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Toasted Garlic, Tomato Soup w Rosemary-On today's show I discuss making the most simple soup using basic items you keep in the pantry or in the garden. The flavor of toasted garlic is nothing short of intoxicating and the crisp bread really makes the dish a meal in itself.

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In today's episode I discuss making a simple Italian inspired appetizer that uses everyday items yet produces something a bit unfamiliar to most yet certainly a welcome surprise to many. This white bean bruschetta is terrific for your next BBQ, dinner party, special meal for the love of your life....heck..just a simple snack too. Give it a shot.


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In today's show I discuss and opportunity for you to be one of the first and only 100 folks to own a jar of my lacto-fermented pepper sauce. Truly a foodies dream product  this American oak aged sauce is premium for sure. Containing only 4 ingredients it relies on toasted oak and careful fermentation to deliver such outstanding flavor, aroma and texture. Don't miss the only opportunity this year to try this product. Also discussed are foods of summer and how I love cooking with them.

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In this episode I discuss the dish ceviche, originating from South America and popular all across the Latin World. you will find hundreds of ceviche preparations near coastal regions that harvest fresh fish, shellfish etc. I have eaten ceviche with eel, shark, fish, scallops, clams and others I cant even remember. This dish is perfect party food as it's bright, colorful, tangy, spicy and flavorful.

**PARENTAL NOTICE-I spout a 4-letter word toward the end...maybe nobody under 14 should hear this....****

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Today I go over a very simple recipe, Arroz Verde or green rice. Made with green onions, cilantro and a few spices this simple dish is the perfect snack or "heft' for other meals like arroz con frijoles, burritos, soups etc. This dish can be made in under 30 minutes and costs a dollar or so for a huge bowl. 

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