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Here is the last installment of the Valentines menu...simple seasonal dessert with a trendy sauce....

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On today's show I discuss the main vourse of my 4 course Valentines Menu....check it out...

Here is episode two describing the Valentines menu with second course of Sherries wild mushroom crostini or bruschetta.

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This episode I discuss a soup dish I am making for a Valntines can make it too...!

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In todays show I discuss some simple salads....made with a simple dressing....enjoy!

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In this episode I discuss how to make a simple salsa fresca....perfect for the weekend and game watching.

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In this episode I talk once again about soups. I love soup and have been enjoying allot of soup this winter. I talk about some specifics on making soup plus the usual rant or two...Enjoy!

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On the first show for 2014 I discuss our plans, goals and thoughts for 2014 while touching on the great year we just finished. The kids make a short apperance and discuss the Christmas and while sounding very commercial, they sure had a fun time with Santa's visit.

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