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On today's show I discuss the home pantry in it's many forms. Recently a listener emailed for advice after his kitchen was destroyed in a fire and he had to start over from scratch. So I devoted most fo today's show to this topic.  I talk about the diffrent places to store food, a bit about pantry design, the facets of a home pantry; spices, baking, dry good, fridge and freezer etc. Also I touch on the long-term storage pantry, which many of you know I fee lis very important.

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On today's show I once again discuss meatballs. We had some AMAZING meatballs tonight that I made with some leftovers and some intersteing spices and flavors and textures. Trying to be thrifty, I used up some left over spinach ppine nut pie and white rice combined with a few other special ingredients to make meatballs that went above and beyond your typical Italian American meatballs with red gravy.... I think anybody would love these.

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On today's show I discuss how a pressure cooker, a good chicken, some dehydrated potatoes, and some frozen peas can make a meal the family will love and it does not require too much time. PLease don't judge me....I know ...A chef using dried potatoes is not good...but in a pinch it's good to rely on the pantry and the long term storables to make a family meal all will love. Great time saver for you busy folks!

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On today's show I discuss the many nut butters that are edible. Keep in mind, aside from peanut and almond these others are somewhat exotic and hard to find commercially....there are sources which are listed in show notes for this episode, however making your own is the way to go in my opinion. Prices for almond butter have skyrocketed so making your own is a better option, and it really is pretty simple. Nut butters are a great vehicle for tasty eating that provide protein, fats, minerals, vitamins and fiber.

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On today's show I discuss the hottest trends in food for the year 2014. While some are rediculous and meaningless, others are showing the work I do here starting to become more mainstream. Seeing healthy school lunches for kids becoming popular and trending is terrific news. Parents need to feed kids well at home also and not rely on the "state" to nourish our children.

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On today's show we discuss the joys of mustard making, yes I did say joys!  I love making mustard, it's inexpensive, easy and anybody can do it with common ingredients. Mustard is one fo the most commonly used condiments, and gourmet mustard is getting rather expensive so making your own is a good skill to have.  Mustard seeds are easy to store in your long-tem storage pantry as is vinegar so you can make your own mustard at any time without going to pay the gangsters are the supermarket!

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In this episode I try to give you ideas and inspiration to cook with local corn and tomatoes that are abundant now but soon to be gone!  Both very versatile crops, corn and tomatoes go together well and  can enhance many dishes. Corn and tomatoes are also tasty enough to star as the feature ingredients in many dishes.  I personally love both and cook with them often.

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