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Each year in late summer I usually make corn chowder. Some years I make it thick, some years I make it smooth, this year I made it using some chile peppers and bacon. This soup is best with fresh corn and I always use NON-GMO sweet corn. You can use canned corn but it will be slightly less flavorful. By all means, if you‘re reading this in January, just used canned corn…not a problem.

In this version, I used some Jalapeno and poblano peppers, which really added a nice “grassy” flavor plus a tiny bit of heat. I like to garnish with Cotija cheese and cilantro.

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So here is episode #439 that I had chosen not to post but I have heard from many of you saying you want the personal update on the Cape Cod, here it is. After the update this is the same episode as the 439 meatball episode that proceeds this, you only need to listen to this if you want to hear about Cape Cod.


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