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On todays's show I walk you through the creation of one amazing sandwich; Roast Beef w Garlic Confit Butter, Bluee Cheese & BBQ Sauce....this creation has been lingering in my head for weeks so I had to share it with you. You'll learn how to roast the beef, make the garlic confit butter and assemble the sandwich too.  Enjoy...!

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On today's episode of Harvest Eating I discuss the methods and reasoning behind slow poaching a whole chicken. To make clear, delicious broth where the chicken is NOT dry, slow poaching is the way to go. Simple, inexpensive and delicious !

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In this episode I discuss making one of my new favorite dishes, Lemongrass beef. This Thai specialty is nothing short of amazing. My take on it is luscious, super-flavorful nad best of all, easy. Tender beef marinated in lemongrass, garlic, green onion etc. Love it!

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On today's show I discuss making and enjoying bone broth. Quite the rage these days, bone broths have been consumed for many centuries by people the world over. Easy to make with a few simple techniques bone broths are a good way to supplement your diet with many nutrients.

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On today's episode I discuss the in-depth the technique of braising which is a low and slow method of cooking using plenty of flavorful liquid.  Braising suits tougher cuts of meat that have plenty of connective tissue. Braised beef shanks are easy to make and are not only spectacular looking but super flavorful.

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Today's show is all about Thai fried rice, which is to say fried rice in a Thai Style...that usually means salty, sweet and spicy flavor notes. It also always means it's flavored with fish sauce. Fish sauce is essential to Thai cooking and it's what brings that wonerful flavor we all love about Thai cusine. You will love this recipe.

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