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I’ve eaten a bunch of gluten-free pancakes, many that I created, some store-bought. When you decide to avoid or eliminate gluten you likely will long for the foods you once ate, including pancakes, bread, pasta, etc.

Pancakes though have a special meaning for me, because I often make them for my children on the weekends, those big breakfasts and times spent together are memories I cherish.

Lately, I watch my kids eat those gluten-filled pancakes with a jealous eye and often much frustration. I often think of making them better and imagine me actually enjoying them….without gluten. But until recently, those attempts were never truly satisfying.

The trouble with most store-bought recipes is many have too much coconut flour and taste more like the tropics instead of the mountains of Vermont….where pancakes and syrup are very popular I imagine.

So I went back to the drawing board and created a gluten-free mix that is pretty darn enjoyable. You would NEVER miss the gluten or even ask if they were gluten-free because there is no chalky aftertaste or crumbly texture all-too-common with store-bought gluten-free pancake mixes.

Many today are aimed at Keto eaters and these are particularly “coconutty” and usually fall apart too easily, plus the overwhelming taste of fake sweeteners is not to my liking.

I will be testing this recipe without the banana mashed up in the batter and will evaluate the taste and texture minus the banana, because believe it or not, some people don’t like bananas, my son included.

Here is my recipe, you’ll see that the ingredients are easy to find and it could not be simpler to execute.

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As I write this there are many signs that America and the constitution that is supposed to protect our freedoms are in serious jeopardy. No matter what institution you observe you’ll find behavior and policies that until a few years ago, did not seem feasible. In this episode, I intend to point out which of these institutions are crumbling and discuss how it affects us as citizens.

I really feel for our veterans, who signed up to defend this country, and in many cases, are the most patriotic citizens we have. They must really be sad seeing what has happened to this country. I am patriotic too, but over the last few years, I have experienced a great awakening in my mind and have witnessed many others experience the same thing.

Let me outline just a few of the reasons I am coming to this conclusion and why I think we need to talk about it if we are possibly going to survive what is coming.

Corrupt Federal Reserve-Painted Itself Into A Corner

The Federal Reserve is corrupt and out of tools to help this economy. Did you know that a few months back Jerome Powell, the Chairman of the Fed had been exposed for making illegal and unethical securities trades.

After revelations of several scandals involving potential insider trading within the Federal Reserve have emerged over the past weeks, the agency has banned its officials from trading individual stocks as it scrambles to mitigate a legitimacy crisis and distrust of the public.

The central banksters who supposedly manage our economy are caught making illegal “insider trades” right before policy announcements or decisions that would affect these trades.

Last week, The American Prospect revealed that Fed Chair Jerome Powell sold between $1 million and $5 million from an index fund — a mutual fund that mirrors the performance of the market — just before a large market crash in October of last year.

Jerome Powell was not the only one, several other Fed officials were involved as well, making this a pretty big scandal. These people understand full well how their decisions affect markets and securities, so they should never be allowed to trade.

The Fed has also been embroiled in several other scandals. Last month, two regional Fed presidents were found to have traded significant amounts of stocks in 2020 as the markets were roiled by the pandemic. Dallas Fed President Robert S. Kaplan had made nearly two dozen stock trades worth $1 million or more. Boston Fed President Eric S. Rosengren bought and sold real-estate-related securities, which are related to Fed policy. Both officials have since resigned.

Then, earlier this month, reports showed that the Fed’s vice chair, Richard Clarida, had moved between $1 million and $5 million in stocks in February of 2020, the day before Powell announced potential policy overhauls for the pandemic. Clarida is still in his position.

Most Americans are not familiar with the “repo markets” and what happened in the fall of 2019 which was a liquidity crisis or as I call it, a banking collapse. No liquidity equals no money equals collapse. I have asked many high net worth individuals about the repo crisis and they have zero clue of what I am speaking about. How did we get here? The Fed promised to “normalize” rates and liquidate the assets it’s been purchasing regularly since the 2008 fiasco. They finally started to taper and raise rates in December 2018 if my memory serves, then going into 2019 they raised .25 basis points for three quarters.

Then in September 2019, the bottom fell out of the repo market which is to say the interbank overnight lending rates at the NY Fed discount window which usually sees rates under 2% for short-term inter-bank loans went ballistic.

Banks were wanting over 10% on these short span loans which can be hours or a day or two usually. So the banks did not trust other banks to be able to repay because there was no liquidity in the system.

At that point, the Fed stepped in and injected huge sums of cash to avert this credit crunch that would have caused massive damage to the public’s trust in our banks. They pumped cash from 17, September 2019 until July 2020

In the last quarter of 2019 – before there was any news of COVID-19 in the U.S., and months before the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic – the Fed pumped $4.5 trillion in cumulative repo loans to unnamed trading houses on Wall Street – its so-called “primary dealers.”

The collateral that the Fed accepted for the cumulative $4.5 trillion in loans consisted of $3.497 trillion in U.S. Treasury securities; $988.3 billion in agency Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS); and $15.839 billion in agency debt.

The Fed’s emergency repo loan operations began on September 17, 2019. From September 17, 2019, through the last acknowledged operation on July 2, 2020, the Fed’s repo loans cumulatively totaled $11.23 trillion, made up of the following pledged collateral: $7.137 trillion in U.S. Treasury securities; $4 trillion in agency Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS) and $91.525 billion in agency debt.

And yet, the Fed only funneled a total of $3.144 trillion in repo loans to its primary dealers from January 2 through December 30, 2008. So this 11.23 trillion pumped into our banking system in 6 months should be eye-opening to anyone reading this and also why we needed a plandemic or war with Russia to divert attention from this collapse.

Stolen Election

Some of you might not agree the election was stolen but I’ve seen and read enough indisputable evidence to know the real coup was not 1/6 rather 11/3/2020 when the fake president and his minions stole the election. I could go on forever here but just consider just this, Mark Zuckerberg funneled over $400,000,000 through front groups to pay for and place illegal drop boxes in swing state blue cities. They also paid the ballot harvesters for each ballot they stuffed into these boxes, video evidence documents this without dispute.

These drop boxes collected hundreds of thousands of ballots with zero chain of custody. These illegal votes were counted in the 2020 election, that is blatant fraud. Secretary's of state in these swing states arbitrarily changed election laws without going through the legislature which is illegal enabling them to count votes days after the election was over, to change information on ballots which is illegal, and to accept ballots without chain of custody which is illegal. In Wisconsin many locales, again in blue cities, recorded 100% turn out which is mathematically impossible. Nursing homes abused elderly residents by making them sign votes or forged their votes even if they were deemed not fit to vote due to dementia, etc.

So, the election was stolen and the administration you are being governed by is illegal, illegitimate, pretty much like a 3rd-world, banana republic.

Government Agencies And Corrupt Bureaucrats

Agencies like FDA, CDC, DOJ, FBI, etc. have all committed egregious crimes since the puppet was installed. the FDA knowingly approved a deadly injection, purposely hid evidence, and tried to release clinical studies rife with fraud and deadly results in 70 years as opposed to now. They went to court to fight the release of these drug trial data, does that not tell you what’s going on? That data is now coming out and it’s mind-blowing how dishonest, criminal and demonic these people are for allowing these shots to be forced upon our citizens, military and even children.

The CDC has hidden evidence through this pandemic and recently the head of the agency said “we relied on too little caution and too much optimism”. CDC has changed the definition of a vaccine, CDC changed the tables that inform parents how toddlers should be progressing with language skills due to the absolute flood of kids needing speech therapy because masking those around them causes developmental delays.

DOJ and its petty little dictator Merrick Garland, who was almost on the supreme court, is using his agency to threaten and scare concerned parents who show up at school board meetings. His daughter is married to a prominent company owner that provides “educational materials” filled with critical race theory to schools. Might this be a conflict of interest? He’s labeled these parents domestic terrorists and then lied under oath when asked about it.

FBI was involved with January 6th and they had many agents in the crowd urging people to rush the capital, that is incitement of violence, but they get away with it yet citizens who have been charged with trespassing are still locked up with no attorneys, no bail, nothing.

Our government is filled with corrupt liars that have gotten us into wars, overthrown democratically elected governments, fomented color revolutions, etc. Watch this demon Victoria Nuland.

Supreme Court

Recently these pack of activist judges decided that the injection mandate was unconstitutional for workers of companies larger than 100 employees but decided that health care workers have to remain masked. The same workers who worked through this scam with no masks but all of a sudden Biden labeled them and forced them to be masked, and the court went along with it. During oral arguments, they even talked about the number of cases as a reason to make their judgment. Sotomayer who Obama appointed was using CNN’s case stats as her argument for keeping this mandate, never mind the constitution which is why these jackasses are even there. So, the court is corrupt, and cannot be trusted to make decisions based on the constitution.


Let's just say we need term limits, most of them are corrupt pieces of garbage and if I discuss these slime bags I will get sick to my stomach, just mentioning the word Congress gives me anxiety.

Media/Social Media

It just came out the Biden regime paid over $1 billion to media and social media outlets to promote the deadly jab and to silence critics. They censor you off social media platforms, payment platforms, fundraising platforms, etc. if you go against their fake news and medical tyranny.

I’m sure there is more….but suffice to say I envision a world where we all live out in the country, on vast properties, growing our own real food, canning tomatoes, and beans and milking cows and making butter, and loving our families in a healthy, old-schooled way, putting God first then family than neighbors.

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