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Today's episode is a quick show focused on making these simple breakfast, lunch or snack cupcakes. They're made with farm-fresh eggs, two types of cheese, Italian kale, roasted red peppers and de-hydrated hash brown potatoes. These take only a few minutes to prepare and only 25 minutes to cook. They were loved by my entire family...we finished 12 in mere minutes.

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On today's show I discuss the avian flu outbreak in the midwest where turkey and chicken factory farms are experiencing a massive bird flu crisis. Millions of birds are being destroyed and the whole factory farm system is being exposed for what it is....concentrated risk. FULL DISCLOSURE: I eat factory farm protein occasinally, but hate doing it. I feel the need to discuss this and present some options that we can all do to avoid this system.

On today's episode I discuss making smoked chicken pate using your pressure cooker. Chicken pate is a classic French recipe with many variations; with ingredients and techniques. This techniqu used the speed and efficiency of a pressure cooker to quickly tenderize the chicken thighs so they are "fall off the bone tender" and easy to process. I like to flavor this with liquid smoke (natural kind) and other aromatics like fresh parsley, white wine, onions, carrots and pepper corns are nice here too. This French recipe is MUCH easier using this method...and it can be made with chicken, pork or even salmon. Be sure to support this show by visiting Harvest and getting on the email list, also see our Facebook Page

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Today I discuss our past gardening experiences; what worked, what did not and what we are doing this year to get back into gardening after a 2 year hiatus from gardening, America's favorite past time. I mention some new products I am working with as well.

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On today's show I talk about making Paleo spinach nad bacon cakes with butter and parmesan cheese. These are supper yummy yet also very easy to make. Fresh spoinach is a must here, no frozen please. This makes a great appetizer that is very rich and full-flavored.

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On today's show I talk about using up leftover ham from Easter. Millions of people have ham for Easter dinner.....and using it up becomes a challenge. I offer a few simple ideas here on how I like to use it.....including a split pea soup.

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