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On today's show I talk about making a traditional German red cabbage or Blau Kraut. This dish comes from my mother in-law Omi...shes's from Bavaria and this is one of my favorite receipes that she has shown me.  In Germany this type of red cabbage is traditionally served with sausags or brats. It also pairs well with pork chops whether pan fried or grilled. This recipe is simple and extremely satisfying.

On today's show I answer some listener questions and discuss several topics that have been on my mind. I will talk about a sweet chili vinaigrette which is a special treat, bthe est ways to use my Greek Seasoning and even some dietary advice. I feel it's a good practice to avoid UHT (ultra high temperature) dairy products and how weight loss can be achieved with low carb eating, without starving.

On today's show I take you along on my travels to Europe which remind me of a side trip that had me in Cortina d' Ampezzo, one of hte world's most amazing alpine villages. Cortina is so pretty and has many activities such as hiking, skiing, shopping, eating, cross country skiing, ice hockey, motorcycle riidng etc. Cortina d'Ampezzo Italy is a sight for the senses sue to it's alpine scenery that is nothing short of spectacular. If you ever go there be sure to eat the spinach balls they make....they are unforgettable.

On today's show I discuss the magic of Indian food. This is such a varied cuisine loaded with spices, textures, flavors and so regionally diverse it all adds up to one of the worlds great cusines. In particular I discuss curry powder and some fo it's uses and talk about making a spiced spinach called Palak Paneer. Indian food can be made at home simply once the spices used are understood and experimented with.

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On today's show I discuss some soup making basics including using a main ingredient, choosing aromatics and other important criteria of soup making. I descibe a roasted butternut squash soup with either pear or apple, leek and potato soup and finally a brief description of tortilla soup, one of my favorites. now that fall weather is here soups become a bigger part of most people's menu planning, certainly ours.

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Bolognese sauce is a classic Italian recipe for meat sauce. Generally, it contains 3 types of ground meat; beef, veal, and pork. Sometimes the cook will substitute other meats such as wild boar, deer or other game meats.  It's a very thick sauce and is not a tomato sauce rather a meat sauce that has tomatoes. It is very thick, chunky and has the undertones of red wine, garlic and woody herbs

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