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Simple advice for cooking your Christmas Standing Rib Roast of beef and a recipe for excellent lard roasted potatoes. I discuss the proper way to cook standing rib roast and to make a nice easy au jus with red wine.

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On today's show I do my best to explain how to make an easy no-knead walnut raisin Christmas Bread. This bread is amazing and has lots of texture and moistness and interesting festive ingredients to behold, like walnuts, raisins, nutmeg, cardamom and buttermilk.

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**SPECIAL NOTE- Had a it of audio trouble during the first 30 seconds*

On today's show I answer listener questions on a variety of topics including:

  • Differences between Prime, Choice and Select grades of beef?
  • Difference between stock and broth?
  • Do I eat Gluten Free Foods?
  • Are Oats a Gluten Free Food?
  • What is my favorite brand of knife?
  • What kind of storable food do I keep and recommend for newbies?

All that and more on today's episode of the show.

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Check out this amazing onion & bacon gratin that is so lovely with it's bechamel sauce perfumed with nutmeg, cayenne pepper and white wine. Get the recipe over at Harvest

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On today's show I will walk you through the making of a simple split pea soup, however this one does not contain any meat. Most split pea soups recipes call for ham, smoked ham hocks, bacon etc. I choose to do this version and it was really great and the lack of meat only helped. Sometimes too much smoke flavor can overpower the pea flavor. This is terrific on a cold night.

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Today I discuss some basics on making great mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving Dinner. So easy to make yet so easy to mess up. Mashed potatoes are essential to complete your holiday table.  If you watch out for a few potential pitfalls and get your timing right you too can have smooth rich mashed potatoes this coming Thursday night.

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Today we discuss my thoughts on making great gravy. Included are details about seasoning the gravy and which thickening agents I prefer to attain that perfect cling that gravy needs. Of course no gravy chat at Thanksgiving time would be compete with discussing sage...the herb that makes thanksgiving taste so darn good.

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Today I introduce a new Brussels Sprouts recipe I used to make years back, but with minor changes that I think make a delicious side dish. Perfect for the Thanksgiving table with flavors of sage and pie spices then enriched with cream.

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On today's show I walk you all through the procedure needed to make a nice apple cake. This is so easy and can be in the oven in less then 30 minutes. Reminiscent of typical French patisserie it's not too sweet and has great balance between crust, fruit and sweetness. A real winner. Make it gluten free by substituting your favorite gluten free baking mix or almond flour for a denser texture.

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Today we focus on some simple comfort food; meatloaf (or meat balls ) with a mushroom sauce or gravy. It really does not matter if you make a meatloaf or meatballs, the mixture is created using the same technique just shaped differently. The sauce works with either shape of course. The sauce is rather easy to put together...a basic aromatic saute, some re-hydrated mushrooms some beef stock, sour cream, and seasonings. In the end you have a rich creamy gravy... almost like Swedish meatballs...yet totally different if that makes any sense. We had this dish tonight and it was loved by all.

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Today I walk you thru one of my favorite French desserts; Tart Tatin. This amazing apple dessert is one you'll find throughout France. Basically an upside down apple pie with caramel and a simple buttery pie crust called Pate Brisee this dessert is easy to make and stunning to look at. It tastes best with tart, firm apples such as Granny Smith or other firm late season varieties.

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On today's show I discuss making a roasted mushroom bisque with real sherry. This is a very simple recipe and only requires a short trip to a real liquor store.....NOT GROCERY find true dry-aged Spanish sherry...or similar. A Vitamix is greatly recommended for recipes like this.

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On todays show I share a new recipe for a roasted butternut squash and tart apple gratin, topped with a silky Gruyere laced Mornay sauce and a parmesan crumb topping.  This is rather easy to make, but does take some preparation time to assemble before roasting.  Mornay sauce is a compound sauce with made from Bechamel, a Mother Sauce, one of the 5 in French Cookery. These simple sauces can unlock many recipes and treats on a year round basis.

**The Show cut out just before I love you all and God Bless! ****

Today I walk you through the process of making basked stuffed apples. Granny Smith or other tart apples stuffed with oats, almonds, raising, butter and other goodies makes for an excellent fall seasonal dessert.  When you can find local apples that are only a few days or hours off the tree you're in for a real taste treat. Also, later in this show I kinds get off topic and rant about skinny jean wearing soft weak men. If you're offended....I'm not sorry.

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Well I can't think of a more fitting topic in October then apple butter. Apple butter graces tables all across America and beyond each year, especially in the cooler months. Rather simple to make, it's ability to be used as an ingredient rather then a stand alone condiment is why I consider it a multi-purpose ingredient.

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On todays show we discuss water and it's importance not only in economic emergency, but natural disasters and everyday life. You would be amazed bow many people do not store any water at all. I was one of them. But after power outages rendered our well useless and we had no water for 10 hours I learned my lesson. We now stock plenty of water and have several ways to purify water that we may need to "acquire" in nature from a stream, roof runoff, pond etc.

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Today we discuss making a fabulous soup that is full flavored and features dried porcini mushrooms, le puy lentils and fresh thyme. This Simple soup takes about 45 minutes and uses simple ingredients yet yields a mushroom flavor that is unmatched. The French lentils are so tender and filling, perfect for a cool evening.

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On today's show we continue the series we have been focusing on concerning preparing for the eventual economic collapse or system change we all will face when the charade is finally over. Part 5 is about raising animals on your homestead including ducks, chickens, goats, cows, beef cattle (did not mention pigs but should have) etc.<!--more-->  I have owned cows, goats, chickens and been around cattle pigs and HUGE dairies for most of my life. While not the end all be all expert, I do know enough to be dangerous. Raising animals like we discuss today can be a HUGE asset on any homestead as they can produce a year round supply of milk, meat, eggs etc.


Resources For Today's Show:


<a href="" target="_blank">Learn all about raising ducks from my friend Jack</a>

<a href="" target="_blank">Hoegger Supply Company-Everything Goats</a>, Dairy, etc..AWESOME COMPANY

<a href="" target="_blank">Raising Dairy Cows</a>

<a href="" target="_blank">Heritage Ducks</a>

On today's show I go over making a tomato tart. Simple ingredients like garden fresh heirloom tomatoes, fresh rosemary, blue cheese and bacon...listen to find out how easy is it to create a simple yet elegant tart. Once a simple crust, pate brisee, is made that tart comes together rather easily. The secret is not overworking the crust and to use the freshest tomatoes you can get a hold of. When this tart cools off the flavors of these tomatoes with the amazing aroma of fresh rosemary and the tang of the blue cheese is so delicious your friends and family will love this.


Tomato Pie Video

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On part 4 we discuss ways of growing and producing your own food. Activities like gardeing, planting trees etc. I cover:

  1. Seeds-why everybody needs back up Heirloom seeds...not hybrids
  2. Gardening....whay we do and have done in the past
  3. Row crops, potatoes, winter squash etc.
  4. Fruit trees such as figs, apples, peaches, pears
  5. Berry bushes such as blueberry, raspberry, blackberry

I enjoyed this recording this show.

On today's edition I discuss some pantry basics such as keeping canned goods, paper products, baking supplies etc. I get a bit distracted from time to time but still provide much information you can use. We all need a pantry that is well stocked so that we DO NOT HAVE to go to the store each time we need something. A properly stocked pantry is a must for all let's work together and make it happen. I also started a contest for best pantry photo....winner will receive one free pouch of Thoughtful Harvest Pasta Sauce

Today on part 2 of our series I dicuss the homesteading kitchen equipment I own or recommend. In all but one case I own or have owned everything discussed today. If you're a homesteader, having canning equipment, canning jars, a food processor etc. are all critical pieces of equipment. If you store grain having a grinder, both electric and non-electric are important considerations. As alwyas, acquiring these items without going into debt is the only way I advise getting them. Remember, these are tools of self sufficiency and they are good at keeping you out of debt, don't go into debt to get them! 

On today's show I discuss in detail the storage of commodity items like rice, beans, grains, corn, etc. Also discussed is how to store them-what type containers, oxygen absorbers, mylar pouches etc. I give ideas on where ot find these items, which varities I recommend and how long these items can be stored.

On today's show I introduce a series we will be covering that lays out the current state of world economies and how an impending economic downturn will affect you. We will be discussing the following during this series of shows:

  1. Commodity Food Storage-rice, beans, pasta, grains, etc.
  2. Common Kitchen and Homesteading Equipment-what you need
  3. Storing Pantry Items-canned goods, condiments, paper products, baking supplies
  4. Seeds, Gardening, Fruit Trees, Row Crops
  5. Dairy Animals, Egg Layers, Meat Animals
  6. Water Purification and Storage
  7. Strategies To Produce Food Stores


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Today's show is strictly about Thoughtful Harvest Sauces, it's not a regular episode so if your not interested in behind the scenes business and food manufacturing stuff you might want to skip ahead to next show.

I will be discuss our recent packaging change from glass jars to flexible pouches and the benefits of doing so.  Also I talk about new equipment we used and how the packages sealed etc.

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Today I discuss making a super summer dish; fried green toamtoes with a tomato peach jam....SPICY tomato peach jam. The addition of a cayenne pepper (or your favorite type) brings a special something to this great appetizer. In August tomatoes are at their best..and peaches are almost this is perfect time of year to make this. Frying green tomatoes is a tradition down south nad this cornmeal crusted pan fried version is the best IMO. The addition of an easy spicy tomato peach jam is perfect.

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On today's show I go over 5 ways to use the summer bounty of peaches many of us have right now. I'll highlight:

  1. Grilled peaches w mascarpone cheese and balsamic drizzle
  2. Sourdough Peach Clafoutis
  3. Habenero Peach Jam
  4. Salted Caramel & Lavendar Peach Cake
  5. Buttermilk Peach Smoothy.

I love peaches and often can them as well as just eating from the hand. I hope these ideas inspire you too.


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A few episodes back I suggested the use of probiotic rich foods like sour pickles, kombucha, sauerkraut, kefir, yogurt etc. On today's show I walk you thru the making of a delicatessen classic; the full sour dill pickle. These intoxicating little pickles can be found floating in wood barrels in many delis that appreciate old-world goodness. Sour pickles are made using just water, salt and aromatics and they allow natural bacteria to multiply and produce lactic acid to prevent spoilage. In the process, a rich probiotic is created with a wonderful and unique taste. Simple to make with everyday equipment your journey into lacto fermentation should always incude a stoll down sour pickle lane!

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On today's show I celebrate my 300th episode and read a few quick thoughts from listeners. The main topic is the vinaigrette. This is something  I want you all to try. It's simple, if you can find lacto juice, delicious and healthy too. It takes 1 minutes to make it and your salads and taste buds will thank you.

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Today I provide a recap of my trip to The Colorado Rockies to visit with and help nurse Omi (my mother in law) back to health. My goal was to assist her immune system, which is being ravished by anti-biotics that are killing her lung infection, through the use of function foods, probiotics, lacto-fermented beverages, vegetables and dairy products. While I was not able to create any weight gain, I did manage to bring her appetite back and improve her spirits. All in all a great trip even though it was weird NOT having my family with me as usual while visitng Colorado.

On today's show I provide instructions so you can make a terrific summertime dish; rosemary & garlic marinated chicken with a berry coulis. This dish can be made with chicken breasts, chicken thighs, (personal favorite) or even pork tenderloin. The marinade leaves a delicious rosemary garlic flavor and the refreshing coulis is the perfect foil and balance to the dish.

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On today's show I discuss the salts I keep in my pantry and give tips on how to use them. The proper use of salt is paramount to good cookery and even more important in the crafting of artisan foods of all sorts. I keep the following salts:

-Morton Kosher Salt

-Iodized salt (rarely used)

-Maldon Flakes Salt

-Grey Sea Salt, France

-Himilayan Pink Salt


This episode has been requested many times so I hope it's useful to you.

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On today's show I discuss ideas for cooking with fresh spring peas. Unlike canned or frozen peas, which have their place, fresh spring peas are truly luxurious. <!--more-->


Rather rare these days, fresh peas are amazing ingredients and a treat to cook with. I mention some very specific ways to cook with peas like a cilantro garlic pea cream sauce served over roasted halibut, curried peas, rosemary garlic peas over pasta and much more.

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On Today's show I discuss how I make shrimp n grits, The grits have cheddar cheese and garden fresh chives along with some roasted red peppers. The shrimp were marinated, then grilled to perfection and placed carefully on the wonderful grits then adorned with a heavenly drizzle of the shrimp reduction sauce.  When done the meal is a feat for the senses. All the elements to a memorable dish lie within this creation.

On today's show I dive deep on the reasons you would consider NOT buying pond or farm raised shrimp from overseas. When buying pond raised imported shrimp there are issues with in-humane labor practices that include slavery, terrible quality and lack of sanitation, plus the economic consequences of your dollars not going to your local fishermen. At the end of the show I detail a tasty shrimp recipe that you can find on the blog at Harvest

On today's show I discuss the micro biome referring to your intestinal health. The trillions of bacteria that live in your digestive system are the key to a healthy life. They can prevent and even cure some disease and modern science and the pharma industry is hard at work unlocking what may be the biggest human health development ever discovered. You micro biome or gut has over 100 trillion bacteria that determine many facets of your life. 

I recommend the new book called Brain Maker authored by New York Times best selling author and neurologist Dr. David Perlmutter MD.  It discusses these topics and related ground-breaking research in depth.

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Today I talk about my top 4 tips for successful grilling. So easy if you follow them to produce great grilled chicken, steak, grilled pork or even grilled seafood. If you keep your grill hot, brushed, oiled and let the grill cook instead of flipping the meat every two seconds you will have great results. Charcoal grills are my favorite and I use lump charcoal instead of charcoal briquets, and never use lighter fluid. This podcast on grilling will help you get the most out of your Weber Kettle Grill.

On today's show I talk about my plans for using up produce we have growing. I na short few weeks there will be many vegetbles coming into the kitchen after being harvested. Having a plan and some recipe ideas BEFORE this occurs is the way to go. Try to envision the myriad ways you can use your upcoming harvest.

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On today's show I discuss the Vertigro hydroponic system were using and also the Rootmaker and Roottrapper growing vessels were experimenting with. Both are AWESOME additions to our gardeing efforts and both allow us to garden-above digging, weeding or bending. We will update progress as 2015 continues.

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On today's show I discuss a term called Ketosis, essentially when your brain uses ketones created in your body to burn as fuel. You can turbo charge weight loss and brain function if this is done properly. A ketotic diet is becoming common place with many in the medical community which flies in the face of government recommended diets which are total garbage.

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On today's show I discuss a rather simple Asian inspired dish that uses fresh spring asparagus; sesame ginger flank steak with asparagus. This is made with a wok and uses common ingredients. We love simple Asian food and this dish is no exception. Check out the video of this recipe at Harvest

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On today's show I discuss making slow braised pork ribs with dried red chilies as the base for a braising liquid. Country style pork ribs become amazinly tender and delicious when cooked with a flavorful chili and tomato broth. The addition of garlic, carrot, onion and a few spices makes this so good. Serve over rice, in tacos, burritos etc.

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Today's show is all about making an old-school Italian classic, Spaghetti Carbonara. This pasta dish usually features a unique cured pork product called Guanciale or pork cheeks, eggs, cheese and usually some herbage. Since pork cheeks can be difficult to find in middle America bacon can be substituted. And other things such as peas, tomatoes, cream etc can be added ot make the dish your own. This dish can elecit anger, threats of death and water baording too from those that are purists. So take that into account when making your own version.

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On today's show I walk you thu making tamales a classic Mexican dish that is amazingly diverse and incredibly delicious. Tamales are also gluten -free making them safe for Celiacs too. I made some pinto bean and cheese tamales the other night that turned out really nice, see for a photo and visit Harvest for the recipe.

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Today's episode is a quick show focused on making these simple breakfast, lunch or snack cupcakes. They're made with farm-fresh eggs, two types of cheese, Italian kale, roasted red peppers and de-hydrated hash brown potatoes. These take only a few minutes to prepare and only 25 minutes to cook. They were loved by my entire family...we finished 12 in mere minutes.

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On today's show I discuss the avian flu outbreak in the midwest where turkey and chicken factory farms are experiencing a massive bird flu crisis. Millions of birds are being destroyed and the whole factory farm system is being exposed for what it is....concentrated risk. FULL DISCLOSURE: I eat factory farm protein occasinally, but hate doing it. I feel the need to discuss this and present some options that we can all do to avoid this system.

On today's episode I discuss making smoked chicken pate using your pressure cooker. Chicken pate is a classic French recipe with many variations; with ingredients and techniques. This techniqu used the speed and efficiency of a pressure cooker to quickly tenderize the chicken thighs so they are "fall off the bone tender" and easy to process. I like to flavor this with liquid smoke (natural kind) and other aromatics like fresh parsley, white wine, onions, carrots and pepper corns are nice here too. This French recipe is MUCH easier using this method...and it can be made with chicken, pork or even salmon. Be sure to support this show by visiting Harvest and getting on the email list, also see our Facebook Page

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Today I discuss our past gardening experiences; what worked, what did not and what we are doing this year to get back into gardening after a 2 year hiatus from gardening, America's favorite past time. I mention some new products I am working with as well.

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On today's show I talk about making Paleo spinach nad bacon cakes with butter and parmesan cheese. These are supper yummy yet also very easy to make. Fresh spoinach is a must here, no frozen please. This makes a great appetizer that is very rich and full-flavored.

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On today's show I talk about using up leftover ham from Easter. Millions of people have ham for Easter dinner.....and using it up becomes a challenge. I offer a few simple ideas here on how I like to use it.....including a split pea soup.

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On today's show I go over the contruction of a Beurre Blanc- which is a simple white butter sauce that is amazing on seafood. This sauce is not hard to create but you need the basic techniques so you do not break the sauce. I go into detail regarding my recipe for soy chili beurre blanc.

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On today's show I walk you thru the creation of my favorite bread, a rusitic bareley kneaded round loaf that is amazing! Everything about this recipe is terrific....especially the crisp outside texture and the perfect crumb inside. Super easy..just takes some time.

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On today's show I am pounding the drum again about growing lettuce. Being able to walk outside and cut your own lettuce is truly one of the great experiences of farm to table cookery. I sugget gowing several varieties of heirloom lettuces to see what works best for your situation and taste buds.

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On today;s show I discuss making Chicken Satay with Thai Peanut Sauce. Simple techniques with bold Thai flavors make this the perfect party food. Juicy chicken thighs skewered and grilled become amazing once drizzled with the peanut sauce.

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Strictly personal updates food talk...!

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On todays's show I walk you through the creation of one amazing sandwich; Roast Beef w Garlic Confit Butter, Bluee Cheese & BBQ Sauce....this creation has been lingering in my head for weeks so I had to share it with you. You'll learn how to roast the beef, make the garlic confit butter and assemble the sandwich too.  Enjoy...!

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On today's episode of Harvest Eating I discuss the methods and reasoning behind slow poaching a whole chicken. To make clear, delicious broth where the chicken is NOT dry, slow poaching is the way to go. Simple, inexpensive and delicious !

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In this episode I discuss making one of my new favorite dishes, Lemongrass beef. This Thai specialty is nothing short of amazing. My take on it is luscious, super-flavorful nad best of all, easy. Tender beef marinated in lemongrass, garlic, green onion etc. Love it!

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On today's show I discuss making and enjoying bone broth. Quite the rage these days, bone broths have been consumed for many centuries by people the world over. Easy to make with a few simple techniques bone broths are a good way to supplement your diet with many nutrients.

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On today's episode I discuss the in-depth the technique of braising which is a low and slow method of cooking using plenty of flavorful liquid.  Braising suits tougher cuts of meat that have plenty of connective tissue. Braised beef shanks are easy to make and are not only spectacular looking but super flavorful.

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Today's show is all about Thai fried rice, which is to say fried rice in a Thai Style...that usually means salty, sweet and spicy flavor notes. It also always means it's flavored with fish sauce. Fish sauce is essential to Thai cooking and it's what brings that wonerful flavor we all love about Thai cusine. You will love this recipe.

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On today's shpw I discuss 3 simple superbowl recipe ideas to thelp make your party special. Green chili, onion dip and a roasted green chili queso dip. All very simple with basic ingredients but will amazing flavors.

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The Espagnole sauce is the most difficult and time consuming of all the French Mother Sauces. It can easily take 12 hours even if you take shortcuts. the resulting sauce, whether made from chicken or beef or veal, is heaven on a plate. Top a roasted chicken or steak with it and you will understand what I mean.

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Ae we proceed we come to Hollandaise sauce, the special touch on the Eggs Benedict we all love at breakfast or brunch. This is a simple sauce with very few ingredients yet is has many uses. Learning to make this sauce is a terrific skill to have.

On our third show in this series on the Five Mother Sauces of Classical French Cookery we discuss Tomato Sauce, one that is closet to my heart. This sauce is easy and can be made ahead for freezing or canning. If you can locatea bunch of long dense plum tomatoes you can make it totally from scratch, if not, canned plum tomatoes can be used with great results.

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On today's show I discuss making Veloute' sauce, the roux thickened white sauce that can start with ether chicken, fish or veal stock. This is a very simple sauce and it's variations can be many. We discuss a few compund sauces including Hungarian Sauce, Normandy Sauce and Bercy Sauce 1.

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On today's show I start a 5 part series on the 5 French Mother Sauces in classical French Cookery. These sauces are the starting point for many other meals so understanding their construction leads to a much improved arsenal of dishes. This first episode focuses on Bechamel, simple white sauce that is perfect for making many other dishes.

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