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Today I discuss a basic method of cooking rice that is pretty much like Paella, a classic Spanish preparation of rice that usually contains meat and seafood. This method can be used to cook rice with many different vegetables, proteins and types of broth. Versatile, inexpensive, delicious and filling....perfect!

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On today's show I talk for a bit about our recent family vacation to Cape Cod, the food, fun and family. Then I delve into a more serious topic, the collapsing dairy industry, both here at home and abroad.<!--more-->
Here are a few links to check out to read about this challenge our men and women in the dairy industry face. As always, I'd love to hear your feedback on this.

<a href="">Dairy Numbers in the USA</a>

<a href="">TPP and How It Will Hurt THe US Dairy Industry</a>

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Today's episode is all about making shrimp burgers. This simple burger is of course meat free yet still has a pleasant texture, awesome taste and is very easy to make.  Shrimp burgers take easily to ethnic flavors such as Thai, Mexican, Latin, Spanish etc. Shrimp burgers are rather healthy too...low in fat and cholesterol.

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On today's show I discuss something that has been on my mind awhile now, that is Private Collective Food Production. Essentially a privately organized barter/trade/supply network for all things food. I have done his on a small scale for years...but it's never been too organized or planned. As I continue developing my online course for cooking with storable foods I realize that the gaps in the storable pantry will cause some pain for people. Imagine cooking without onions or garlic for example. If we privately organize with others to fill in these gaps we can have a more solid, dependable supply of the things we need as it relates to food and cooking. A properly organized private food production collective can be the answer. I delve into these issues today. I focus on the need for privacy and not letting the camel's nose get under the tent. 

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On today's show I give you a twist, instead of burgers, bbq or hot diggity dogs I muse about Latin Food. In particular, pork carnitas, black beans and guacamole.  Pork carnitas are quite easy to make, they just take 3 hours or more to slowly roast. However the final result is amazing....with some good black beans, guacamole and lime juice-you're in heaven. Please SUPPORT the show by texting HEP to 33923 then choose a support payment....MUCH appreciated. Also, visit for web based support options.

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