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On today's show I discuss ideas for cooking with fresh spring peas. Unlike canned or frozen peas, which have their place, fresh spring peas are truly luxurious. <!--more-->


Rather rare these days, fresh peas are amazing ingredients and a treat to cook with. I mention some very specific ways to cook with peas like a cilantro garlic pea cream sauce served over roasted halibut, curried peas, rosemary garlic peas over pasta and much more.

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On Today's show I discuss how I make shrimp n grits, The grits have cheddar cheese and garden fresh chives along with some roasted red peppers. The shrimp were marinated, then grilled to perfection and placed carefully on the wonderful grits then adorned with a heavenly drizzle of the shrimp reduction sauce.  When done the meal is a feat for the senses. All the elements to a memorable dish lie within this creation.

On today's show I dive deep on the reasons you would consider NOT buying pond or farm raised shrimp from overseas. When buying pond raised imported shrimp there are issues with in-humane labor practices that include slavery, terrible quality and lack of sanitation, plus the economic consequences of your dollars not going to your local fishermen. At the end of the show I detail a tasty shrimp recipe that you can find on the blog at Harvest

On today's show I discuss the micro biome referring to your intestinal health. The trillions of bacteria that live in your digestive system are the key to a healthy life. They can prevent and even cure some disease and modern science and the pharma industry is hard at work unlocking what may be the biggest human health development ever discovered. You micro biome or gut has over 100 trillion bacteria that determine many facets of your life. 

I recommend the new book called Brain Maker authored by New York Times best selling author and neurologist Dr. David Perlmutter MD.  It discusses these topics and related ground-breaking research in depth.

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Today I talk about my top 4 tips for successful grilling. So easy if you follow them to produce great grilled chicken, steak, grilled pork or even grilled seafood. If you keep your grill hot, brushed, oiled and let the grill cook instead of flipping the meat every two seconds you will have great results. Charcoal grills are my favorite and I use lump charcoal instead of charcoal briquets, and never use lighter fluid. This podcast on grilling will help you get the most out of your Weber Kettle Grill.

On today's show I talk about my plans for using up produce we have growing. I na short few weeks there will be many vegetbles coming into the kitchen after being harvested. Having a plan and some recipe ideas BEFORE this occurs is the way to go. Try to envision the myriad ways you can use your upcoming harvest.

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