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On today's show I discuss the Vertigro hydroponic system were using and also the Rootmaker and Roottrapper growing vessels were experimenting with. Both are AWESOME additions to our gardeing efforts and both allow us to garden-above digging, weeding or bending. We will update progress as 2015 continues.

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On today's show I discuss a term called Ketosis, essentially when your brain uses ketones created in your body to burn as fuel. You can turbo charge weight loss and brain function if this is done properly. A ketotic diet is becoming common place with many in the medical community which flies in the face of government recommended diets which are total garbage.

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On today's show I discuss a rather simple Asian inspired dish that uses fresh spring asparagus; sesame ginger flank steak with asparagus. This is made with a wok and uses common ingredients. We love simple Asian food and this dish is no exception. Check out the video of this recipe at Harvest

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On today's show I discuss making slow braised pork ribs with dried red chilies as the base for a braising liquid. Country style pork ribs become amazinly tender and delicious when cooked with a flavorful chili and tomato broth. The addition of garlic, carrot, onion and a few spices makes this so good. Serve over rice, in tacos, burritos etc.

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Today's show is all about making an old-school Italian classic, Spaghetti Carbonara. This pasta dish usually features a unique cured pork product called Guanciale or pork cheeks, eggs, cheese and usually some herbage. Since pork cheeks can be difficult to find in middle America bacon can be substituted. And other things such as peas, tomatoes, cream etc can be added ot make the dish your own. This dish can elecit anger, threats of death and water baording too from those that are purists. So take that into account when making your own version.

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On today's show I walk you thu making tamales a classic Mexican dish that is amazingly diverse and incredibly delicious. Tamales are also gluten -free making them safe for Celiacs too. I made some pinto bean and cheese tamales the other night that turned out really nice, see for a photo and visit Harvest for the recipe.

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