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Today I discuss a very simple stir fry I enjoyed twice last week. Made with just a few vegetables like kale, onion, pepper, and garlic it's very simple yet very delicious. Ingredients for this are widely available as well. The full recipe is available on Harvest Eating.

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So here is my cilantro lettuce salad w roasted cashwes and rice wine easy to make so delicious, so refreshing, so amazing. Find the complete recipe at Harvest Eating.

There cannot be a better summertime recipe then this. The amount of refreshment this salad brings cannot be described with words alone, but please take note....this HAS TO BE SERVED COLD...IN A COLD not be a clown and serve it in a warm bowl!

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Here is an old-school recipe for a creamy tomato soup better and vegan. Creamy Tarragon & Tomato Soup is loaded with flavor, super creamy and rich tasting yet contains no cholesterol, no dairy, no animal fat. The minty, licquorice flavor is sexy too. Visit Harvest Eating for more great recipes.

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On this short episode I discuss my recent cholesterol screening and numbers compared to 2 years back while eating, meat, dairy, eggs etc. Anybody looking to improve their cholesterol numbers needs to consider a vegan diet. My total cholesterol went from 238 to 130 in 120 days as a vegan. LDL went from 170 to 69 in same time period.

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On today's episode I discuss my new partnership with Ceramacor and their amazing solid ceramic cookware Xtrema, and an amazing vegan dish that you will wan't to make. Learn more by visiting the <a href="">Ceramacor website</a>.
Quinoa is a terrific grain that is high in protein and very versatile. Today's Harvest Eating podcast instructs on how to use quinoa with sweet potatoes, Bush's vegetarian beans and wonderful tuscan kale greens.

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Here is a very simple vegan version of creamed spinach only this used cashews and tofu along with garlic to bring tons of flavor.

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On todday's episode of the Harvest Eating podcast I discuss making a vegan yet very meaty black bean chili for Superbowl Sunday. I use dried black beans for this and a variey of seasonings like cumin, corriander, chili powder, mustard seed and smoked jalepeno peppers in adobo AKA chipotle chilis....Mushrooms give it a very meaty texture.

check out photos of the dish on my Instagram page.

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