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On today's shpw I discuss 3 simple superbowl recipe ideas to thelp make your party special. Green chili, onion dip and a roasted green chili queso dip. All very simple with basic ingredients but will amazing flavors.

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The Espagnole sauce is the most difficult and time consuming of all the French Mother Sauces. It can easily take 12 hours even if you take shortcuts. the resulting sauce, whether made from chicken or beef or veal, is heaven on a plate. Top a roasted chicken or steak with it and you will understand what I mean.

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Ae we proceed we come to Hollandaise sauce, the special touch on the Eggs Benedict we all love at breakfast or brunch. This is a simple sauce with very few ingredients yet is has many uses. Learning to make this sauce is a terrific skill to have.

On our third show in this series on the Five Mother Sauces of Classical French Cookery we discuss Tomato Sauce, one that is closet to my heart. This sauce is easy and can be made ahead for freezing or canning. If you can locatea bunch of long dense plum tomatoes you can make it totally from scratch, if not, canned plum tomatoes can be used with great results.

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On today's show I discuss making Veloute' sauce, the roux thickened white sauce that can start with ether chicken, fish or veal stock. This is a very simple sauce and it's variations can be many. We discuss a few compund sauces including Hungarian Sauce, Normandy Sauce and Bercy Sauce 1.

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On today's show I start a 5 part series on the 5 French Mother Sauces in classical French Cookery. These sauces are the starting point for many other meals so understanding their construction leads to a much improved arsenal of dishes. This first episode focuses on Bechamel, simple white sauce that is perfect for making many other dishes.

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