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On today’s show, I discuss the western drought situation and bring some up-close and personal experience to this as I live in one of the hardest-hit areas in the west, Utah.

NOTE:  The powers that be will use this drought to pound the table on carbon emissions and “climate change“ a natural cycle, as a means to an end. That end is eliminating fossil fuels, promoting electric cars, and stopping animal agriculture and traditional family farming. So, while we have a drought, be mindful it fits their climate change narrative so they will make lots of news about it. I want you to be informed!

We are experiencing a serious drought out here in the west, the last two winters had very low snowpack in most areas so there was little to no spring runoff or melt. In the west, we rely on snowpack to fill our reservoirs, not rainfall. In my town we average about 9 inches of rainfall per year, so far in 2021, we’re under 3 inches according to most estimates.

Basically, it never rains yet we irrigate golf courses, yards, parks, splash pads- all with meltwater. Currently as of June 1 st 2021 we are slightly behind our usual average in my local area, but others are not as fortunate. Lake Powell and Lake Mead are extremely low at around 31-34%. Those two water sources serve millions downstream, in AZ, CA, and NV. So their low level is a bad situation. Southwest Utah has 4 reservoirs that strategically supply water to Washington Cty so we don’t rely on the Colorado river (as far as I know) to supply our water.

Over in CA, they are restricting water to farmers and I fear that will get much worse which results in less food being produced; fruits, vegetables, nuts, olives, grains, beef, chicken, pork as all require lots of water to produce. Only time will tell how bad it gets.

On a brighter note, rice pudding is today’s featured recipe idea. I will be updating this post soon with photos.

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