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Today I discuss some basics on making great mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving Dinner. So easy to make yet so easy to mess up. Mashed potatoes are essential to complete your holiday table.  If you watch out for a few potential pitfalls and get your timing right you too can have smooth rich mashed potatoes this coming Thursday night.

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Today we discuss my thoughts on making great gravy. Included are details about seasoning the gravy and which thickening agents I prefer to attain that perfect cling that gravy needs. Of course no gravy chat at Thanksgiving time would be compete with discussing sage...the herb that makes thanksgiving taste so darn good.

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Today I introduce a new Brussels Sprouts recipe I used to make years back, but with minor changes that I think make a delicious side dish. Perfect for the Thanksgiving table with flavors of sage and pie spices then enriched with cream.

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On today's show I walk you all through the procedure needed to make a nice apple cake. This is so easy and can be in the oven in less then 30 minutes. Reminiscent of typical French patisserie it's not too sweet and has great balance between crust, fruit and sweetness. A real winner. Make it gluten free by substituting your favorite gluten free baking mix or almond flour for a denser texture.

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Today we focus on some simple comfort food; meatloaf (or meat balls ) with a mushroom sauce or gravy. It really does not matter if you make a meatloaf or meatballs, the mixture is created using the same technique just shaped differently. The sauce works with either shape of course. The sauce is rather easy to put together...a basic aromatic saute, some re-hydrated mushrooms some beef stock, sour cream, and seasonings. In the end you have a rich creamy gravy... almost like Swedish meatballs...yet totally different if that makes any sense. We had this dish tonight and it was loved by all.

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