluten-free corn cake that has the texture of a real pancake minus the gluten. This recipe is a winner, and today I discuss why I really love corn cakes and recipe using cornmeal in general. In the Southern US, and area  I am very fond of, cornmeal has a special place in the heart of many.

Direct download: 252-Gluten-Free_Buttermilk_Corn_Cakes.mp3
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On today's show I talk about making a traditional German red cabbage or Blau Kraut. This dish comes from my mother in-law Omi...shes's from Bavaria and this is one of my favorite receipes that she has shown me.  In Germany this type of red cabbage is traditionally served with sausags or brats. It also pairs well with pork chops whether pan fried or grilled. This recipe is simple and extremely satisfying.

On today's show I answer some listener questions and discuss several topics that have been on my mind. I will talk about a sweet chili vinaigrette which is a special treat, bthe est ways to use my Greek Seasoning and even some dietary advice. I feel it's a good practice to avoid UHT (ultra high temperature) dairy products and how weight loss can be achieved with low carb eating, without starving.

On today's show I take you along on my travels to Europe which remind me of a side trip that had me in Cortina d' Ampezzo, one of hte world's most amazing alpine villages. Cortina is so pretty and has many activities such as hiking, skiing, shopping, eating, cross country skiing, ice hockey, motorcycle riidng etc. Cortina d'Ampezzo Italy is a sight for the senses sue to it's alpine scenery that is nothing short of spectacular. If you ever go there be sure to eat the spinach balls they make....they are unforgettable.

On today's show I discuss the magic of Indian food. This is such a varied cuisine loaded with spices, textures, flavors and so regionally diverse it all adds up to one of the worlds great cusines. In particular I discuss curry powder and some fo it's uses and talk about making a spiced spinach called Palak Paneer. Indian food can be made at home simply once the spices used are understood and experimented with.

Direct download: 248-Enjoying_Indian_Food_and_Curries.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:00am EDT

On today's show I discuss some soup making basics including using a main ingredient, choosing aromatics and other important criteria of soup making. I descibe a roasted butternut squash soup with either pear or apple, leek and potato soup and finally a brief description of tortilla soup, one of my favorites. now that fall weather is here soups become a bigger part of most people's menu planning, certainly ours.

Direct download: 247-Soup_Making_Basics.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:06pm EDT

Bolognese sauce is a classic Italian recipe for meat sauce. Generally, it contains 3 types of ground meat; beef, veal, and pork. Sometimes the cook will substitute other meats such as wild boar, deer or other game meats.  It's a very thick sauce and is not a tomato sauce rather a meat sauce that has tomatoes. It is very thick, chunky and has the undertones of red wine, garlic and woody herbs

Direct download: 246-Making_Bolognese_Sauce.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:22pm EDT

On today's show I discuss the home pantry in it's many forms. Recently a listener emailed for advice after his kitchen was destroyed in a fire and he had to start over from scratch. So I devoted most fo today's show to this topic.  I talk about the diffrent places to store food, a bit about pantry design, the facets of a home pantry; spices, baking, dry good, fridge and freezer etc. Also I touch on the long-term storage pantry, which many of you know I fee lis very important.

Direct download: 245-Assembling_A_Home_Pantry.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:46pm EDT

On today's show I once again discuss meatballs. We had some AMAZING meatballs tonight that I made with some leftovers and some intersteing spices and flavors and textures. Trying to be thrifty, I used up some left over spinach ppine nut pie and white rice combined with a few other special ingredients to make meatballs that went above and beyond your typical Italian American meatballs with red gravy.... I think anybody would love these.

Direct download: 244-Hey_Tony....Pass_The_Meatballs_Huh__.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:38pm EDT

On today's show I discuss how a pressure cooker, a good chicken, some dehydrated potatoes, and some frozen peas can make a meal the family will love and it does not require too much time. PLease don't judge me....I know ...A chef using dried potatoes is not good...but in a pinch it's good to rely on the pantry and the long term storables to make a family meal all will love. Great time saver for you busy folks!

Direct download: 243-PRessure_Cooker_Chicken_Dinner.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:03pm EDT

On today's show I discuss the many nut butters that are edible. Keep in mind, aside from peanut and almond these others are somewhat exotic and hard to find commercially....there are sources which are listed in show notes for this episode, however making your own is the way to go in my opinion. Prices for almond butter have skyrocketed so making your own is a better option, and it really is pretty simple. Nut butters are a great vehicle for tasty eating that provide protein, fats, minerals, vitamins and fiber.

Direct download: 242-Eating_But_Butters_and_Their_benefits.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:23pm EDT

On today's show I discuss the hottest trends in food for the year 2014. While some are rediculous and meaningless, others are showing the work I do here starting to become more mainstream. Seeing healthy school lunches for kids becoming popular and trending is terrific news. Parents need to feed kids well at home also and not rely on the "state" to nourish our children.

Direct download: 241-Hottest_Food_Trends_In_2014.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:26pm EDT

On today's show we discuss the joys of mustard making, yes I did say joys!  I love making mustard, it's inexpensive, easy and anybody can do it with common ingredients. Mustard is one fo the most commonly used condiments, and gourmet mustard is getting rather expensive so making your own is a good skill to have.  Mustard seeds are easy to store in your long-tem storage pantry as is vinegar so you can make your own mustard at any time without going to pay the gangsters are the supermarket!

Direct download: 240-Making_Dijon_Mustard.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:30pm EDT

In this episode I try to give you ideas and inspiration to cook with local corn and tomatoes that are abundant now but soon to be gone!  Both very versatile crops, corn and tomatoes go together well and  can enhance many dishes. Corn and tomatoes are also tasty enough to star as the feature ingredients in many dishes.  I personally love both and cook with them often.

Direct download: 239-Corn_and_Tomatoes_In_Late_Summer.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:39am EDT

On today's show I awnswer a few questions from the audience regarding cooking ramen noodles, beans and rice etc. I also discuss a subject that I have not spoke of recently; food inflation. In all areas of the food supply you can see inflation steadily increasing prices and shrinking package sizes. This is a trend I think will continue anad become a real problem for families trying to make ends meet.

Direct download: 238-Your_Questions_And_a_few_Bits_On_Food_Inflation.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:50am EDT

On today's show I discuss making a simple gluten-free dessert which happens ot be Paleo too. My toasted coconut, chocolate Paleo ice pops. These are very simple to contruct, have only a few ingredients and are very satisfying indeed. Most of the ingredients can be purchased at the local supermarket or certainly online for those of you who like Amazon. Nonethless, these chocolate coconut ice pops are sure to please.

Direct download: 237-Toasted_Cocnout_Chocoalte_Paleo_Ice_Pops.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:56am EDT

On today's episode I discuss something that I have been thinking about lately; seafood in coconut sauce. It's a tasty and simple sauce that is started with a seafood stock (or chicken too) and finished with coconut milk, cilantro, butter, lime juice and a few Thai flavors as well. It's pretty straight forward and uses basic ingredients. I think it goes really well with seared firm-fleshed fish such as halibut, red snapper or even salmon.

Direct download: 236-Seafood_In_Coconut_Sauce.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:59am EDT

On today's show I discuss the plans for Olivia's 12th birthday party meal. I'm making custom-ground burgers, with cheddar cheese, fried red onions, bacon and Datil pepper BBQ sauce. I'll cover making the burgersand the Pièce de résistance, bacon mac n cheese with green onions.....YUM CITY. Also, I will make Gluten free buttermilk buckwheat crepes with cherry compote, creme fraiche and caramel sauce...and yes all components were made by this guy's hands!

Direct download: 235-Olivias_12th_Birthday_Party_Food.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:06pm EDT

On today's show I answer some question that were posted on Everything from cookign with cast iron, to feeding a family on $200 per month, ideas for using up eggs, best pressure cookers and even a question on making or using pork bone broth.

Direct download: 234-Listener_Questions_and_Answers.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:02pm EDT

On thoday's show I discuss making a Thai Red Curry w Beef that so many of you have asked for. This is a one-pot meal that is inexpensive, satisfying, full of flavor and just plain awesome. You wil lneed a few ingredients like lemongrass, white pepper, fish sauce etc. that might not yet be a part of your pantry....never fear...easily remedied on Amazon or your local Asian Market. 

Direct download: 233-Thai_Red_Curry_w_Beef.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:20am EDT

In this episode I discuss making a simple stew using garden fresh zucchni and tomato, with garlic, onion, fresh basil, good olive oil and some grated cheese. This dish is simple to prepare but a little technique and know how is needed to make sure you get a good texture. Also, I wax on about the proper type of zucchini needed ot make this recipe.

Direct download: 232-Summer_Vegetable_Dish_W_Zucchini_and_Tomato.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:42am EDT

In this episode I discuss making a few unrelated dishes that have been on my mind recently; a simple russet potato salad and a roasted tomato peach compote. Both are dead simple, yet delicious. I also go off on a tangent....more then once...sorry for that.

Direct download: 231-Potato_Salad_Tomato_Peach_Compote-Rants_Galore.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:28pm EDT

On today's show I will use the D word. I discuss a diet strategy or lifestyle stragey called Low Carb High Fat. Basically limiting the carobohydrat intake to less then 60 grams per day, with no gluten, and eating copius amounts of fats. I choose butter, coconut oil, coconut milk, ample nuts like walnuts, almonds, pecans. Also, meat like chicken, beef etc.

Direct download: 230-Low_Carb_High_Fat_Diet.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:10am EDT

In this episode I discuss a multitude of ideas for this holiday weekend. Grilling, smoking and cook-outs of all types will take place this weekend by the millions. I hope these recipe ideas for the 4th of July help inspire you to cook something you can be proud of and that your guest will love. I discuss vegetarian options, beef, ribs, burgers, chicken and food safety.

Direct download: 229-229-4th_of_July_Recipe_Ideas.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:53am EDT

On today's show I discuss making grits n greens casseole; the components, the method, some history and some inspiration. Ths is classic Southern food, and if done right can be an amazing taste sensation. I think it could be the perfect dish to bring to your next picnic. 

Direct download: 228-Grits_n_Greens_Casserole.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:38am EDT

On todays show I give several recipe ideas for using up abundant summer squashes. Zucchini and crookneck are some of my favorite squash and I love to cook with them both. Summer squash are perfect for soups, pizza, pasta, sandwiches, ratatouille and much more.  One of my favorite dishes is ratatouille, there is a great video recipes posted in the members area for that.

Direct download: 227-Usage_Suggestion_For_Summer_Squash_Zucchini.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:56pm EDT

On today's show I inspire you to make a wonderful BBQ beef dish from Korea. This is popular city food, easy to make and certainly a big change from standard back yard cooking. Your friends and family will be impressed and in love with this dish.

Direct download: 226-Korean_BBQ_Beef.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:12am EDT

On today's show I discuss making homemade BBQ sauce....folks that stuff in bottles is garbage...very few BBQ sauces are worth spending your money exception is Red Law Sauce Company, they have a whiskey sweet cherry BBQ sauce that is really, really good...highly recommended.

If you're a supporting member of Harvest Eating be sure to log in and print the recipes mentioned on today's show.

As always, your support of Harvest Eating is greatly appreciated...If you like the show why not leave a review on ITunes and be sure to visit our Facebook page.

Direct download: 225-Make_BBQ_Sauce_and_Tomato_Pie.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:29am EDT

In this show I discuss a simple chicken dish, could not be easier, but hte flavors are outstanding....Greek Spiced chicken with mater sauce....give it a try..then post your photo at

Direct download: 224-Greek_Spiced_Chicken_w_Mater_Sauce.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:51am EDT

In this epsiode I give some ideas for summer drinks like iced tea, Lemongrass mint soda and almond milk from scratch. Also an update on olive oil for those of you interested.

Direct download: 223-Summer_Drink_Ideas.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:17pm EDT

In this episode I talk about a new piece of outdoor cooking equipment I recently bought...the Blackstone Griddle. This is a handy item that cook well, is pretty easy to clean and is well made...especially for hte price.

Direct download: 222-The_Blackstone_Griddle.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:38am EDT

This episode I discuss a great dish, Thai Chicken sauce with crispy (and cold) romaine hearts.....very easy dish with fairly easy to get ingredients....let me know how it turns out!

Direct download: 221-Thai_Chicken_Sauce_w_Romaine_Hearts.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:40am EDT

In today's show I discuss the long down time and some HUGE life changes. We're back recording now nad the show must go on.....

Direct download: 292-Harvest_Eating_Podcast_Continues.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:15am EDT

Hey folks..sorry for the delay...I'm back today with some more exciting Thai foods and techniques.

Direct download: 219-Im_Back...With_More_Exciting_Thai_Food.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:14am EDT

In this episode I discuss a classic old-school Italian dish Amatriciana. Usually made with bucatini this simple dish can be enjoyed a variety of ways.

Direct download: 218-Amatriciana_Sauce_Updates_And_More.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:54am EDT

In this episode I discuss allot of things including my smashed thumb, sprouting and our desire for warm weather and fresh foods to arrive.

Direct download: 217-My_Smashed_Thumb_Spouting_and_Fresh_Foods.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:06am EDT

Hi folks...I know you were worried about me...but this show starts me back on track and updates yo uon where I've been....

Direct download: 216-Hey_Its_Keith..and_YES_I_am_Still_ALive.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:36pm EDT

This episode is one where I discuss two seemingy unrelated dishes.....I think you wil still enjoy..

Direct download: 115-Thai_Pork_Dumplings_And_Eggplant_Parmesan.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:39pm EDT

In this episode I talk about some of my favorite flavors....Thai flavors. Thai food is easy to cook with the right ingredients, they are readily available in most markets and make for some tasty home cooked food.

Direct download: 214-Exploring_Thai_Flavors-Super_Yum_Yum.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:27pm EDT

Here is the last installment of the Valentines menu...simple seasonal dessert with a trendy sauce....

Direct download: 213-Roasted_Pears_With_Vanilla_Bean_Ice_Cream_And_Salted_Caramel.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:28am EDT

On today's show I discuss the main vourse of my 4 course Valentines Menu....check it out...

Here is episode two describing the Valentines menu with second course of Sherries wild mushroom crostini or bruschetta.

Direct download: 211-Making_Bruschetta_W_Wild_Mushrooms.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:39pm EDT

This episode I discuss a soup dish I am making for a Valntines can make it too...!

Direct download: 210-Roasted_Butternut_Squash_and_Pear_Bisque.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:35pm EDT

In todays show I discuss some simple salads....made with a simple dressing....enjoy!

Direct download: 209-simple_Salads_Without_RANCH_Dressing.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:30pm EDT

In this episode I discuss how to make a simple salsa fresca....perfect for the weekend and game watching.

Direct download: 208-Making_Salsa_Fresca.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:21pm EDT

In this episode I talk once again about soups. I love soup and have been enjoying allot of soup this winter. I talk about some specifics on making soup plus the usual rant or two...Enjoy!

Direct download: 207-Soups_Galore.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:52pm EDT

On the first show for 2014 I discuss our plans, goals and thoughts for 2014 while touching on the great year we just finished. The kids make a short apperance and discuss the Christmas and while sounding very commercial, they sure had a fun time with Santa's visit.

Direct download: 206-The_start_of_2014_Goals_Plans_and_Inspiration.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:02pm EDT

This episode discuss the recnt holiday orders plus lots of family related things....

Direct download: 205-Christmas_Order_Update_Family_And_the_Holiday_Season.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:20am EDT

On today's short show I will discuss the cookies we usually make and consumer during the holidays and also what were making for Christmas dinner......

Direct download: 204-Chat_about_Christmas_Cookies_And_Christmas_Dinner_1.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:04pm EDT

On today's show I walk you through the making of a classic French dish Beef Bourguignon. This lovely dish is perfect for this time of year and can also be made with wild game......

Direct download: 203-Beef_Bourguigon.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:31pm EDT

In this episode I discuss some recent dishes I made and also talk about cooking with and hunting for big game....

Direct download: 202-Ham_n_Potato_Casserole_Stewed_Apples_w_Maple_Cream.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:20pm EDT

A little chat on bread and rolls, here are my thoughts on bread with the big meal.

Direct download: 201-Thanksgiving_University-Bread_and_Rolls.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:32am EDT

In this segment I discuss making a perennial favorite of ours, brussels sprouts in Mornay sauce....YUM

Direct download: 200-Thanksgiving_University-Brussels_Sprouts.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:26am EDT

In this segment I discuss the method I use to make fresh cranberry sauce. Simple, easy and delicious.....give it a try.

Direct download: 199-Thanksgiving_University-Cranberry_Sauce_From_Scratch.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:22am EDT

In this segment I discuss making stuffing or dressing. I will tell you the best way to make it flavorful and safe.

Direct download: 198-Thanksgiving_University-Stuffing...or_Dressing.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:08am EDT

In this segment potatoes are the superstar......learn how I cook them, what type and how you can make great tasting potatoes.

Direct download: 197-Thanksgiving_University-Potatoes.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:57am EDT

In this segment I discuss making the perfet turkey. You'll hear my thoughts on selecting, thawing and cooking the big holiday bird.

Direct download: 196-thanksgiving_University-Perfect_Turkey.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:54am EDT

On this episode we talk about Mise en place, or everyting in its place, critical thinking and preparation for large meals. Thanksgiving Dinner is one of hte lagest and most important meals of hte year, these tips should help prepare the meal more sucessfully.

Direct download: 195-Thanksgiving_University-_Mise_en_Place.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:54pm EDT

This is what we will cover during this series....enjoy..hope it helps!

Direct download: 194-Thanksgiving_University_Intro_1.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:21am EDT

I disucss the audio series Thanksgiving University I have been working on to help people with teh big holiday meal. 

Direct download: 193-Thanksgiving_University.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:49pm EDT

In this show I talk about my trip to cook for some homeschool kids.

Direct download: 192-Cooking_For_Kids.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:20pm EDT

On today's show I disuss how to incoorporate more bananas into your diet. No matter who you are.... a trucker, office worker or school kid, we can all eat more bananas. They are very healthy, plentiful and inexpensive....why not eat more?

Direct download: 191-Eating_and_Cooking_With_Bananas.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:56pm EDT

In this episode I decribe some of the ways I use coconut in it's many forms. From coconut oil to coconut cream to dried coconut flakes. Coconut is a healthy and versatile ingredient that tastes terrific.

Direct download: 190-Cooking_And_Eating_Coconut.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:09pm EDT

Chatting about prosciutto wrapped pork tenderloin today on Harvest Eating.

Direct download: 189-Prociutto_Wrapped_Pork_Tenderloin_Rosemary_Garlic_Peach_Chutney.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:53pm EDT

In this episode I talk about cooking with lentils and other legumes from the long term storage pantry. Lentils can make a host of wonderful meals and this will help motivate you to cook with them....

Direct download: 188-Cooking_With_Lentils........mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:10pm EDT

In this episode I discuss a bunch of updates  and other stuff....then get into buying, cooking and storing butternut squash. Butternut squash is one of my favorite vegetables and is one of the best long term storagble foods you can have.

In this episode I discuss cooking with frozen vegetables. Some are good, some are not but all have a place in your cooking.

Direct download: 186-Thoughs_On_Cooking_WIth_Frozen_Vegetables.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:16pm EDT

In this episode I dicuss a bunch of details regarding pasta sauce, my trip to the dentist, a hockey playing update and the meat of the show....well it's seafood not meat... I discuss way to cook with salmon.

Direct download: 185-Cooking_With_Salmon-Plus_Updates_On_Everything.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:07pm EDT

In this epsidoe I discuss cooking with spinach and winter greens. I speak about some spinach dumplins I had in Cortina da Ambpezzo Italy which were to die for. Also, a hearty winter green salad. Enjoy!

Direct download: 184-Cooking_With_Spinach_And_Other_Winter_Greens.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:43pm EDT

I discuss greenhouses and why you shoudl have one, the best types to have IMO and what kind I used to have.

Direct download: 183-All_About_Greenhouses-Insulated_is_Best....mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:02pm EDT

In this episode I discuss the amazing potato and how to enjoy it. I also discuss the many merits of the potato as a survival food.

Direct download: 182-Potatoes_And_Their_Many_Uses.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:35pm EDT

In today's shorter episode I dicuss some basic fall cooking ideas, things like soups, pastas and more. Also and update on the deer devastation we encountered.

Direct download: 181-Some_Fall_Cooking_Ideas.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:38pm EDT

This was a tough episode to record....but I feel it's important to discuss....I HATE having to think about things like this. Nobody should worry about this stuff.....Let me know your thoughts?

Direct download: 180-How_Much_Food_IS_In_Your_Pantry_.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:43am EDT

Todays show focuses on what I am going to do with all the pears and apples we picked yesterday. I talk about making cider, fritters, poached pears and a few rants on bad food, rip-off dog food and pasta sauce packaging updates.

Direct download: 179-An_Apple_A_Day...Or_Ten__Pears_Too...mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:35pm EDT

In this episode I discuss the best cuts of beeffor a roast. I also give in depth pasta sauce updates and ramble on about allot of other forewarned....

Direct download: 178-Choosing_a_Roast_Beef.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:22am EDT

This is episode I talk about my first elk huntring trip...was pretty neat...also I walk you through making two soups; New England style clam chowder and also Leek n Potato soup...a fall favorite for us.

Direct download: 177-Elk_Hunting_New_England_Clam_Chowder_Leek_and_Potato_Soup_1.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:43pm EDT

Learn how to make salsa with character.....using wood with your grill....amazing results await.

Direct download: 176-Charred_Tomato_Chipotle_Salsa-Plus_Allot_Of_Side_Chat......mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:37pm EDT

On todays's show I discuss simple buckwheat pancakes, why I like them and how I make them. Also, I mention several brands of gluten free products you can find in stores near you. These include bread, crackers, and pastas.

Direct download: 175-Buckwheat_Pancakes_and_Some_Good_Gluten_Free_Products.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:31pm EDT

In this epsiode I discuss some of my favorite ways of cooking with apples...making apple cider, roasted apples, apple pie, apple tarts and curried apple onion compote. Check it out and share your ideas...

Direct download: 174-Ideas_For_Cooking_With_Local_Fall_Apples.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:09pm EDT

In this episode I discuss in detail making one of my favorite appetizers.....Sweet n Spicy Pepper RElish with Goat Cheese try's awesome...also a recap of our recent trip to Glacier Park (see photos at Facebook) and a pasta sauce update...

Direct download: 173-Sweet_n_Spicy_Pepper_Relish....plus_lots_of_updates.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:12pm EDT

In this epsiode I discuss making tuna salad.....this lowly food of our past is GREAT for long term storage and can be delicious if made properly....also, be sure to check out hte photo of me and the Black Shadown on the Havest Eating website.

Direct download: 172-Making_Tuna_Fish_Salad-Oh_How_The_Mighty_Have_Fallen....mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:31pm EDT

In this episode I discuss getting some of the last of summer's bounty and enjoy them to their fullest. Also I speak to the coming cool weather and how were adjusting to it with heartier foods.

Direct download: 171-Adjusting_To_Fall_-Summers_Last_Harvest.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:50am EDT

In this episode I discuss how I like to make bbq sauce and give some basic pointers for you.

Direct download: 170-Making_BBQ_Sauce.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:21pm EDT

In this episode recored outdoors in Colorado I disuss some Mexican food..good and bad....then describe a great dish I made last night. Also, some updates from vacation here in Colorado.

Direct download: 169-Mexican_Food-Colorado_Update_And_PLenty_More.....mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:04pm EDT

In this episode I talk about how you can use healthy vinaigrettes as sauce to kick- up the taste and falvor profile of your foods.

Direct download: 168-Using_Vinaigrettes_As_Light_Sauces_1.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:01pm EDT

In this episode I discuss making a pork green chili. I also discuss the course I am creating to help people go gluten free and how to help them aliviate joint pain. 

Direct download: 167-Pork_Green_Chili.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:08pm EDT

On today's episode I discuss a recent trip to Whitefish Montana and many other random topics.

Direct download: 166-Whitefish_Montana_Crepes_and_Lots_Of_Random_Thoughts.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:52pm EDT

On today's show I dicuss a few dishes I've made this week that incorporate lots of summer produce, but also some broccoli, which we still get fresh here in western Montana. Many ideas for ratatouille too.

Direct download: 165-More_Summer_Vegetable_Ideas_and_Inspiration.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:01pm EDT

In this short episode I try to inspire you to be motivated and use up hte harvest that will be gone in a matter of weeks...cherries, watermelon, tomatoes, zucchini etc. all will be gone i na few short weeks. so lets take advantage of this marvelous harvest.

Direct download: 164-Using_Summer_Crops.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:29pm EDT

In this episode I discuss the Flathead Lake Montana area and it's wonderful cherries along with some recipes for the Vitamix Blender

Direct download: 163-Flathead_Lake_Montana_and_Vitamix_Juicers.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:49pm EDT

In this episode I discuss some ideas for using summertim vegatbles such as eggplant, zucchini nad bell peppers.

Direct download: 162-Summertime_Vegetable_Dishes_That_Rock.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:42am EDT

In this episode I discuss making a simple beef n pepper stir fry and also discuss the things we pack in coolers to help keep kids hydrated and happy while at beach, river, or pool.

Direct download: 161-Beef_n_Pepper_Stir_Fry-Packing_Coolers_With_Good_Food.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:07pm EDT

In this episode I discuss some things were doign and a few rants.....enjoy

Direct download: 160-Summertime_Update_What_Im_Cooking_and_More.....mp3
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In this episode I talk about strategies for cooking with game and get granular with a Elk meatball recipe idea. Also, an interesting salad that can be made easily with swiss chard and lentils and a feta vinaigrette...YUM!

Direct download: 159-Elk_Meatballs_Swiss_Chard_Salad.mp3
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In today episode I discuss making side dishes for summer gatherings, picnics, BBQ etc.  I discuss a great fruit dish, melon salad with lemongrass gastrique, some tomato salads, cornmeal crusted tomatoes with lemon mascarpone and a few others. SPECIAL NOTE: Today is my birthday and I was feeling quite relaxed hence the very loose format. I hope you enjoy.....

Direct download: 158-Summer_Sides_Some_Music_And_Lots_Of_Distractions.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:48am EDT

In this episode I discuss the Southern style BBQ were having tonight along with direction on how to make a terrific Gluten Free chocolate cake..the recipe is in the Harvest Eating cookbook for those of you that have one. 

Direct download: 157-Southern_BBQ_Chocolate_Cake_and_More.....mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:02pm EDT

On this episide I chat about our Colorado trip and give health updates nad some fod related chat as it relates to my diet.

Direct download: 156-Vacation_Update-Gluten_Free_Update......mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:09am EDT

In this short show I discuss how I am doing Gluten free and also speak about some project cooking...VEGETARIAN WARNING pates and rillettes.....simple French from a youtube video got into the last couple seconds of closing music....!

Direct download: 155-Gluten_Free_Update-French_Pates_and_Rillettes.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:14pm EDT

Here are a few recipe ideas for those wheat free...or not...great stuff like grilled vegatbles, Cilantro chicken salad with cashwes..and gluten free chocolate die health updates...

Direct download: 154-A_Few_Wheat_Free_Recipes_Plus_Health_Updates.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:40pm EDT

Today I speak of being wheat free, I ramble on about foods I am eating, other thoughts on diets, Harvest Eating and lastly a terrific Poblano Pepper Cream Sauce over grilled chicken....YUM!

Direct download: 153-First_Wheat_Free_Day.mp3
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In this episode I share a personal struggle I am having with inflamation and arthitis and what I am trying to do about it. Bread, wheat will be on the choppign block for hte next few weeks minimum.

Direct download: 152-CODE_RED-INFLAMATION.mp3
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In this episode I briefly discuss the making of foccacia bread.

Direct download: 151-Making_Foccacia_Bread.mp3
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In this episode I discuss using foods from the long term storage pantry like lentils and brown rice to make tasty meat-free burgers. Cooking from long term storage can be tasty indeed!

Direct download: 150-Cooking_From_Preps-Meat_Free_Burgers..YUM.mp3
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I discuss our weekend trip tp Coeur d Alene ID this weekend nad also dicuss making polenta....

Direct download: 149-Idaho_Trip_Harvest_Eating_Magazine_Polenta_and_more.....mp3
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tips, techniques and ideas for this big grilling weekend!

Direct download: 148-Memorial_Day_Grilling.mp3
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this show has a few topics and is under 30 minutes....make this oat pudding...

Direct download: 147-Steel_Cut_Oat_Pudding_Tandori_Chicken_and_Some_Questions......mp3
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I answer Derek's question on making French Onion Soup and also muse about our new (at leat to us) Lacanche range and my batch of fennel sausage

Direct download: 146-Making_French_Onion_Soup_New_Lacanche_Range_Fennel_Sausage.mp3
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Chatting about uses for fresh spinach, frozen too and some bitter greens.

Today I will be talking about our first Montana farmers market trip, I will also answer some questions and talk about my fly fishing trip.

Direct download: 144-First_Farm_Market_In_Montana_Some_Questions__Fishing.mp3
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On today's show I discuss some question that were submitted. One about stee lcooked oats, one on venison backstraps and lastly using thickending agents such as flour or corn starch.

Direct download: 143-Answering_Your_Questions.mp3
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I discuss meal planning tips on this show nad speak about how you need tothink like a restaurant owner. Also a quick recipe for Mojo

Direct download: 142-Tips_For_Meal_Planning_Making_Mojo_And_More....mp3
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I discuss ways to use Harvest Eating as well as other seasonings.

Direct download: 141-Usuage_Suggestions_For_Dried_Herbs_And_Spices.mp3
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I answer a few more questions on todays show

Direct download: 140-More_Answers_To_Your_Questions.mp3
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In this episode I answer your questions...feel free to call some in too...864-492-1499

Direct download: 139-Answers_To_Your_Questions.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:26pm EDT

learn how I make dog food-show dedicated in memory of Keena the Jack Russell

Direct download: 138-Making_Dog_Food-In_Memory_Of_Keena_The_Jack_Russell_Terrier.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:10pm EDT

read labels....avoid processed foods...

Direct download: 137-Food_Scientists_And_The_Foods_To_Avoid.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:26pm EDT

Simple solution for making gravy so we can toss those gravy packets

Direct download: 136-STOP_Using_Gravy_Packets.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:58pm EDT

wash your fruit folks!

Direct download: 135-Washing_Produce_And_Kitchen_Sanitation.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:07am EDT

great news for local food....listen to the latest show

Direct download: 134-Local_Food_Movement_Gaining_Momentum.mp3
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Direct download: 133-Spring_Asparagus.mp3
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Direct download: 131-Enjoying_Curries.mp3
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130-Making Hummus From Scratch

Direct download: 130-Making_Hummus_From_Scratch.mp3
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129-Making Tortilla Soup

Direct download: 129-Making_Tortilla_Soup.mp3
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Direct download: 128-Empanadas_A_Delicious_Food_From_Argentina.mp3
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Direct download: 127-Using_Dried_Beans_From_Long_Term_Storage_1.mp3
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Direct download: 126-Juicing_For_Health_1.mp3
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On today's show I will talk you thru making grilled eggplant napoleons with spicy tomato chutney and basil vinaigrette. These are quite easy to make and are perfect for a dinner party to wow your guests with bold flavors and a great presentation. This dish can be made totally vegan or just vegetarian by including some cheese which I will discuss in the show. At the end I discuss a new effort to raise cash to reprint the Harvest Eating cookbook and tell you how you might be able to help out.

Direct download: 125-Making_Grilled_Eggplant_Napoleans-Cookbook_Reprint.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:52pm EDT

On today's show I discuss the art of making corned beef and pastrami. I also discuss why luncheon meat is not a very healthy thing to eat all the time. Of course, as with most things, moderation is key. I will discuss how it's made and how I like to enjoy it. For those of you who enjoy kids my family drops in to make a appearance. The recipes and photos showing how I make pastrami will be posted as the pastrami comes along.

Direct download: 124-Making_Corned_Beef_And_Pastrami.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:19pm EDT

On today's show I will walk you through the preparation of a terrific Ethnic recipe that comes from Southeast Asia, Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup. I explain in detail how to create this wonderful dish that is inexpensive, healthy and delicious.

Direct download: 123-Vietnamese_Beef_Noodle_Soup.mp3
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On today's show I will be telling you why I am not gardening this year in the ground . Instead we will do some vertical gardening on the deck and spend the time we save not gardening pursuing other activities such as hunting, hiking, fishing, camping and entertaining.

Direct download: 122-Skipping_Gardening_To_Spend_More_Time_Outside.mp3
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In this episode I discuss healthy snacks for children and for adults. We will cover the things not to eat and how you can be prepared for impromptu snacking with convenient make ahead snacks.

Direct download: 121-Healthy_Snacks_For_Children_and_Adults.mp3
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On today's show I discuss the controversial subject of soy. Soy is everywhere, in all the processed foods, fast foods, oils, snack, cakes, etc. Soy is controlled by the biggest food conglomerates in the world and they have armies of scientists for research and marketing muscle to push their soy filled agendas.

Direct download: 120-The_Danger_Of_Soybeans-Or_Not__.mp3
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On today's show I discuss how I like to make chicken pot pie. We will go over crust making, the vegetables and ever important Veloute sauce. After listening you should be able to make a delicious chicken pot pie.

Direct download: 119-Making_Chicken_Pot_Pie-And_Veloute_Sauce.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:10pm EDT

On today's show I discuss pork green chili. One of my favorite comfort food recipes this simple green, chili is made with widely available ingredients and has a lovely taste and texture. In my batch last night I used ground local pork from a Hutterite Colony located nearby my western Montana homestead.

Direct download: 118-How_to_Make_Pork_Green_Chili.mp3
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On todays's show I discuss my thoughts on the proper methodology of seasoning foods. From basics such as using salt and pepper to mixing in Ethnic flavors and using proper cooking technique to make foods taste better. We will discuss major protein sources such as chicken, fish, beef, pork and how I like to think about seasoning them. This show has lots of banter on the thought process and skills required to make foods taste good. Also a primer on the Harvest Eating seasoning blends.

Direct download: 117-How_To_Season_Food.mp3
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In this episode I discuss my new walking regimen and how you can incorporate walking into your daily life. Also discussed is the importance and health reasons to stay properly hydrated by drinking adequate amounts of pure water.

Direct download: 116-The_Importance_Of_Daily_Exercise_And_Drinking_Water.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:21pm EDT

In this episode I discuss how to make pizza from scratch.  I go over making the dough, making tomato sauce, infused olive oil and also different grated cheeses and toppings  like mushrooms, bacon, peppers, etc. I also give a basic equipment primer and speak about the proper oven temperatures and getting the pizza into the oven.

Direct download: 115-Making_Pizza_From_Scratch.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:16pm EDT

In this episode I talk all about eggs; how to find local eggs, why they are better and the ways I like to cook eggs.  I also dispel the theory that store-bought eggs claim to be free range and healthy.

Direct download: 114-Eating_And_Cooking_Eggs.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:22pm EDT

In this episode I discuss some basic strategies for finding the people near you that can provide you with the foods we need to eat local. so far, here in Montana I have made some excellent connection that have yielded a regular supply of great foods. My goal is to inspire you to seek these sources near you.

Direct download: 113-Discovering_Local_Foods_In_My_New_Area.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:35pm EDT

In this episode, the very first show recorded from Montana I discuss the move in detail, why did we move, how we moved and all the crazy stuff en route. Towards the end my son and my other son the doberman invade my space and I have to shoo them both will learn all about our new farmstead.

Direct download: 112-Moving_To_Montana.mp3
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In this short episode I discuss how easy and it is to make lentil vegetable soup. This healthy and delciious soup needs a good 90 minutes to reach it's full potential but the rewards and efforts are well worth it.

Direct download: 111-Black_Lentil_Soup_w_Vegetables..Upcoming_Events.....mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:17pm EDT

In this episode I discuss the power of my favorite leafy green....kale. Kale is a nutritious powerhouse. This disease fighting vegetable is being studied all over the globe. Kale is LOADED with b vitamins and antioxidants that may prevent many types of cancer. It's easy to grow, versatile in the kitchen and tastes least I think so.

Direct download: 110-The_Power_Of_Kale-A_Leafy_Green_Superfood.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:13pm EDT

In this episode I discuss the simple technique on how to make stocks and broths at home with simple ingredients. Making your own ensures you are NOT consuming hidden additives like MSG or other "natural" flavors.

Direct download: 109-Making_Beef_and_Chicken_Stock-Rid_Your_Diet_From_Hidden_MSG.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:53pm EDT

In this episode I talk about making meatballs, those lovely classic Italian American delights. I'll take you through the process start to finish including sauce making and special Sicilian/ North African style lamb meatballs with cinnamon, pine nuts, raisins and fennel seeds.

Direct download: 108-Making_Meatballs.mp3
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In this episode I discuss the venerable standing prime rib roast that will adorn many Christmas Dinner tables in a few days. I discuss the entire preparation from purchasing to sauce making.  Enjoy!

Direct download: 107-Standing_Rib_Roast.mp3
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In this episode I discuss a few potato dishes that can be made for Christmas dinner. I love these lard roasted potatoes, super simple yet really interesting and tasty. Also, au gratin potatoes are lovely and easy as well.

Direct download: 106-Christmas_Dinner-_Lard_Roasted__Au_Gratin_Potatoes.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:18am EDT

In this special episode recorded from the Mile High city of Denver I introduce a new sponsor My Patriot then briefly describe how I like to make simple beef chili. Real, simple, chili only needs a few basic ingredients; meat, onions, chilies, spices and a little time...

Direct download: 105-Good_Beef_Chili.mp3
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In this special episode I focus solely on helping you cook the perfect turkey. We will discuss the thawing, cooking, gravy making etc. Making a turkey that tastes great and is moist and delicious is not difficult as long as you follow some simple rules.

Direct download: 104-Cooking_The_Thanksgiving_Turkey.mp3
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In today's episode I briefly tell you about the history of cranberries and the easy recipe needed to make fresh cranberry compote this Thanksgiving Day.

Direct download: 103-Making_Cranberry_Compote.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:16am EDT

In this episode I talk you through the creation of mashed potatoes. Will discuss types of taters to use, methods of cooking, seasonings, whipping or mashing etc.

Direct download: 102-Mashed_Potatoes.mp3
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In this episode I discuss making bread and why I think we all should try it. Baking bread at home gives provides personal independence and culinary satisfaction. Store bought bread have many flaws and home baked bread has many attributes. I also mention some basic equipment and supplies needed.

Direct download: 101-We_All_should_Be_Making_Bread.mp3
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In this episode I discuss the benefits of using pressure cookers and how they can be used safety. I also briefly discuss the differences between pressure cookers and canners. I also give my brand recommendations.

Direct download: 100-Uses_And_Benefits_Of_Pressure_Cookers.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:58am EDT

In this episode I discuss eating clean sources of protein such as beef, yogurt, nuts, cheese, milk etc. I truly believe we need to limit factory farm protein sources whenever possible. 

Direct download: 099-Eating_Clean_Protein.mp3
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In this episode I am recording outside on the banks of the St John's River in Jacksonville Florida. I will update you on my allergies and TV show production as well as dive into the topic of food inflation as we watch food packages get smaller while the price stays the same or even increases. I talk about a few ways you can maintain or lower your food budget by supporting local farms, buying in bulk and cooking at home.

Direct download: 098-Food_Inflation_And_My_Florida_Trip.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:07am EDT

As fall brings cooler weather soup making takes center stage. Here I discuss a few of our favorite soup recipes plus some other updates.

Direct download: 097-Cool_Weather_Soups_You_Should_Make-Assorted_Updates.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:44pm EDT

In this episode I discuss what were growing in the garden this fall and talk about eating fall foods such as apples, greens, squash etc. I also talk about the upcoming video shoots for the Harvest Eating TV show.

Direct download: 096-Fall_Garden_Update_Plus_Some_Other_Updates.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:20pm EDT

In this episode I discuss the most important meal of the day....breakfast..where have you heard that before??? I do believe that eating a great breakfast is a good start to your day and discuss this at length today. I also share what I eat allot and what I eat very occasionally.

Direct download: 095-Harvest_Eating_Brakfast_Ideas.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:58am EDT

In today's show I discuss several ways to use up the fresh tomatoes we all seem to have on our counters this time of year. I list about 10 ways to use tomatoes in everything from soup to pasta to drying and caning. This show will help you get the most of your tomato harvest.

Direct download: 094-Uses_For_The_Late_Sason_Tomatoes.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:22am EDT

In this episode I discuss eating and cooking fresh, local summer corn. I talk about my corn that has been blown over and plenty of ideas for cooking corn and for storing and preserving corn. I discuss a few other issues too and get off topic a few times but I think you will enjoy the conversation.

Direct download: 093-Enjoying_Summer_Corn.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:12am EDT

In this episode I discuss the basic equipment you'll need to be a profecient home cook.  From cutting boards to knifes to cookware to smallwares there are cetain tools and equipment we all need to make the kitchen and enjoyable work space. Making the investment in proper, high-quality tools will yield many years of enjoyable home cooking. You cannot cook properly without the right equipment, this episode will give you a list of the equipment you need and I do discuss specific brand names.

Direct download: 092-Basic_Kitchen_Equipment_Set_Up.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:32pm EDT

On today's show I discuss making condiments at home. Items like BBQ sauce, ketchup, salad dressings, mustards, salsa...kind of...and mayo. These can all be made easily at home with very little effort.

Direct download: 091-Making_Healthy_Condiments_At_Home.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:54am EDT

This episode is all about the Survival Hoestead. That is to say a planned homestead for the upcoming challenges we all face. I discuss gardening, row grops, dairy animals, food storage, the importance of protein, guns and ammo, security dogs and more.

Direct download: 090-The_Survival_Homestead_What_We_Are_Doing_And_What_You_Can_do.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:45am EDT

This episode has three topics; first up is a long discussion about our new doberman puppy and how the dog situation has gone since we moved here. Then I give you  a little behinds the scenes sneak peak regarding a recent trip to illinois where I did a live TV appearance and several live cooking demonstrations. I was fortunate to take my wife and spend some quality time with just she and I. Lastly, I walk you through making cherry cheeescake ice cream.

Direct download: 089-New_Doberman_Puppy_Trip_To_Illinois_Cherry_Cheesecake_Ice_Cream.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:49pm EDT

In this episode I discuss what happens as the seasons change, now that we are into summer, the last of the spring crops are disappearing and the summer crops are either in full production or about to start their harvest. We are also about to harvest the spring potato crop, then compost and till the garden to get ready for fall crops.

Direct download: 088-Changes_In_The_Garden_and_The_Big_Potato_Harvest.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:52am EDT

On todays's show I discuss the fact that June 26th is my wedding anniversery, 13 years of marriage to my wonderful wife. I also discuss using white beans as a storage/survival food. Cooking white beans for use as a marinated white beans side dish and also for a Tuscan style white bean soup. I touch on dairy goats too.....

Direct download: 087-My_Wedding_Anniversery_Marinated_White_Beans_White_Bean_Soup.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:54pm EDT

I have been harvesting plenty of zucchini, squash, herbs, blueberries etc. from this year's garden. I discuss making ratatouille using summer produce then mention several ways to use it up making it a very uselful recipe for the homesteader and avid gardener. My 3 year old son Garrett makes a cameo apperaance and chats for a minute or so.

In this episode I discuss pickling. A Facebook Fan suggested a podcast on pickles and making brine etc. and I thought it was a great idea. I discuss the basics of pickled foods such as cucumbers, beets and also discuss sauerkraut and a few rants here and there. Enjoy!

Direct download: 085-Making_Pickles_Pickled_Beets_and_Chit_Chat.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:44pm EDT

On today's episode I talk about Harvet Eating on vaction. When we travel the kid's nutrition is paramount. We always search out local farmers markets and buy fresh local produce, bread, cheese, meat, seafood etc. Whatever looks fresh and is local we buy, that way we can cook and eat real foods while away. This also means having to bring cookware, knifes cutting boards etc. so real meals can be prepared. I also briefly discuss my new, ol, Troy built Horse tiller.

Direct download: 084-Harvest_Eating_On_Vaction__New_Troy_Built_Tiller.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:48am EDT

In this episode I discuss the ins and outs of making really great BBQ ribs, well talk about the meat, the smoke, the spices and techniques you need to use. Somehow I also mix in my love of American Made luggage and carry bags...I'm a big fan of Tom Bihn of Seatlle, Red Oxx of Montana and also MEI Packs of California. I own many pieces from each company..closet is stacked full of them! And, I also love smoking ribs and other BBQ'd items. So let's listen in and learn from my mistakes and sucess.

Direct download: Real_BBQ_Baby_Back_Ribs__Great_American_Made_Luggage.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:45pm EDT

In this episode I muse about the process of seasonal cooking and what it means to me. I toss some off the cuff tips and ideas in too. A few updates as well.

Direct download: 082-Thoughts_on_Seasonal_Cooking.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:32am EDT

In this episode I talk about how easy it is to grow lettuce, something I've touched on before. Also, even if money is tight foods like beans and rice can be very enjoyable, healthy and affordable. I talk some about perennial fruit gardens too.

Direct download: 081-Cooking_Black_Beans_Growing_Lettuce_nad_More.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:54am EDT

In this episode I share a big surprise. I am working on a new TV series that airs on RFD TV. I talk in depth about the process of creating our shows and what goes on behind the scenes. Also, the new website is about to launch, we speak about that , new packaging for products and much more...

Direct download: 080-New_TV_Show_Stick_In_The_Closet_More_Preps.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:32pm EDT

In this episode I discuss a bunch of things that are on my mind in no random order. Been planting tons of potatoes and about to plant corn, melons, more asparagus roots etc. Hear all about it in this brain dump.

Direct download: 079-Potatoes_Corn_Exscaped_Cows_and_More......mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:24pm EDT

In this episode of Harvest Eating I discuss the things going on around my farm in spring. The chores like pruning, fetilizing, moving animals to spring pasture, planting landscaping and much more. My son even come in in for a minute to bring daddy some water.

Direct download: 078-Around_The_Farm-Spring_Chores.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:26pm EDT

This is a special spur of the moment episode in which I let nature do the talking...grab a cup of tea or cofee, site back and enjoy the Western north Carolina nature on the Snow farm. No regular content in this episode.

Direct download: 077-The_Sound_Of_Nature_On_The_Snow_Farmstead.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:12am EDT

In this episode I share my thoughts on eating local and why it's important. I rant a tad about stores that SHOULD support more local foods and how anoying it is to see California produce in Florida.  Eating local is important as we develop long term relationships with local farmers which helps to ensure their long term survival and keep farm land from being developed into condos. 

Direct download: 076-Eating_Local_Food-Supporting_Local_Farmers.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:25am EDT

n March each year I start thinking about and enjoying fresh strawberries. This wonderful fruit is only available locally, regionally  for a short time each year. In Florida, strawberries are bring harvested this time of year on many small and large farms.  In my opinion, Florida grows the best commerical harvest of strawberries in the US. Strawberries are a versatile culinary ingredient and of course delicious and healthy. Not only can you eat them fresh or in smoothies etc. they can be cooked with too.

Direct download: 075-Enjoy_Strawberries.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:52am EDT

On todays' episode I step outside and sit on the dock by the pond and record outdoors. It will be almost 70 here in Asheville so spring gardening is on my mind and that is what we wil cover today. We'll talk about soil preparation and testing, composting basics, seed selection and a touch about cooking your produce.

Direct download: 074-Get_Ready_For_The_Spring_Garden.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:47pm EDT

A CSA-Community Supported Agriculture-Is the perfect source for local foods in your community. Joining a CSA allows you to take part in the local harvest of a small family farm. Fresh, produce is healthy and delicious and fun to cook with, best of all it's purchase supports family farms.

Direct download: 073-What_Are_The_Benefits_Of_Joining_A_CSA__.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:35am EDT

Seafood is a tricky subject for most people. Cooking seafood, buying seafood and how to store seafood properly can present many challenges for seafood lovers. In this episode I discuss seafood in it's many forms and talk about farm-raised salmon and tilapia and well as wild caught fish like salmon and others too.

Direct download: 072-All_About_Seafood.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:05pm EDT

What can I say...bacon is great stuff. Most of us love bacon, the smell, taste, culinary versatility and usefulness. But understanding exactly how bacon is made, where the pork comes from how it's harvested etc. is an important thing to know. I will discuss CAFO's --factory farms and also free-range pork operations and what a pig should be eating. Also give some sources for buying really nice free-range pork products, including bacon.

Direct download: 071-All_About_Bacon.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:16pm EDT

Let's discuss a meaty subject-ground beef. I grind beef at home often and let you know the process I use to take different beef cuts and make them ready for storage and later use. With pink slime being added to most ground meat this is something we all should be doing to avoid big corporate food.

Direct download: 070-Grind_Your_Own_Beef-The_Pros__Cons.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:16am EDT

Potatoes are a cinch to grow, super versatile in the kitchen and also very very healthy...and cheap too!! We'll discuss how to grow them, harvest and store them as well as touch on a few ways to cook them. For a prepper, potatoes are almost a perfect crop.

Direct download: 069-Potatoes_Are_A_Great_Survival_And_Culinary_Crop.mp3
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In this episode I take a listeners suggestion and cover some basic cooking techniques we all need to use for basic or even advanced cooking. Sauté, braise, roast, bake, steam, broil pan fry etc. These are all terms we hear often but usually do not get much background information about. I try to tackle these topics in a simple way with detailed descriptions in order to help you cook better.

Direct download: 068-Cooking_Techniques_Primer.mp3
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In this episode I talk specifically about setting the stage for a nice Valentines dinner menu for your loved ones. With a little attention to detail, anyone can create a wonderful culinary experience for their Valentine. My simple 3 course menu features hearts of romaine with cilantro vinaigrette, seared jumbo shrimp with tomato tequilla butter, and honey lime sweet potatoes. Dinner is followed up with 3 choices for dessert. 

Direct download: 067-Valentines_Day_Menu_Ideas.mp3
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I have come to love dark leafy greens. With their slight bitter and rich green flavor they are versatile to cook with, and excellent to eat. Of course they are loaded with health benefits; high amounts of antioxidants plus vitamins A, K and plenty of calcium too. Not many foods are this easy to grow, this fun to cook with and this good for you. If you do not grow and cook greens your missing out on a great culinary pleasure.

Direct download: 066-Eat_Your_Greens-All_About_Dark_Leafy_Greens_And_Why_I_love_Them.mp3
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The sad fact is that getting a good sausage is becoming much harder. The supermarket is pretty much devoid of real sausage. Instead big food companies produce and market phony tube steaks masking as real homemade sausage...the kind we all love. In places like the upper mid-west getting a good brat is a religion. But if you do not have a local butcher or artisan making them you're stuck buying big brand junk. The good news is there are many new butcher shops and artisans that are bringing this craft back. These are the places we should support in order to get our hands on the real deal.

Direct download: 065-Where_Did_The_Real_Sausages_Go_.mp3
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I have a fond appreciation for good bread. Whether a long crispy baguette from a small bakery in the countryside  in Burgundy France or right from my own kitchen. Good bread is within  the reach of all of use, no matter our location or economic circumstances. The ingredients and equipment needed for bread are easy to find and usually inexpensive. Learning to make good bread is a skill that will pay dividends your whole life.

Direct download: 064-The_Bread_Of_Life-Thoughts_And_Memories_Of_Real_Bread.mp3
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Many people are under the impression that fruit juice is healthy, it certainly can be in some circumstances, IE; fresh squeezed,  but most bottled juices are not at all healthy, especially for kids. The marketing and labeling laws are very deceptive and most parents think they are giving their kids healthy liquids, the truth is the opposite. This is one of the reasons type 2 diabetes is on the rise so fast. Kids are bombarded with high fructose drinks from a young age eventually wearing out their insulin system.

Direct download: 063-Is_Juice_Killing_Your_Kids_.mp3
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In this episode I take you through the process to cook a steak properly. Everything from marination, to cooking to slicing and even how to make a tasty pan sauce or gravy. I also talk about how steak gets graded by the USDA and how to cook grass-fed beef properly as well.

Direct download: 062-Cooking_The_Perfect_Steak.mp3
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This episode is about the awful chemical called BPA that seems to be in everything. This chemical is dangerous and can cause many types of disease; heart disease, breast cancer, prostate cancer, diabetes etc. I think we should all avoid this horrible substance that should NOT be in our foods or drinks.

Direct download: 061-The_Dangers_Of_BPA_And_How_To_Avoid_It.mp3
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In this episode I wanted to share what we've been eating lately to demonstrate the type of meals and favorites we consume in the colder months. I also talk about lots of miscellaneous things from guns to woodworking to Great Pyrenees dogs etc.. 

Direct download: 060-What_Have_We_Been_Eating_Plus_a_Bunch_Of__Rabbit_Trails.mp3
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In this much requested topic, cooking with game, I discuss some of my experiences with wild game and make suggestions on how you can do the same. While in Colorado I had loads of wild game to cook with and had written many menus that featured wild game. Thanks To David H for nudging me on this show.

Direct download: 059-Cooking_With_Game.mp3
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In this episode I discuss some ideas for Christmas foods like spicy pepper relish, red curry mussels and much more. A touch of reminiscing about family favorite meals is also mentioned. I also talk about the new sunroom, moving cows and shooting rifles.

Direct download: Holiday_Food_Ideas_Farm_Update_HE_On_TV_.mp3
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This episode is dedicated to creating the perfect Thanksgiving meal. I talk bout the do's and dont's of cooking turkey and also discuss a variety of side dishes and lots of how to tips to help you get thru the big meal. I will be "on call" to serve the Harvest Eating audience from Monday till thursday to help with your big meal....

Direct download: 057-Creating_A_Delicious_Thanksgiving_Holiday_Meal.mp3
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In this episode I discuss cutlery, which knives I've used in the past, which one I use now and why. I will give you a primer on caring for your cutlery, what to do and what not to do. I also get into the various brands and why I love and use Cutco knives. Also I go in-depth into some various improvements ot the farmhouse and some other chores I've been doing in the Farm Update segment.

Direct download: 056-Cutlery_Primer__Recommendation-Farm_Update.mp3
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In this episode I discuss our beloved Great Pyrenees Yukon who passed last weekend at only 9 months. We also discuss our two Jersey cows, Cinnamon & Ginger, both 9 months old.  SInce it's winter I have been busy around the farm and have installed new steps and a new old wood stove.

In this episode I discuss the Jersey cows we're getting. They are coming home soon so I discuss getting them used to the new property and also hope the horses accept them. I rant about the EPA, FDA etc. and the war against family farms and raw milk. A family cow equates to food security and self sufficiency.

Direct download: 054-Mooo_Cow_Coming-Raw_Milk_Will_Be_Flowing.mp3
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In this episode I talk about planning for upcoming harvests. As I write this fall is fast approaching, so in order to take full advantage of the produce of fall I suggest doing some research, planning and purchasing of items needed for fall. This method works for all seasons of course and is something we do at home to make sure we are enjoying the seasonal harvests in our area of the country.

Direct download: 053-Enjoying_The_Upcoming_Harvest_Season.mp3
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In this episode I discuss making the transition from a summer garden to a fall garden. Crop Update: What crops are still in season locally, what is coming in to season and what is going out.  Also, the chores needed to start a fall garden and also the tasks (canning) , weeding, composting, etc..that are generally practiced around this time of year

Direct download: 052-Garden_Transition_Crop_Update_APP__Roku_Go_Live.mp3
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In this episode I discuss how were using the crops that the garden and local markets are providing us. These few weeks are the "super bowl" of the year's harvest. There are tons of fresh foods all over the place right now, the supermarket, the garden, farm stands, tail-gate markets, CSA's, neighbors gardens....if your looking..fresh foods are widely available this time of year. We'll discuss summer squash, toamtoes, peppers, corn, herbs, potatoes, onions and much more on this epsiode.

In the mid summer when the garden is producing lots of produce, some plants are begging to produce others are coming to the end of the their cycle. When more room is made what are you going to plant? and what are you going to do with the crops that are giving your a harvest? These are the main issues gardeners are faced with each sumer about this time. Learn what I do and what I am thinking about.

Direct download: 050-Mid_Summer_Gardening_Chores__Planning.mp3
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In this episode I speak off the cuff about a variety of personal topics that include whats is going on with Harvest Eating, stuff around the farm. swimming in the river, my France trip and much more. I run out of ice for my tea so you listen to some good music while I get ice, then a darn tick crawls up my laptop screen. Enjoy this wild, unscripted crazy life episode..recorded mere hours before departing to France.

Direct download: 049-No_Ice_In_My_Tea_Ticks_On_My_Laptop_Good_Music_And_My_France_Trip.mp3
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n this episode I talk in general about my garden and give you an update on what were growing, what were harvesting now, what will come soon. I also give some tips on weed control and speak about what I am doing to save or put up these foods. I also talk about compost amending and those DARN BUGS!

Direct download: 048-Garden_Update-Whats_Good_And_Not_so_Good.mp3
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In this episode I do my best to encourage and even nudge you into starting to increase the depth of your panty or for some of you, take the first step. There are turbulent waters ahead and we all need to strap in and have enough stored food to make sure nobody goes without, especially our children or elderly. Some economic discussions and some lemonade too round out this episode.

Direct download: 047-Adding_Depth_To_Your_Pantry_Just_In_Case.mp3
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In this episode I have a chat with Stan Barrett, one of my dear friends about a past trip to France, a potential trip to France in 2 weeks, Lacanche Ranges and even a lovely French women with a French accent!  I hope you enjoy this causal chat with a friend and sponsor of the show.

n this episode I discuss antique and heritage apples. I recently took a day trip to the high country in NC to meet a couple who specialize in saving and promoting over 350 varieties of old apple trees that have been thriving in these Southern Appalachian mountains for centuries. These are apples with funny names like Lampoc, Limbertwig, Gano etc.  If not for the Joyners, these apple would be gone forever, this is not just food we're talking's about preserving the heritage our of food sources.

Direct download: 044-Excited_About_Old_Apples.mp3
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This episode is all about grilling and recipe ideas for a successful weekend cookout. I cover preparing the grill, marinating chicken and steak, how to cook meat without burning it and properly cooking chicken so it's not raw inside and burnt outside. Also, some great dessert ideas and super tasty recipes.

Direct download: 043-Grilling_Tips__Recipe_Ideas_For_Memorial_Day.mp3
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In this episode I give a pep talk about bringing The Harvest Eating Lifestyle with you this year on your vacation. I also describe in detail how we just did that in Florida and how local farmers markets can play a key role. I discuss your culinary inventory, a term I frequently use. I also go into a diatribe on buying well made items like Yeti Coolers. Why buy cheap junk that will surely break only to be replaced again? 

Direct download: 042-Harvest_Eating_On_The_Go_Plus_Great_Stuff.mp3
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This episode takes you from the early morning at 7:30 am with my son Garrett urging me to get up and takes you throug my entire day. You'll hear about family fights, about my dog Yukon, The Great Pyrenees and our picnic at the beach. Many of you have requested more personal details so here you go...enjoy!

Direct download: 041-A_Day_In_The_Life_Of_Chef_Keith_Snow_of_Harvest_Eating.mp3
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In this episode we discuss the 5 mother sauces created by August Escoffier of classic French Cookery fame. These base sauces are the foundation most great cooking and can be made at home and deployed into many dishes that you will love. Once you have mastered these sauces you can make other "compound sauces" which are derived from the 5 mother sauces. You do not need to be a French snob to use and enjoy the 5 Mother Sauces. Also, my son and daughter make an apperance on air, and I eat some toaste too!!

Direct download: 040-The_5_Mother_Sauces__Several_Interupptions.mp3
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This special episode is all about the Harvest Eating Spice Blends we sell. This is somewhat commercial so I wanted to be upfront about that. These spices are really terrific and I wanted to tell you how we started selling them and a bit about why I think you could benefit from having them in your pantry.

Direct download: SPECIAL_EPISODE.mp3
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This episode I address some listener questions and try to give my perspective on these. I get hundreds of emails per month with various questions, suggestions, comments etc. If you would like to get your question answered use the words "podcast question" in the subject line to help me curate the email load.

Direct download: 039-Listener_Questions_and_Answers.mp3
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This episode is al about sweeteners, how to use them, which to use and which NOT to use. Learning about sweeteners and how they effect cooking is a critical bit of information to have. Learn how to avoid burning your grilled food by using sugary sauces and basting liquid correctly.

Direct download: 038-How_Sweet_It_Is.mp3
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This week I discuss the best kind of salad there is..the Main Course Salad. With a combination of textures, temperatures and flavors, main course salads can be a great way to eat plenty of healthy foods. Nuts, fruits, beans, seafood, chicken, beef, sprouts, dried fruits etc. These ingredients can be combined into wonderful and suprising treats for the tastebuds. Main course salads have lots of fiber, vitamins and minerals too.

Direct download: 037-The_Main_Course_Salad.mp3
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On this episode we delve into the Harvest Eating Pantry, what should be in your pantry, what's in mine and a few tips about organizing and rotating the pantry. I will discuss, baking, herbs & spices, canned goods like vegetables, snack foods, coffee & tea and also condiments and items like corn starch etc. and also canned foods like tomatoes, green beans etc.

Direct download: 036-The_Harvest_Eating_Pantry.mp3
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In this episode I discuss the basics of canning the harvest. I will go over what canning is, why should canning be something you learn, what types of foods are canned, etc. I discuss the basics of sanitation and the difference between water bath canning and pressure canning. I also walk you through the process of canning tomatoes and throw in plenty of tips and ideas and also some chat about my local area farms including a tomato filed a stone's throw away that we source our tomatoes for canning from

Direct download: 035-Canning_The_Harvest.mp3
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This episode focuses on planning a dinner party successfully. Many times planing a party can be stressful and turn out to be a bad experience. We talk about setting the right mood, pre-part snacks foods, wines and then plan an actual 4 course Latin Style meal on the fly off the top of my head. This episode will give those planning a dinner party some tools for the task ahead.

Direct download: 034-Planning_A_Dinner_Party.mp3
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In this episode I discuss the practice of  what I call Cookonomics. In The Harvest Eating Cookbook on page 263 the section on Cookonomics begins with a short explanation that describes making things yourself.  You can make many different items at home and save money, remove preservatives, additives, fillers, colorants etc. from your diet and be much more independent.

Direct download: 033-Cookonomics-Making_Pantry_Items_At_Home.mp3
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This episode I discuss the many befits of keeping chickens. I wil ldiscuss the lifestyle commercial chickens have which are not so good, compared to the the life a well-cared for bckyard chicken enjoys. You will be encouraged to keep your own chickens and if not so inclined to at leat find local eggs to enjoy.

Direct download: 032-The_Benefits_OF_Keeping_Chickens.mp3
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This episode is all about cheese. I offer some basic history, a primer on milk types and techniques to make cheese as well as discussions about cheese making regions. I also share my thoughts on enjoying cheese and discuss the cheese course, which is a staple in France. Building your own cheese course at home can be easy and very rewarding.

Direct download: 031-The_Cheese_Course.mp3
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This episode focuses on yogurts and my strong opinions about them. Yogurt can be a wonderful, healthy, nutritious food but like many other products have become science projects and marketing vehicles, yogurt too has suffered the same fate. Learn what to look for and what to avoid in yogurt and maybe try making your own.

Direct download: 030-Yogurt-The_Good_The_Bad_The_Ugly.mp3
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In this episode I discuss the basics of vinaigrette making and also what has happened to once acceptable, store brands. Making vinaigrettes is simple and can save money and also keep your family from ingesting food science ingredients such as preservatives, gums, colorants etc. These are ingredients we do not need to be consuming on a regular basis.

Direct download: 029-Vinaigrettes-How_to_Make_your_Own_And_Ditch_Store_Bought_Brands.mp3
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In this episode I discuss salt , how I use it, some theroy behind seasoning food and also some tips on making spice pastes. I also discuss seasoning blends and of course mention the Harvest Eating Organic Spice blends.

Direct download: 028-Salt_and_Spices-What_You_Should_Know.mp3
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You asked s here it is , a show discussing kitchen tools and gadgets. This show will let you know my thoughts on kitchen tools and which ones you need to have, don't need to have and how to buy them, where to buy them etc. Like any craft with practicing, having great tools will help you immensely in cooking great meals. You cannot be a great cook without proper equipment.

Direct download: 027-Kitchen_Equipment-The_Tools_Of_The_Trade.mp3
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Enjoying real, farm fresh dairy and unprocessed dairy products is something I value and consider paramount to good health. Dairy foods like milk, butter sour cream, heavy cream etc. are supremely healthy foods that are rich in high quality protein and easily absorbed calcium. I find it a shame that the general public has been convinced that real fat from pasture raised dairy animals are an evil food. The words "low-fat" fat free" and other catchy terms are now considered "benefits" to be sought after. I believe that only unprocessed full fat dairy should grace our tables.

In this episode I discuss what dairy products we keep in our fridge for eating and cooking with and also discuss the many considerations of acquiring and keeping dairy cows or dairy goats. I also share my opinion on pasteurized dairy and why in most cases it is needed in the market based dairy economy we have in this country.

Direct download: 026-Real_Dairy-What_I_Believe.mp3
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Well the economic chickens have come home to roost in the form of higher prices as inflation soars. Food, fuel, consumer goods are rising at an alarming pace putting US consumers squarely in front of this trainwreck. Since the FED starting pumping trillions into the economy here and abroad, the commodities market has gone vertical. Most if not all commodities are traded in USD the world's reserve currency. As our dollar weakens from the flood of cheap or free money and credit, commodoties are rising and affecting people across the globe. This is why people are rioting in the Middle East....

This episode aims to help you understand the problem and steps that you can take to help protect yourself. Please remember to leave a comment on this episode at Http://, my favorite comemnt will win a Soil Cube a neat device for helpign to plant seeds.



Direct download: 025-Why_Prices_Are_Rising-The_Crumbling_US_Economy.mp3
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The world of cookign oils is very confusing or most consumers. Big agri-busniess and food brands are eager ot promote fancy sounding names with catch phases and proported benefits of their new "healthy oil". Mot of these oils are made using GMO ingredients and heavily procesed with chemicals like hexane and high heat. I avoid soybean oil, canola oil, corn oil, vegetable oil, and cheap big brand olive oils. I prefer "single-estate" extra virgin olive oil and pure olive and also suplememnt other fats like virgin coconut oil and grass fed butter. this episode will discuss the fraud in the olive oil busnies and how you can avoid being a victim in the supermarket aisles.

Direct download: 024-All_About_Oils-What_You_Need_To_Know.mp3
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At the end of each winter gardeners plan their spring gardens. The must decide what to plant, acquire seeds, make sure all equipment needed is present then seeds are started and garden plot is prepared, tillied, raked, amended and then final planting takes place after the last frost. This is what all garderns do, but each gardener has his/her own methods and priorities.

Direct download: 023-PLanning_The_Spring_Garden.mp3
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Growing herbs near your kitchen not only males great sense but great food. I encourage people to grow all the herbs they need on a regular basis so that they do not need to buy herbs that were flown in from afar. Herbs are easy to grow and will produce almost all year under the right conditions. Of course lettuce is a cinch to grow to, and MUCH more economical.

Direct download: 022-Starting_a_Kitchen_Herb_Garden.mp3
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Any serious gardener knows the power of composting. Compost is an essential ingredients in our soil. It helps make plants, shrubs, bushes and trees healthy and happy. Compost is basically a mixture of two different material types, green and brown. Green add nitrogen, brown add carbon. These in combination help soil bacterial thrive to break down compost into rich, black gold.

Direct download: 021-Basics_Of_Composting.mp3
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In this episode we talk about grass fed and naturally raised proteins like beef, pork, chicken and buffalo. Why is it better? What are the advantages and how can you take part. There will be resources to find grass fed products in the show notes.

Direct download: 020-Grass-Fed_Beef_Chicken_and_Pork-Why_Should_You_Bother_.mp3
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In this episode we bring on my daughter and wife to discuss making food memories with the people we love, our family. Dishes that come from generation past should be kept alive and practiced and enjoyed throughout the year. As parents we have a sacred duty to make sure our kids have the knowledge to recreate the foods we raised them with so their kids can one day enjoy these same recipes and the comfort of enjoying them with family.

Direct download: 019-Creating_Food_Memories_With_Our_Kids.mp3
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In this episode I discuss making panty items in bulk then using them later to make healthy quick meals. Things like beans, rice, pasta, oatmeal can be made a head then later made into quick healthy meals during the week.

Direct download: 018-Healthy_Make_Ahead_Meals.mp3
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In this episode I talk about cooking over wood fire. At the end of the day, this style of cooking is the most pure, the most basic and the most sexy in my opinion. I mentioned a few resources for this episode that will be of interest for anybody who likes to cook outside.

Direct download: 017-Cooking_over_a_fire.mp3
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Direct download: 016-Soup_Making_Basics.mp3
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