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On today's show I offer a few simple recipes; one for my spinach artichoke dip which is perfect for holiday parties. Also the green beans with shallot cream sauce that so many of you rely on each Christmas to adorn your tables.

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On today's show I discuss making cherry clafoutis and hand made chocolate truffles. These two desserts are both perfect for Christmas. A cocktail party or the typical Christmas eve gathering is the perfect place to showcase these unique treats.

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In this episode I discuss the thin wonderful French pancake we call crepes. Crepes are easy to make and can be fillied with both sweet fillings or toppings and even savory options like ham, cheese spinach, meats etc. An easy crepe batter recipe is posted at Harvest Eating. com

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On today's show I discuss the wonderful sweet potato. It's readily available, inexpensive and very healthy. Grown all over the country sweet potatoes can be a part of breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are good in ethnic foods, baked goods, savory dishes and even in waffles. 

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