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Simple advice for cooking your Christmas Standing Rib Roast of beef and a recipe for excellent lard roasted potatoes. I discuss the proper way to cook standing rib roast and to make a nice easy au jus with red wine.

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On today's show I do my best to explain how to make an easy no-knead walnut raisin Christmas Bread. This bread is amazing and has lots of texture and moistness and interesting festive ingredients to behold, like walnuts, raisins, nutmeg, cardamom and buttermilk.

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**SPECIAL NOTE- Had a it of audio trouble during the first 30 seconds*

On today's show I answer listener questions on a variety of topics including:

  • Differences between Prime, Choice and Select grades of beef?
  • Difference between stock and broth?
  • Do I eat Gluten Free Foods?
  • Are Oats a Gluten Free Food?
  • What is my favorite brand of knife?
  • What kind of storable food do I keep and recommend for newbies?

All that and more on today's episode of the show.

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Check out this amazing onion & bacon gratin that is so lovely with it's bechamel sauce perfumed with nutmeg, cayenne pepper and white wine. Get the recipe over at Harvest

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On today's show I will walk you through the making of a simple split pea soup, however this one does not contain any meat. Most split pea soups recipes call for ham, smoked ham hocks, bacon etc. I choose to do this version and it was really great and the lack of meat only helped. Sometimes too much smoke flavor can overpower the pea flavor. This is terrific on a cold night.

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