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The Keith Snow Show covers current events, farming, cooking, finance, homesteading, culture, politics, and much more. My aim is to entertain and educate you on a wide range of important information you will benefit from hearing.

On today's edition I discuss some pantry basics such as keeping canned goods, paper products, baking supplies etc. I get a bit distracted from time to time but still provide much information you can use. We all need a pantry that is well stocked so that we DO NOT HAVE to go to the store each time we need something. A properly stocked pantry is a must for all let's work together and make it happen. I also started a contest for best pantry photo....winner will receive one free pouch of Thoughtful Harvest Pasta Sauce

Today on part 2 of our series I dicuss the homesteading kitchen equipment I own or recommend. In all but one case I own or have owned everything discussed today. If you're a homesteader, having canning equipment, canning jars, a food processor etc. are all critical pieces of equipment. If you store grain having a grinder, both electric and non-electric are important considerations. As alwyas, acquiring these items without going into debt is the only way I advise getting them. Remember, these are tools of self sufficiency and they are good at keeping you out of debt, don't go into debt to get them! 

On today's show I discuss in detail the storage of commodity items like rice, beans, grains, corn, etc. Also discussed is how to store them-what type containers, oxygen absorbers, mylar pouches etc. I give ideas on where ot find these items, which varities I recommend and how long these items can be stored.

On today's show I introduce a series we will be covering that lays out the current state of world economies and how an impending economic downturn will affect you. We will be discussing the following during this series of shows:

  1. Commodity Food Storage-rice, beans, pasta, grains, etc.
  2. Common Kitchen and Homesteading Equipment-what you need
  3. Storing Pantry Items-canned goods, condiments, paper products, baking supplies
  4. Seeds, Gardening, Fruit Trees, Row Crops
  5. Dairy Animals, Egg Layers, Meat Animals
  6. Water Purification and Storage
  7. Strategies To Produce Food Stores


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Today's show is strictly about Thoughtful Harvest Sauces, it's not a regular episode so if your not interested in behind the scenes business and food manufacturing stuff you might want to skip ahead to next show.

I will be discuss our recent packaging change from glass jars to flexible pouches and the benefits of doing so.  Also I talk about new equipment we used and how the packages sealed etc.

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Today I discuss making a super summer dish; fried green toamtoes with a tomato peach jam....SPICY tomato peach jam. The addition of a cayenne pepper (or your favorite type) brings a special something to this great appetizer. In August tomatoes are at their best..and peaches are almost this is perfect time of year to make this. Frying green tomatoes is a tradition down south nad this cornmeal crusted pan fried version is the best IMO. The addition of an easy spicy tomato peach jam is perfect.

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