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On today's show I discuss making fondue, family, amd much more. Here is a quick ingedient list for fondue...listen to the show to learn about making it.

2 garlic clove
8.5 oz dry white wine, chablis, chardonnay
1/2 tsp kosher salt
2 tbs corn starch
1/4 tsp nutmeg
8 ounces gruyere/ emmentaler
grate cheese, add cornstarch, mix well
heat wine in fondue pot, add garlic, bring to simmer, fish out garlic, then reduce heat,
slowly mix in the grated cheese to create a fully melted fondue.add a tiny bit of nutmeg......kirchwasser is terrific...2 tbs if you can find it...
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Simple recipe for ham n potato casserole here, but it's very meaningful to me becasue it's one of Omi's recipes. Simple yet very satisfying. Check out the recipe at

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On today's show I discuss making nut milks. How to find the best nuts, how to make the milk. Also discuss my course Food Storage Feast in the beginning.


I did break into laughter talking about soaking nuts...I know some potty humor, childish but I did not have time to please remove any little kids before playing out loud. Sorry in advance for anybody who gets offended.....!

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On today's episode I discuss making an incredieble pork dish taht features hard cider, apples, sage, nutmeg and a touch of cream...I can't think of a better fall recipes. If you an access a local farm with heritage brred pigs such as Bershire, Hampshire, Durac etc. you will be amazed at the flavor. Get the recipe on Harvest Eating

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On this episode I discuss making an amazing Thai Fish Salad using cod fish. All the flavors of Thailand and are featured. Here is a link to the recipe and video. 

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On this episode I discuss making simple but delicious leek & potato soup served 2 ways. You can find the recipes here and you can watch a Youtube video right now on your device by clicking here.

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On today's show..#356..not #355 like I mentioned... :)  I discuss a simple comfort food dish of Spanish origin, a potato tortilla. Now this has no tortillas in in Mexican tortillas.

Years ago, when I was about 25 I lived briefly with an MBA student from Babson College near Boston who hailed from Madrid Spain. This man was very lean yet he went through one large container of corn oil each week to 10 days. He not only fried this tortilla in oil but even eggs were cooked in allot of oil.

Our apartment smelled like Burger King or Long John Silvers..yuk! My version of this tortilla uses allot less oil and is delicious.

See the recipe at

To watch my videos and subscribe to the new Youtube Channel visit this link

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On today's show I walk through the process to create a Swiss Chard Lasagna. This rather simple dish yields amazing comfort food that will be loved by all. An accompanying video is available on Youtube and at Harvest

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On today's show I discuss Sous Vide Cooking; cooking in a temperature controlled water bath using a vacuum sealing machine. This method of cooking produces super tender, moist properly cooked foods. Everything from a basic steak to yogurt, to eggs, to fish, to vegetbles can be cooked sous vide. This will be a multi part series. Todays introduction will cover the basics of this method. 

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Today I discuss a basic method of cooking rice that is pretty much like Paella, a classic Spanish preparation of rice that usually contains meat and seafood. This method can be used to cook rice with many different vegetables, proteins and types of broth. Versatile, inexpensive, delicious and filling....perfect!

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On today's show I talk for a bit about our recent family vacation to Cape Cod, the food, fun and family. Then I delve into a more serious topic, the collapsing dairy industry, both here at home and abroad.<!--more-->
Here are a few links to check out to read about this challenge our men and women in the dairy industry face. As always, I'd love to hear your feedback on this.

<a href="">Dairy Numbers in the USA</a>

<a href="">TPP and How It Will Hurt THe US Dairy Industry</a>

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Today's episode is all about making shrimp burgers. This simple burger is of course meat free yet still has a pleasant texture, awesome taste and is very easy to make.  Shrimp burgers take easily to ethnic flavors such as Thai, Mexican, Latin, Spanish etc. Shrimp burgers are rather healthy too...low in fat and cholesterol.

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On today's show I discuss something that has been on my mind awhile now, that is Private Collective Food Production. Essentially a privately organized barter/trade/supply network for all things food. I have done his on a small scale for years...but it's never been too organized or planned. As I continue developing my online course for cooking with storable foods I realize that the gaps in the storable pantry will cause some pain for people. Imagine cooking without onions or garlic for example. If we privately organize with others to fill in these gaps we can have a more solid, dependable supply of the things we need as it relates to food and cooking. A properly organized private food production collective can be the answer. I delve into these issues today. I focus on the need for privacy and not letting the camel's nose get under the tent. 

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On today's show I give you a twist, instead of burgers, bbq or hot diggity dogs I muse about Latin Food. In particular, pork carnitas, black beans and guacamole.  Pork carnitas are quite easy to make, they just take 3 hours or more to slowly roast. However the final result is amazing....with some good black beans, guacamole and lime juice-you're in heaven. Please SUPPORT the show by texting HEP to 33923 then choose a support payment....MUCH appreciated. Also, visit for web based support options.

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Toasted Garlic, Tomato Soup w Rosemary-On today's show I discuss making the most simple soup using basic items you keep in the pantry or in the garden. The flavor of toasted garlic is nothing short of intoxicating and the crisp bread really makes the dish a meal in itself.

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In today's episode I discuss making a simple Italian inspired appetizer that uses everyday items yet produces something a bit unfamiliar to most yet certainly a welcome surprise to many. This white bean bruschetta is terrific for your next BBQ, dinner party, special meal for the love of your life....heck..just a simple snack too. Give it a shot.


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In today's show I discuss and opportunity for you to be one of the first and only 100 folks to own a jar of my lacto-fermented pepper sauce. Truly a foodies dream product  this American oak aged sauce is premium for sure. Containing only 4 ingredients it relies on toasted oak and careful fermentation to deliver such outstanding flavor, aroma and texture. Don't miss the only opportunity this year to try this product. Also discussed are foods of summer and how I love cooking with them.

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In this episode I discuss the dish ceviche, originating from South America and popular all across the Latin World. you will find hundreds of ceviche preparations near coastal regions that harvest fresh fish, shellfish etc. I have eaten ceviche with eel, shark, fish, scallops, clams and others I cant even remember. This dish is perfect party food as it's bright, colorful, tangy, spicy and flavorful.

**PARENTAL NOTICE-I spout a 4-letter word toward the end...maybe nobody under 14 should hear this....****

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Today I go over a very simple recipe, Arroz Verde or green rice. Made with green onions, cilantro and a few spices this simple dish is the perfect snack or "heft' for other meals like arroz con frijoles, burritos, soups etc. This dish can be made in under 30 minutes and costs a dollar or so for a huge bowl. 

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Today I discuss making falafel, a middle eastern dish that is very common as a street food and claimed as the national dish in many countries. It's made from chick peas and flavored with onion, garlic, parsley, lemon, cumin, coriander, cayenne pepper etc. Typically it's deep fried but my version is oil free and either baked or sauteed in a non-stick pan. Most falafel is served inside pita bread and adorned with tahini sauce, cucumbers, tomatoes and sometimes yogurt.

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Todays's show covers the ever popular ingredient quinoa, a South American seed crop that is taking the healthy eating scene by storm. High in protein and containing 9 essential amino acids quinoa is a complete protein source with a great nutty flavor and can be very filling. Used in a salad with other healthy ingredients it makes a nice meal for anybody looking to eat healthier options.

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On today's show I discuss the popular and very simple vegan stew that features robust sweet potatoes, a hint of peanut butter and a variety of spices popular in North African cuisine; cumin, coriander, cayenne, cinnamon etc. It's also flavored with ginger, garlic, onion and the sweetness of dried apricots. This very filling dish is served over couscous which is the dominant starch in the region, but can also be served with white or brown rice.

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On today's show I discuss two vegan breakfast choices, so if you only eat eggs and bacon..which is heavenly, this will not be the episode for you. I tach you how to make a banana, date and almond shake with wonderful Medjool Dates. It's very tasty and makes a perfect portable meal. Second is a multi grain (or seed) porridge with quinoa, oats and organic heirloom corn with almond milk, syrup and fruit.

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Aloo Palak is a simple Indian dish of spinach, spices and potatoes. Rather simple but LOADED with flavor and color. Typical Indian spices like cumin, garahm masala, turmeric, cayenne, cinnamon, coriander etc. bring such great flavor to ordinarily bland spinach.

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Today I discuss the the light and delicious Thai spring roll. Popular all over Asia, these rice paper wrapped rolls are light, healthy and full of flavor and texture. They can be totally vegan if you leave out the fish sauce.  Making them takes time but you are rewarded with a terrific treat.

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Today I decided to talk about an old school culinary favorite; caramelized onions. so versatile and delicious caramelized onions are a wonderful addition to many other dishes. The classic French Onion Soup features these sweet lovingly cooked onions paired with beef stock, herbs etc. I recommend cooking a large batch of these then using them in other dishes. Excess onion can be frozen.

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On today's episode I discuss making a simple strawberry tart with a base of Mascarpone cheese softened with creme fraiche, a hint of lemon zest. The crust can be Gluten Free or a basic graham cracker crust....the strawberries stand up like volcanoes and look impressive. Make this today!

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On today's show I describe a simple puff pastry tart with root vegetables and a savory rosemary infused cream drizzle. This is a very easy dish that takes mere minutes to assemble yet presents like a fancy restaurant dish.

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On today's show I discuss the famous French dish Pot Au Feu. It's rather simple to make but the results are certainly worthy of your time and adding this dish to your repertoire is important.

Slow cooked tender beef, perfectly poached vegetables, rich and clear beef broth...what could be better ? Give this amazing Pot Au Feu recipe a try

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Today I discuss sausage making, sausage casings;both real and phony, plus spices and finally cooking. I have been making sausage recently trying to prefect a new sausage seasoning that will be easy to use, weigh the ground meat, add measured amount of seasoning and make the sausage...perfect results will follow. But, this is NOT easy..have worked on it for months in an effort to prefect it, while doing this testing getting real casings has been a pain in the I use easy to find temporary casing to form the sausage, then cook it in water before frying grilling or smoking....I will advise you today how to do it.

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This cheesecake is very easy to make and contains no added sugar. It has a slight sweetness derived from the stevia and it has a delightful almond crust with a hint of cinnamon. You should notice a beautiful “yellowish” glow that comes from the use of farm-fresh eggs…they make a big difference in appearance and taste.

The cheesecake has very few carbs, it is safe for ketogenic dieters too. It has less then 4 net carbs per slice…so it WONT spike your insulin like a regular over the top sweet tasting cheesecake. Lets get on to the recipe….

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My admiration for the vinaigrette is widely known by fans of Harvest Eating. In the Harvest Eating cookbook, there are many recipes showing the proper way to make vinaigrettes.

I even taught a Udemy class on basics of making healthy salad dressings and vinaigrettes. In American, we are awash with cheap, chemical filled bottle of crap they call dressing and vinaigrette, yet a movement is underfoot. People are growing artisanal greens and organic vegetables and are hesitant to cover them up with store-bought trash, so there is a huge interest in making homemade items like vinaigrettes. This red wine vinaigrette, unlike the store bought variety does not contain herbs or other preservatives that can make it taste fake.

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On today's show I teach you how to prepare a delicious and rather simple winter time comfort food dish....braised short ribs of beef in a rich red wine gravy...the recipe is posted at Harvest Eating..

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On today's show I discuss making real cheese fondue from scratch. This European classic dish from the 70's is part meal, part family activity and certainly delicious. Only a few simple steps can result in well made luscious fondue that can be made in less than 30 minutes. I recommend a combination of cheese with either French Comte or Swiss Gruyere as 80-90% of total with a sharp English cheddar as the balance. I like dry white wine, not Kirsch to give it the "gourmet" kick.

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Today I am discussing the top priorities I have identified for 2016. I may add more items to the list but will be focusing on these and aiming to continue working on them all year. They Include:

  1. Fitness...continuing to use the keto diet principle to shed wet and hopefully improve blood markers and to increase exercise and general fitness.
  2. Stocking up on homestead/ prepper stuff-new generators, ammo, rifles, food, de-hydrator, vacuum sealer
  3. Saving money by eating more affordable foods, cooking to generate leftovers, buying in bulk, avoiding buying useless no-value "stuff" especially for kids. Buying only high quality items that will last. If it says Made In China I do not buy it if at all possible. Selling items of value that are just taking up space or not being used to buy more monetary metals and items of value.
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