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On the last show of 2018 (maybe forever?) I walk you quickly through making simple popovers & Omi's lard roasted potatoes both of which are terrific with meat dishes for Christmas.

I hope everybody has a blessed Christmas season and a wonderful new year. 

thank you for the support in 2018...!

Chef Keith Snow

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Today I thought I would just chat about our plans for Christmas Dinner 2018 and what I think we should prepare.

Yes, of course, the production and planning for this holiday meal will rest on my shoulders. I greatly appreciate and enjoy this task, however.

Instead of the standard prime rib we're thinking (no decision has been made yet) of having a fillet of beef with all the trimmings this year. So I'm discussing this today in hopes that it might help you with your planning.


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Today I am talking about the need for probiotics in the form of food. Real Food.

Eating items like sauerkraut, kimchi, yogurt, miso, natto, kombucha, kvass, kefir, raw milk cheese, sour pickles etc.

These foods are rich with beneficial bacteria that helps your immune system function well. There is plenty of research and writing on the topic of the microbiome.

Gut health and beneficial bacteria is being studied the world over. you will see major pharma companies coming out with super bacteria that is prescription only as they do not want to "miss the boat" on this important topic.

You will be reading and hearing much more about the microbiome as the research continues to come out, trust me, this is not a fad. And the only thing you need to do is start consuming the items on the list above, you don't need expensive pills!

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Today I talk about the Keto diet being affordable or not. Many keto practitioners say it's affordable while many new devotees say it's not.


I say it can be, but you must be realistic about the choices you make. Avoiding the pricier cuts or beef can really help bring the costs down.

Using butter, cream and avocados to help provide needed fats and calories is also a great tool to cut the costs associated with keto diets and low carb in general.

We'll talk about a wide-ranging array of topics and even about my dog who decided to go ballistic while  I am recording.

Be sure to check out the Harvest Eating spices and get them while you can. No more inventory will be purchased for several months, what's in inventory will be gone soon.



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Need a simple dessert to bring to a party or for invited guests? This apple cake is perfect!

Very few ingredients, simple techniques and common equipment all combine to make this a wonderful addition to your baking regimen.

Perfect when apples come in season, especially for those who are fortunate enough to have trees.

Takes only 15-20 minute to get this entire cake ready to go into the oven. Bake for 50 minutes to 1-hour and you're ready to go.

Gild the lily by glazing the top with apricot jam and butter warmed int eh microwave for that shiny finish.

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Today we are talking about beef brisket, one of the underdogs of the beef world. Sure, it's popular around Passover and in Texas at BBQ joints and in NYC for pastrami and corned beef, but aside from that.. somewhat unpopular.

Brisket is a wonderful cut, juicy, beefy and very flavorful is cooked properly. If in Texas you must visit hill country and try the bbq...legendary!

Today we're talking Passover brisket, cooked slowly with cabbage, onions, tomato, and seasonings. Nothing short of amazing IMO

I really like the fennel seed in this, it provides that "what is that flavor?" element. If you buy a full packer brisket you will start with 8-12 lbs of meat and wind up with about 30% less due to cooking.

Be sure to check out Farm Foods Market, you can get amazing grass-fed beef from select CA family farms shipped right to your door free. Save 10% on first order by using coupon code:  harvest

Are you a Harvest Eating Foodie? Learn more at Harvest Eating

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Today I discuss a dish that I grew up eating at holiday time; Mom's Sausage Apple Stuffing!

This is a terrific recipe, it's super easy to make and does not require any special ingredients aside from sweet Italian sausage.

The combination of those flavorful sausages, apples, and sage end up creating a wonderful stuffing. IMO much better than a boxed stuffing mix! 

The fennel in real Italian sausage and the sage play off the sweetness of the apple and overall moistness of the stuffing to create something that is not just a plate filler, but something to behold.

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Moms Sausage Apple Stuffing
8 tbs butter
1 onion, chopped
3 stalks celery, chopped
1/2 green bell pepper, chopped
3-4 SweItalianian sausages, casings removed
3 medium tart apples, like Granny Smith, cored
2 cups turkey or chicken stock(or's your stuffing)
1 about 8 cups of good bread, cut into 1/2 cubes, toasted
2 tsp rubbed sage
1-2 sage leaves, minced
Season with salt and pepper
Melt butter in large pot, add vegetables, cook 10 minutes or until cooked through
Add sausage, cook stirring often until well browned, add apples.
Cook apples 5-10 minutes.
Add the rest of the ingredients, stir well, adjust seasoning
Place in a preheated 350-degree oven for 25 minutes.
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On today's show, I discuss making a simple keto coffee cake. Basic ingredients and simple to make.

It's moist, flavorful and not too sweet, plus Lakanto sweetener does not jump-start the blood sugar. You can learn more about Lakanto here.

I choose the blanched almond meal for this but those with nut allergies can use coconut flour...although that is not my favorite taste or texture as coconut flour can be "grainy"

Be sure to visit Harvest Eating to get the recipe and be sure to check out our Harvest Eating Foodie Memberships to learn about the awesome benefits you get by supporting this show.

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On today's show, I walk you through the proper way to make a rich and flavorful stock, then a wonderful turkey gravy.

With the big Thanksgiving Holiday coming soon, I want you to have the best possible gravy, making it yourself using these methods will ensure you'll be a rockstart in the ktichen and in the dining room!

The secret to making stock is using a combination of roasted turkey and chicken, particularly the fatty wings. Also, a basic mirepoix or trinity is needed.

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Today I dive into Pate Choux...the old-school French pastry dough that can be made into both savory and sweet treats. It's simple to make with very common ingredients and takes only minutes to prepare.

You can make wonderful little goodies with pate choux like gougeres which are cheese puffs, add some diced salami and WOW.

The pate choux dough is also great for profiteroles or cream puffs.

Be sure to visit Harvest Eating to learn more.

While there check out our Harvest Eating Foodie Memberships.

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On today's show, I share a simple dinner roll recipe. Having dinner rolls with a meal is an amazing treat. These rolls are so simple anybody can make these without special equipment.

A simple bowl and spoon will do it. Here is the Recipe:

-5 c sifted bread flour

-1 tsp  regular yeast

-2 c warm water (under 110 degrees)

-1/2 c whole milk

-2 tsp salt

Harvest Eating Dinner Rolls

Mix flour and yeast in a bowl, add warm water an milk, mix briefly, cover and let sit 30 minutes to 1 hour. Add salt and mix well until well combined. Let sit 3 hours minimum up to 5 hours.

Shape rolls into balls, the recipe should make, 12-16 rolls. Bake in preheated 400-degree oven 25-30 minutes.

I wanted to encourage you to support the show. Harvest Eating is supported by listeners, without you contributing, I cannot continue to do this. Thanks to all the supporting listeners through the years, your support is very meaningful!

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Today's episode is not focused on food or cooking rather sustainability. I use the word in my show's opener so I thought it was about time I discuss these conservation action items with you.

Now we're not Green Peace members but we do feel a responsibility to conserve what we have in order to be thrifty (not cheap) and do our part to protect our precious environment.

Sadly, conservation and other closely related topics have become political; that's a shame because we all can do something to help conserve. I would appreciate hearing about your efforts so email me if you're inclined. Enjoy the show!

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Today I give you three ideas to help make Thanksgiving Day as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

Making sure your turkey is not overcooked, creating hot and lump-free mashed potatoes and lastly encouraging you to make ahead as much as possible.

Cranberry sauce, pies, stuffing (dressing), prepare vegetables etc.

Don't wait to do everything on one day!

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On today's episode, I discuss the upcoming 2018 Thanksgiving feast which is just a few weeks away.

I chat turkey, and the best type to get. I also discuss myriad of sides including lard roasted potatoes, roasted sweet potatoes, slow-cooked collard greens, green peas, rustic cranberry sauce....basically, the whole meal is contemplated.

I will touch on these dishes in more detail in shows upcoming.

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Today I discuss a classic southern dish, Sweet Potato Pie.

Most folks are familiar with good ole pumpkin pie which is great, but sweet potato pie is better in my opinion and has more style and class if I may say. What makes this pie special is the preparation of the sweet potatoes, in this case, roasting is the special trick.

Roasting is a dry heat method of cooking and it produces more “caramelly” taste and texture than boiling does, which is the method most commonly used.

If you’ve had sweet potato pie there is a good chance (like 80%) that the potatoes were precooked in cans, just like pumpkin. Sadly, this makes mush out of the sweet potatoes and does nothing to enhance them.

My method of roasting enhances the taste, texture and sweet flavor naturally present in sweet potatoes. It’s best to find clean, unblemished potatoes to make this. Often times store-bought sweets are rather beat up.

A local farm market is the best place if you have access, but alas, a great pie can easily be made using store sourced potatoes. If you can grow your own….now that would be awesome, next level!

I hope this episode finds you well, hungry and ready to cook!

Be sure to visit Harvest Eating to find the recipe, and possibly a video too!

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Today's episode is dedicated to a dish I call the garbage salad.

A Keto salad recipe made up of a combo of lettuces w olives, peppers, feta & provolone cheese, salami, cucumbers, roasted peppers, and a simple creamy Greek Dressing.

This salad must be cold....which means cold salad bowls, serving bowls, and ingredients, no warm salad!

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Today I discuss a few basic eggs recipes, Gratin of Eggs and the tortilla or frittata....both classic comfort food egg dishes. 

Anyone adhering to the keto diet is usually cooking with eggs. These recipes are very eggcellent (could not resist) and filling but of course, delicious!

Here is a link to the Spanish Tortilla video I did. It's a very easy and wonderful way to make use of eggs.

Also, here is what typical European eggs look those to the eggs you get at your'll be crying too!

Very nice eggs....NOT from factory farms.

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Fall is here, my favorite time of year for cooking! As apples come into season I get very excited to share new recipes with you featuring fall ingredients. No ingredient says fall more then apples!  So today we will walk through a low cab apple tart recipe. Speaking of apples, have you seen this baked stuffed apple video I made?

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In today's episode, I discuss making another German favorite Blaukraut. A simple dish of red cabbage with apples and onions this dish is perfect with any pork dish.  I made video a few years back showing the procedure. 

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Today I'm sharing some basic roast beef cooking methods. Learning how to make a wonderful roast beef dinner is a great skill to have.

Using the leftovers to make roast beef and swiss cheese sandwiches with horseradish cream sauce is the next level of awesomeness!

Be sure to look up my Instagram feed to see photos of what I am cooking.

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I want to thank Carl from Hawaii for sending me the request for a collard greens recipe. This Collard Green Gratin is a wonderful way to prepare collard greens. A simple bechamel sauce with cheese (compound-mornay sauce) and nutmeg is the binder for this dish.

Some toasted breadcrumbs add a crunchy texture on top. If you enjoy collard greens, this dish is for you! I would encourage other listeners to send me their questions

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On today's episode, I discuss Sauerbraten, a classic German comfort food recipe. I did a video on this way back when...see it here

I also discuss Blaukraut, a simple cabbage recipe, I did a video on that one also. See that video here 

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On this episode, I discuss my recent Cape Cod trip then get into this wonderful alpine dish from France, Tartiflette.  I have updated this one to be keto-friendly as it is usually made with pommes de terre AKA ..potatoes.

This is a great dish!

Also, please visit my Food Storage Feast Course and learn about how and why you need to be building a long-term storage pantry.

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A quick episode today...I want to encourage you all to use indirect cooking for your bbq's. The cost of meat these days is nuts! Why burn or overcook it? Just use the simple indirect cooking method.

I have sadly seen so many bbq's go bad in recent years because of people using sticky, sugar-laden marinades and sauces and leaving meat on the direct heat too long.

By creating an indirect cooking area on your charcoal or gas grill you can sear and mark your items then finish them to proper desired internal temp without burning them.

Here is a good article by Kingsford Charcoal that details this.

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Also, try my Harvest Eating premium organic spice blends free...just cover shipping.

I hope you enjoy the 4th of July holiday!

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On today's show, I feature a video and recipe from my online course Food Storage Feast that is popular with students and so delicious.

This buttery toasty cornbread is more like cake than bread, very rich satisfying and the best part-moist!

On today's show I also talk about a new program I am releasing called Harvest Eating Insider which comes with many products, access to all online courses and a copy of the Harvest Eating Cookbook.

Many of you good folks ask how you can support the show more than buying a jar or two of spices(which is great by the way!), this is a rather costly program but I know many of you will enjoy it and take advantage of it.

I also talk about a negative review I got recently and how much it bothered me. I would really appreciate those of you who love this show to make your voice heard by leaving a review and subscribing if you have not yet. See the link above.

This buttery toasty cornbread is rather easy to make except for cooking the corn in butter. Aside from that is is rather standard.

This is the perfect dish to bring to a 4th of July picnic as it's rather unique and it features corn, a staple of summer. Remember the farmers say "knee high by the 4th of July" a reference to corn.

Your local corn might not be ready yet, but you can get organic frozen corn for this. PLEASE use organic stone ground cornmeal at all costs.

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On today's show, I discuss making a simple but delicious Southern specialty; corn spoonbread. This soul food classic is simple to prepare, uses common ingredients and delivers the comfort-food feeling we all love about Southern food.

Spoonbread is not cornbread which tends to be dry and crumbly. This is rich, soft, creamy and delicious. You need a spoon to eat it, almost pudding-like, hence the name-spoonbread.

If you're serving some Carolina BBQ, a pot of greens or green beans this HAS to be served alongside. I really do love this dish.

To make it properly you will need some real stone-ground cornmeal. Not the crap in the baking aisle of most supermarkets. Unless its Bob's Redmill, that will do the trick. Also, farm-fresh eggs.

For those of you who really appreciate the finer things in life, I suggest sourcing this cornmeal from Anson Mills, my go-to source for all fine grains. You can also get AMAZING oats from Anson Mills too.

Steel cut oats are available from Bob's Redmill and in supermarkets also.

I do follow a lower carb diet so I avoid sugar at all costs. In this dish, I use Lakanto Golden, a sugar sub. that tastes great without the creepy aftertaste so many others have.

If you give it a try this dish please tag my Instagram account @harvesteating

Thanks...oh..dont forget to get a free bag of my Harvest Eating Seasonings at Try Harvest



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On today's show I walk you through a very simple summertime dish, or basically, anytime you can get fresh green beans.

This dish takes under 30 minutes to make and needs just a few ingredients. Of course, in my opinion, the special touch is my Harvest Eating Northern Italian Seasoning; a blend of basil, rosemary, oregano, marjoram, garlic and porcini mushroom.

Get a free jar at Try Harvest

This is the biggest flavor component. the onions, garlic, and tomatoes play an important role as does the freshness of the beans.

You cannot use canned beans here...different dish for sure!

When done this should be a pleasant side dish, especially if the beans are not mush. Do not overcook them.

25 minutes steaming is all they need.

This is perfect for your next summer picnic, gathering, bbq, etc.

The colors are enticing and the flavor is excellent. I suggest serving this with bbq and my Corn & Oat Spoonbread w Maple cream..episode 395 of this show. Check the website for recipes.


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On today's show, I discuss cooking a wonderful tri-tip roast rubbed with Harvest Eating Steak House Blend. 

I filmed it and it's included in these videos for a small fee.

Prime beef isn't that readily available....maybe some stores and specialty butchers and online places...but in the everyday world it's still a touch pun intended!

Costco club stores do have a prime beef program and excellent pricing on quality beef. Keep in mind..even though it's prime it is still part of the factory farming system.

Other then marbling it still has the problems that all factory farm products have. No special treatment of animals that are graded prime. It's a roll of the dice..because they are all fed the same thing...corn, soy etc.

No that I covered that let's move on to the taste.  It's hard to beat a prime steak for taste, texture, marbling and overall eating experience.

These tri-tip roasts are MUCH cheaper then primal cuts like fillet, rib eye etc. But they will not disappoint on flavor and texture.

The Montana Steak butter is simply pulverized Montana Steak Seasoning mixed with Kerrygold butter to create a flavored butter.

I slathered it on the trip tip after it cooked...dude....crazy good.

Visit Try Harvest Eating for your free sample!


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Today I discuss fruit salad. Not fruit salad cocktail, the stuff from cans, rather my Omi's (my mother in law) WONDERFUL fruit salad called Bircher Muesli.

A combination of fruits, nuts, yogurt, oats and if you're felling into it....whipped cream.

This stuff is legendary in my household. I had never seen anything like it before I met the "babe" my wife Sonja who grew up eating this stuff.

It's hard to stop eating this stuff and if you like dairy the whipped cream version is dope! (sorry could not help myself)

The recipe is simple, bananas, grated apples or pears (or both), seasonal berries, citrus, rolled oats, yogurt, sliced almonds or chopped walnuts, whipped cream and if you like, cinnamon. I think unsweetened coconut flakes are great in this too!

Sadly, cinnamon is off-limits around my in-laws. Opi, who hails from Windsor England (my wife was born in England and did not become a US citizen until she was 18) has a rather bland English palate.

He does not like cinnamon, or garlic and many other things. However, when I visit I put a TON of garlic in dishes and he loves it. So it might just be a "thing". He does love beer however and has a chilled keg tap in the basement (pub) with wonderful Colorado-brewed beers, so I can't complain.

I LOVE cinnamon, so I would prefer it in my Bircher Muesli, but alas, the babe is German (and English) and she won't permit it.

Vegan? This recipe adapts beautifully to a vegan lifestyle by using vegan yogurt and omitting the cream, the rest is perfectly ok for vegans.

There are many versions of this recipe that call for a little touch of apple juice, but an unfiltered apple cider would be great too. Just a touch, not that much. Check out the recipe at Harvest Eating

Want to try our organic spice blends? Just visit Try Harvest to get a free sample.

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Just a quick announcement about a new website that lets you get a free sample of our spices (just cover shipping) If you visit Try Try Harvest you cna get a free sample of the spices.

The website there wil loffer a few differnt packages once you commit to taking the free sample. None of these are required but keep in mind they are the lowest proces I have, basically a multi jr discount.

Speaking of jars...I now pack the spices in larger BPA free plastic jars with shaker tops that allow you to stick a measuing spoon inside or shake some on your food.

Also, on try harvest is a littel extra video package you can get for $3.99 that shows me using the spices. This is part of my education efforts as it realted ot cookign with spices.

I ahve had so many requests thru the years to give more assitance with using the product. So now you can grab these videos on Try Harvest  

There will wind up being about 10 videos when I am done..I add more each far two are live with a few more tomorrow.

So that is the announcment/clarification. In my efforts to grow my customer list I am using a more sophisticated marketing approach...but I don't want to be a used car salesman either! (sorry to those who sell used cars :)

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On today's episode, we cover quite a few things. I give an overview of the spices, where I'm at now, plans for the future, spice vendors etc.

I have been mixing, blending, testing spices since 1992. Having worked with many vendors and having screwed up many blends has allowed me to become somewhat of a spice ninja. I have always looked at the spices like a side venture, more of a favor for the fans than a business for me. Sure I make some jingle...but it's always been done out of duty rather than pure business.

I have realized that this is stupid. Not the way to conduct business. I was interviewed recently on a VERY LARGE business podcast and the subject of spices came up. The host, being very shrewd yet honorable businessman said: "you have a lot of low hanging fruit" which is marketing speak for many things I could be doing to improve my business, my sales, and my profits.

He mentioned that I should be offering free samples to create more customers, setting up marketing automation to provide my customers more ways to engage with me and offering more products, more content etc.

I have undertaken that already and shipped over 100 free samples in 48 hours with a simple Facebook post.

I am excited to create more content and usage videos as many spice customers are not sure the best way to use my spices and honestly, I have left them out to dry.

Also, I discuss my miserable garden this year. Everything is dying and yield is non-existent. Maybe you can learn from my failure.

I give a fun fact of the day; that I was the celebrity chef on a cruise ship in 2009. I discuss throwing up on a formal night and how much of a drag that was.

Lastly, I briefly talk about a cold smoked tomato soup. Perfect for a BBQ, picnic, special dinner etc. Very tasty with the addition of smoked paprika. Check out this version of the soup, then add some smoked paprika to it.


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On today's show, I am back in the saddle recording after a long break. since Memorial Day is upon us I discuss a different take on most BBQ items. Country style ribs are not that popular but can provide an inexpensive and tasty alternative to most "grill" items.

As usual, I HIGHLY recommend seeking out a local farm that raises hogs outside with a natural diet. We need to STOP supporting factory farms, natural pork is widely available, just takes some looking.

Also today I talk about a very simple kraut salad that my mother-in-law makes and love. It's simple and it will be a welcomed surprise at your next gathering. Most people are only used to seeing cabbage hammered in crap mayonnaise. this has no mayo and is almost addictive.

I want to thank those of you who email to encourage me to continue podcasting, it's a labor of love for sure but life sometimes gets in the way. I hope you have a great weekend and let's try to remember our service men and women who have put on a uniform and stood at a post to protect this country. BBQ's are great, but the real reason we celebrate is to remember the folks who have made the ultimate sacrifice. Thank you for your service.


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Making sauerkraut at home is a simple, fun and rewarding activity. Instead of paying for probiotics that may or may not be working you can eat your own SUPER POWERFUL probiotics contained in sauerkraut. Some laboratory tests have shown that homemade sauerkraut can contain trillions of gut-friendly bacteria in a 4-6 oz serving that is also delicious and versatile. Take it slow at first, eat only an ounce or so the first few days to allow your gut to get used to the superfood. Learn more by visiting Harvest Eating

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Today I discuss a very simple stir fry I enjoyed twice last week. Made with just a few vegetables like kale, onion, pepper, and garlic it's very simple yet very delicious. Ingredients for this are widely available as well. The full recipe is available on Harvest Eating.

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So here is my cilantro lettuce salad w roasted cashwes and rice wine easy to make so delicious, so refreshing, so amazing. Find the complete recipe at Harvest Eating.

There cannot be a better summertime recipe then this. The amount of refreshment this salad brings cannot be described with words alone, but please take note....this HAS TO BE SERVED COLD...IN A COLD not be a clown and serve it in a warm bowl!

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Here is an old-school recipe for a creamy tomato soup better and vegan. Creamy Tarragon & Tomato Soup is loaded with flavor, super creamy and rich tasting yet contains no cholesterol, no dairy, no animal fat. The minty, licquorice flavor is sexy too. Visit Harvest Eating for more great recipes.

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On this short episode I discuss my recent cholesterol screening and numbers compared to 2 years back while eating, meat, dairy, eggs etc. Anybody looking to improve their cholesterol numbers needs to consider a vegan diet. My total cholesterol went from 238 to 130 in 120 days as a vegan. LDL went from 170 to 69 in same time period.

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On today's episode I discuss my new partnership with Ceramacor and their amazing solid ceramic cookware Xtrema, and an amazing vegan dish that you will wan't to make. Learn more by visiting the <a href="">Ceramacor website</a>.
Quinoa is a terrific grain that is high in protein and very versatile. Today's Harvest Eating podcast instructs on how to use quinoa with sweet potatoes, Bush's vegetarian beans and wonderful tuscan kale greens.

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Here is a very simple vegan version of creamed spinach only this used cashews and tofu along with garlic to bring tons of flavor.

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On todday's episode of the Harvest Eating podcast I discuss making a vegan yet very meaty black bean chili for Superbowl Sunday. I use dried black beans for this and a variey of seasonings like cumin, corriander, chili powder, mustard seed and smoked jalepeno peppers in adobo AKA chipotle chilis....Mushrooms give it a very meaty texture.

check out photos of the dish on my Instagram page.

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Here's a very simple hearty stew made of vegetables/legumes. Perfect for lunch with some Naan bread, side of rice etc. Easy to cook and the ingredients are found in just about every market. Find a video at Food Storage Feast

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On today's show I will be discussing a soup recipe called Ribollita. This dish hails from Tuscany and there are many variations but it always contains stale or day old bread. It also alwyas conaines beans, usually canellini beans and Italian black kale called Lacinato.

This soup like most Tuscan dishes has peasant origins. the name ribollita litterally means re-boiled. I love how hearty this soup is, perfect for acold winter of fall day. It's a satisfying recipe and due to it's rustic nature, it's rather feel free to make it your own.

In this episode I mention a new product called Umami Mia, a line ofvegan parmesan cheese I and developing which will be released soon. visit or to learn more.




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On today's show I dive into more terminology in the plant based vegan world then I offer a few recipes ideas; baked potato salad and a simple quinoa bowl.

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On today's episode I talk about plant-based diet or vegan diet definations. I will cover what to eat and what to avoid, with plenty of helpful tips and suggestions too.

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