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On today’s show, I give a basic update on my life, what I have been doing for the last 2 years, and then discuss my current plans for the future of Harvest Eating and our products, website, etc. I discuss.....

  1. Harvest Eating Spices

  2. Thoughtful Harvest Vegan Parmesan Cheeses

  3. Thoughtful Harvest Premium Pasta Sauces.

  4. Food Storage Feast

    Towards the end, I will provide the basic road map for Migas, one of my absolute favorite breakfast or brunch dishes.

Directly translated from Spanish, the word “Migas” means ‘crumbs’. And in the culinary world, “Migas” can mean many different things. For me, Migas is the perfect breakfast, Tex-Mex inspired, easy, filling, and best of all; very satisfying.

You start with some fat in a skillet and saute minced white onions, then add salsa (I like spicy hatch chile salsa from El Pinto), and/or minced peppers, beans if using, beaten eggs, crumbled tortilla chips, sharp cheddar or Jack cheese, then topped with cotija cheese, sour cream or crema and avocado.

You wind up with a dish that has texture, flavor, aroma, and serious satisfaction.

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