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On today's show, I discuss making a simple but delicious Southern specialty; corn spoonbread. This soul food classic is simple to prepare, uses common ingredients and delivers the comfort-food feeling we all love about Southern food.

Spoonbread is not cornbread which tends to be dry and crumbly. This is rich, soft, creamy and delicious. You need a spoon to eat it, almost pudding-like, hence the name-spoonbread.

If you're serving some Carolina BBQ, a pot of greens or green beans this HAS to be served alongside. I really do love this dish.

To make it properly you will need some real stone-ground cornmeal. Not the crap in the baking aisle of most supermarkets. Unless its Bob's Redmill, that will do the trick. Also, farm-fresh eggs.

For those of you who really appreciate the finer things in life, I suggest sourcing this cornmeal from Anson Mills, my go-to source for all fine grains. You can also get AMAZING oats from Anson Mills too.

Steel cut oats are available from Bob's Redmill and in supermarkets also.

I do follow a lower carb diet so I avoid sugar at all costs. In this dish, I use Lakanto Golden, a sugar sub. that tastes great without the creepy aftertaste so many others have.

If you give it a try this dish please tag my Instagram account @harvesteating

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On today's show I walk you through a very simple summertime dish, or basically, anytime you can get fresh green beans.

This dish takes under 30 minutes to make and needs just a few ingredients. Of course, in my opinion, the special touch is my Harvest Eating Northern Italian Seasoning; a blend of basil, rosemary, oregano, marjoram, garlic and porcini mushroom.

Get a free jar at Try Harvest

This is the biggest flavor component. the onions, garlic, and tomatoes play an important role as does the freshness of the beans.

You cannot use canned beans here...different dish for sure!

When done this should be a pleasant side dish, especially if the beans are not mush. Do not overcook them.

25 minutes steaming is all they need.

This is perfect for your next summer picnic, gathering, bbq, etc.

The colors are enticing and the flavor is excellent. I suggest serving this with bbq and my Corn & Oat Spoonbread w Maple cream..episode 395 of this show. Check the website for recipes.


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On today's show, I discuss cooking a wonderful tri-tip roast rubbed with Harvest Eating Steak House Blend. 

I filmed it and it's included in these videos for a small fee.

Prime beef isn't that readily available....maybe some stores and specialty butchers and online places...but in the everyday world it's still a touch pun intended!

Costco club stores do have a prime beef program and excellent pricing on quality beef. Keep in mind..even though it's prime it is still part of the factory farming system.

Other then marbling it still has the problems that all factory farm products have. No special treatment of animals that are graded prime. It's a roll of the dice..because they are all fed the same thing...corn, soy etc.

No that I covered that let's move on to the taste.  It's hard to beat a prime steak for taste, texture, marbling and overall eating experience.

These tri-tip roasts are MUCH cheaper then primal cuts like fillet, rib eye etc. But they will not disappoint on flavor and texture.

The Montana Steak butter is simply pulverized Montana Steak Seasoning mixed with Kerrygold butter to create a flavored butter.

I slathered it on the trip tip after it cooked...dude....crazy good.

Visit Try Harvest Eating for your free sample!


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Today I discuss fruit salad. Not fruit salad cocktail, the stuff from cans, rather my Omi's (my mother in law) WONDERFUL fruit salad called Bircher Muesli.

A combination of fruits, nuts, yogurt, oats and if you're felling into it....whipped cream.

This stuff is legendary in my household. I had never seen anything like it before I met the "babe" my wife Sonja who grew up eating this stuff.

It's hard to stop eating this stuff and if you like dairy the whipped cream version is dope! (sorry could not help myself)

The recipe is simple, bananas, grated apples or pears (or both), seasonal berries, citrus, rolled oats, yogurt, sliced almonds or chopped walnuts, whipped cream and if you like, cinnamon. I think unsweetened coconut flakes are great in this too!

Sadly, cinnamon is off-limits around my in-laws. Opi, who hails from Windsor England (my wife was born in England and did not become a US citizen until she was 18) has a rather bland English palate.

He does not like cinnamon, or garlic and many other things. However, when I visit I put a TON of garlic in dishes and he loves it. So it might just be a "thing". He does love beer however and has a chilled keg tap in the basement (pub) with wonderful Colorado-brewed beers, so I can't complain.

I LOVE cinnamon, so I would prefer it in my Bircher Muesli, but alas, the babe is German (and English) and she won't permit it.

Vegan? This recipe adapts beautifully to a vegan lifestyle by using vegan yogurt and omitting the cream, the rest is perfectly ok for vegans.

There are many versions of this recipe that call for a little touch of apple juice, but an unfiltered apple cider would be great too. Just a touch, not that much. Check out the recipe at Harvest Eating

Want to try our organic spice blends? Just visit Try Harvest to get a free sample.

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Just a quick announcement about a new website that lets you get a free sample of our spices (just cover shipping) If you visit Try Try Harvest you cna get a free sample of the spices.

The website there wil loffer a few differnt packages once you commit to taking the free sample. None of these are required but keep in mind they are the lowest proces I have, basically a multi jr discount.

Speaking of jars...I now pack the spices in larger BPA free plastic jars with shaker tops that allow you to stick a measuing spoon inside or shake some on your food.

Also, on try harvest is a littel extra video package you can get for $3.99 that shows me using the spices. This is part of my education efforts as it realted ot cookign with spices.

I ahve had so many requests thru the years to give more assitance with using the product. So now you can grab these videos on Try Harvest  

There will wind up being about 10 videos when I am done..I add more each far two are live with a few more tomorrow.

So that is the announcment/clarification. In my efforts to grow my customer list I am using a more sophisticated marketing approach...but I don't want to be a used car salesman either! (sorry to those who sell used cars :)

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On today's episode, we cover quite a few things. I give an overview of the spices, where I'm at now, plans for the future, spice vendors etc.

I have been mixing, blending, testing spices since 1992. Having worked with many vendors and having screwed up many blends has allowed me to become somewhat of a spice ninja. I have always looked at the spices like a side venture, more of a favor for the fans than a business for me. Sure I make some jingle...but it's always been done out of duty rather than pure business.

I have realized that this is stupid. Not the way to conduct business. I was interviewed recently on a VERY LARGE business podcast and the subject of spices came up. The host, being very shrewd yet honorable businessman said: "you have a lot of low hanging fruit" which is marketing speak for many things I could be doing to improve my business, my sales, and my profits.

He mentioned that I should be offering free samples to create more customers, setting up marketing automation to provide my customers more ways to engage with me and offering more products, more content etc.

I have undertaken that already and shipped over 100 free samples in 48 hours with a simple Facebook post.

I am excited to create more content and usage videos as many spice customers are not sure the best way to use my spices and honestly, I have left them out to dry.

Also, I discuss my miserable garden this year. Everything is dying and yield is non-existent. Maybe you can learn from my failure.

I give a fun fact of the day; that I was the celebrity chef on a cruise ship in 2009. I discuss throwing up on a formal night and how much of a drag that was.

Lastly, I briefly talk about a cold smoked tomato soup. Perfect for a BBQ, picnic, special dinner etc. Very tasty with the addition of smoked paprika. Check out this version of the soup, then add some smoked paprika to it.


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