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Today we discuss making a fabulous soup that is full flavored and features dried porcini mushrooms, le puy lentils and fresh thyme. This Simple soup takes about 45 minutes and uses simple ingredients yet yields a mushroom flavor that is unmatched. The French lentils are so tender and filling, perfect for a cool evening.

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On today's show we continue the series we have been focusing on concerning preparing for the eventual economic collapse or system change we all will face when the charade is finally over. Part 5 is about raising animals on your homestead including ducks, chickens, goats, cows, beef cattle (did not mention pigs but should have) etc.<!--more-->  I have owned cows, goats, chickens and been around cattle pigs and HUGE dairies for most of my life. While not the end all be all expert, I do know enough to be dangerous. Raising animals like we discuss today can be a HUGE asset on any homestead as they can produce a year round supply of milk, meat, eggs etc.


Resources For Today's Show:


<a href="" target="_blank">Learn all about raising ducks from my friend Jack</a>

<a href="" target="_blank">Hoegger Supply Company-Everything Goats</a>, Dairy, etc..AWESOME COMPANY

<a href="" target="_blank">Raising Dairy Cows</a>

<a href="" target="_blank">Heritage Ducks</a>

On today's show I go over making a tomato tart. Simple ingredients like garden fresh heirloom tomatoes, fresh rosemary, blue cheese and bacon...listen to find out how easy is it to create a simple yet elegant tart. Once a simple crust, pate brisee, is made that tart comes together rather easily. The secret is not overworking the crust and to use the freshest tomatoes you can get a hold of. When this tart cools off the flavors of these tomatoes with the amazing aroma of fresh rosemary and the tang of the blue cheese is so delicious your friends and family will love this.


Tomato Pie Video

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On part 4 we discuss ways of growing and producing your own food. Activities like gardeing, planting trees etc. I cover:

  1. Seeds-why everybody needs back up Heirloom seeds...not hybrids
  2. Gardening....whay we do and have done in the past
  3. Row crops, potatoes, winter squash etc.
  4. Fruit trees such as figs, apples, peaches, pears
  5. Berry bushes such as blueberry, raspberry, blackberry

I enjoyed this recording this show.