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On today's show, I feature a video and recipe from my online course Food Storage Feast that is popular with students and so delicious.

This buttery toasty cornbread is more like cake than bread, very rich satisfying and the best part-moist!

On today's show I also talk about a new program I am releasing called Harvest Eating Insider which comes with many products, access to all online courses and a copy of the Harvest Eating Cookbook.

Many of you good folks ask how you can support the show more than buying a jar or two of spices(which is great by the way!), this is a rather costly program but I know many of you will enjoy it and take advantage of it.

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This buttery toasty cornbread is rather easy to make except for cooking the corn in butter. Aside from that is is rather standard.

This is the perfect dish to bring to a 4th of July picnic as it's rather unique and it features corn, a staple of summer. Remember the farmers say "knee high by the 4th of July" a reference to corn.

Your local corn might not be ready yet, but you can get organic frozen corn for this. PLEASE use organic stone ground cornmeal at all costs.

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