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Today I walk you thru one of my favorite French desserts; Tart Tatin. This amazing apple dessert is one you'll find throughout France. Basically an upside down apple pie with caramel and a simple buttery pie crust called Pate Brisee this dessert is easy to make and stunning to look at. It tastes best with tart, firm apples such as Granny Smith or other firm late season varieties.

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On today's show I discuss making a roasted mushroom bisque with real sherry. This is a very simple recipe and only requires a short trip to a real liquor store.....NOT GROCERY find true dry-aged Spanish sherry...or similar. A Vitamix is greatly recommended for recipes like this.

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On todays show I share a new recipe for a roasted butternut squash and tart apple gratin, topped with a silky Gruyere laced Mornay sauce and a parmesan crumb topping.  This is rather easy to make, but does take some preparation time to assemble before roasting.  Mornay sauce is a compound sauce with made from Bechamel, a Mother Sauce, one of the 5 in French Cookery. These simple sauces can unlock many recipes and treats on a year round basis.

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Today I walk you through the process of making basked stuffed apples. Granny Smith or other tart apples stuffed with oats, almonds, raising, butter and other goodies makes for an excellent fall seasonal dessert.  When you can find local apples that are only a few days or hours off the tree you're in for a real taste treat. Also, later in this show I kinds get off topic and rant about skinny jean wearing soft weak men. If you're offended....I'm not sorry.

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Well I can't think of a more fitting topic in October then apple butter. Apple butter graces tables all across America and beyond each year, especially in the cooler months. Rather simple to make, it's ability to be used as an ingredient rather then a stand alone condiment is why I consider it a multi-purpose ingredient.

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On todays show we discuss water and it's importance not only in economic emergency, but natural disasters and everyday life. You would be amazed bow many people do not store any water at all. I was one of them. But after power outages rendered our well useless and we had no water for 10 hours I learned my lesson. We now stock plenty of water and have several ways to purify water that we may need to "acquire" in nature from a stream, roof runoff, pond etc.

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