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So many people I speak with say the same thing “ I can’t recognize this country anymore” and I believe they’re right. We currently face so many overlapping challenges that I fear things will get much worse before possibly getting better.

I know it’s depressing to think about, but we need to address and face these issues to help get through them together and protect our families and NOT be caught off guard like so many mothers needing infant formula they cannot find.

Never before in our history has so much been so wrong at the same time. In 2008 when the great recessions came, we did not have inflation this high or energy prices this high, or a crumbling supply chain.

Most of these problems feed off one another. Inflation makes people turn to crime. Empty shelves encourage hoarding and so on. The future has never looked this bleak in my opinion then it does right now.

Here is my list of these challenges, in no particular order…..

  • An illegitimate Regime running the government into the ground-killing the economy and middle class

  • Societal decay- rampant crime, homelessness, poverty, drug addiction, divided population, promotion of alternative lifestyles, CRT in schools, political corruption, stolen elections

  • Global debt levels are huge, and many countries are at the precipice of collapse-Japan, China, US, Europe, and South America….to name a few.

  • Massive die-off and disease due to experimental gene therapy

  • Global agricultural output shrinking fast-massive food shortages are incoming

  • Food protectionism-many counties have halted food exports, not us-we’re run by idiots (Hungary, Egypt, India, Russia, Ukraine, Kosovo, Indonesia-to name a few)

  • Inflation nearing runaway status-families struggling to pay for food, medicine, food, medical care-inflationary depression en route IMO

  • Fuel and energy prices at all-time highs, gas, diesel, Nat. Gas, propane

  • Shortages of key commodities-fuel, fertilizer, most ag chemicals, rare earth minerals

  • Global weather-cooling, drought, and crazy jet streams causing many problems and shrinking crop yields

  • Supply chain disarray-The retail out-of-stockalypse is underway-stores are getting emptier by the day, China closed-we’re screwed

  • Food Shortages are causing fear and will cause serious trouble later this year.

  • Partisan Federal Reserve-Fed IS worried about climate justice, etc. instead of inflation and debt

These facts in my mind are indisputable


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The other point which is important to mention is that just about all commercial mayonnaise is made using GMO mono-crop seed oils which IMO are not the most healthy to eat. There is avocado oil mayo in the market but some (like my family) find it to be off-tasting and not as good as say…Dukes!

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