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On todays show I give several recipe ideas for using up abundant summer squashes. Zucchini and crookneck are some of my favorite squash and I love to cook with them both. Summer squash are perfect for soups, pizza, pasta, sandwiches, ratatouille and much more.  One of my favorite dishes is ratatouille, there is a great video recipes posted in the members area for that.

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On today's show I inspire you to make a wonderful BBQ beef dish from Korea. This is popular city food, easy to make and certainly a big change from standard back yard cooking. Your friends and family will be impressed and in love with this dish.

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On today's show I discuss making homemade BBQ sauce....folks that stuff in bottles is garbage...very few BBQ sauces are worth spending your money exception is Red Law Sauce Company, they have a whiskey sweet cherry BBQ sauce that is really, really good...highly recommended.

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In this show I discuss a simple chicken dish, could not be easier, but hte flavors are outstanding....Greek Spiced chicken with mater sauce....give it a try..then post your photo at

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In this epsiode I give some ideas for summer drinks like iced tea, Lemongrass mint soda and almond milk from scratch. Also an update on olive oil for those of you interested.

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In this episode I talk about a new piece of outdoor cooking equipment I recently bought...the Blackstone Griddle. This is a handy item that cook well, is pretty easy to clean and is well made...especially for hte price.

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This episode I discuss a great dish, Thai Chicken sauce with crispy (and cold) romaine hearts.....very easy dish with fairly easy to get ingredients....let me know how it turns out!

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In today's show I discuss the long down time and some HUGE life changes. We're back recording now nad the show must go on.....

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