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On the last show of 2018 (maybe forever?) I walk you quickly through making simple popovers & Omi's lard roasted potatoes both of which are terrific with meat dishes for Christmas.

I hope everybody has a blessed Christmas season and a wonderful new year. 

thank you for the support in 2018...!

Chef Keith Snow

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Today I thought I would just chat about our plans for Christmas Dinner 2018 and what I think we should prepare.

Yes, of course, the production and planning for this holiday meal will rest on my shoulders. I greatly appreciate and enjoy this task, however.

Instead of the standard prime rib we're thinking (no decision has been made yet) of having a fillet of beef with all the trimmings this year. So I'm discussing this today in hopes that it might help you with your planning.


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Today I am talking about the need for probiotics in the form of food. Real Food.

Eating items like sauerkraut, kimchi, yogurt, miso, natto, kombucha, kvass, kefir, raw milk cheese, sour pickles etc.

These foods are rich with beneficial bacteria that helps your immune system function well. There is plenty of research and writing on the topic of the microbiome.

Gut health and beneficial bacteria is being studied the world over. you will see major pharma companies coming out with super bacteria that is prescription only as they do not want to "miss the boat" on this important topic.

You will be reading and hearing much more about the microbiome as the research continues to come out, trust me, this is not a fad. And the only thing you need to do is start consuming the items on the list above, you don't need expensive pills!

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Today I talk about the Keto diet being affordable or not. Many keto practitioners say it's affordable while many new devotees say it's not.


I say it can be, but you must be realistic about the choices you make. Avoiding the pricier cuts or beef can really help bring the costs down.

Using butter, cream and avocados to help provide needed fats and calories is also a great tool to cut the costs associated with keto diets and low carb in general.

We'll talk about a wide-ranging array of topics and even about my dog who decided to go ballistic while  I am recording.

Be sure to check out the Harvest Eating spices and get them while you can. No more inventory will be purchased for several months, what's in inventory will be gone soon.



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