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A simple recipe for a delicious salad made with Mexican Street Corn or Elote which is grilled and topped with chili powder, Cojita cheese, and usually mayonnaise.  This being a salad has a cilantro crema as the dressing, super easy to make.

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On this episode of Harvest Eating, I discuss a not so famous Thai noodle dish called Pad Mee Korat. It's a better version of Pad Thai IMO. This dish hails from northeastern Thailand and uses pretty basic ingredients except the fermented soybeans, which are readily available in most Asian stores.

The tricky part of this is NOT burning the sugar mixture, if that happens start over!  This dish is sweet, spicy, and has amazing minced pork, bean sprouts, garlic chives, shallots, and garlic too!

Pretty much a symphony of flavors and textures, such a great dish! I will be posting a recipe at Harvest Eating soon!

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In today's episode, I walk you through a basic bone broth that will yield some delicious soup and extra meat that can be used in many ways. As always, try to use a pasture-raised chicken if possible. The flavor of this broth, especially with the garlic in it, is incredible. This can be strained and used to sip on like a drink for anyone on the GAPS diet. It can be used to make just about any soup and in this case, I describe a simple leek soup. You can learn more about soups by visiting Harvest Eating.

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In this episode, I discuss Rugbrod, a famous Danish sourdough rye bread that is loaded with cracked wheat, rye, sunflower seeds, flax seeds etc.

I have made this many times and it's a very delicious, hearty bread perfect for toast with many toppings like cream cheese and jam, cucumbers and cheese, peanut butter, almond butter, chicken, or tuna salad. The sky is the limit.

this bread is simple to make assuming you have a strong active sourdough starter to use. Check out the recipe over at Harvest Eating


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*** Recorded 4/10/2020-I said 3/10...duh

On today's show, I will do my best to walk you through a basic sourdough bread recipe. I discuss making bread using a banetton and also in a Pullman loaf or similar pan.

It's s simple recipe and method but certainly challenging to describe in audio format I do my best, however.

You can find the episode notes and plenty of photos and links at Harvest Eating


Food Storage Feast



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In this episode of Harvest Eating, I will walk you through a quick sourdough starter recipe and technique.

I will also discuss making simple whole wheat fermented sourdough pancakes which are to die for!

Be sure to visit Harvest Eating to find the recipes for these and hundreds of other recipes.



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