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On today's show I offer a few simple recipes; one for my spinach artichoke dip which is perfect for holiday parties. Also the green beans with shallot cream sauce that so many of you rely on each Christmas to adorn your tables.

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On today's show I discuss making cherry clafoutis and hand made chocolate truffles. These two desserts are both perfect for Christmas. A cocktail party or the typical Christmas eve gathering is the perfect place to showcase these unique treats.

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In this episode I discuss the thin wonderful French pancake we call crepes. Crepes are easy to make and can be fillied with both sweet fillings or toppings and even savory options like ham, cheese spinach, meats etc. An easy crepe batter recipe is posted at Harvest Eating. com

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On today's show I discuss the wonderful sweet potato. It's readily available, inexpensive and very healthy. Grown all over the country sweet potatoes can be a part of breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are good in ethnic foods, baked goods, savory dishes and even in waffles. 

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On today's show I discuss making turkey, gravy and discuss some strategies for pulling off the big meal. Let's face it, if the turkey is dry and potatoes cold and gravy bland you will not enjoy the meal. So listen ot these basic tips and have a great meal.

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On today's show I take some listener questions on topics like using dried mushrooms, favorite podcasts, baked desserts etc. I also discuss some interesting ways to use the Harvest Right freeze dryer. Anytime you have questions, just post them on Facebook and I will address them.

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On today's show I discuss making dog food. So many of you have asked about this but since it's not really cooking I have avoided it. However, I've been making lots of food for SNIPA lateley so I thought I would do a show on it. I discuss why you might consider making dog food, why I think it's beneficial, what types of protein to use, what carbs and what else might be added. Also, the results in my own dog's health.

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On today's show I discuss a classic dish, Beef Stroganoff. This warming food has a Russian origin but is enjoyed throughout most of Europe and especially in parts of Germany. Made with cheaper cuts of beef and classically infused with sour cream, beef stroganoff is a rich hearty dish usually served over egg noodles. My version uses Worcestershire sauce, fresh and dry Thyme and plenty of garlic. I like beef stock but chicken stock works well too. As far as mushrooms just about any can be used, even canned which are good in this dish, however if served to guests I would most likely use fresh mushrooms.

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On today's show I discuss my most recent effort to develop a gluten-free corn cake that has the texture of a real pancake minus the gluten. This recipe is a winner, and today I discuss why I really love corn cakes and recipe using cornmeal in general. In the Southern US, and area  I am very fond of, cornmeal has a special place in the heart of many.

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On today's show I talk about making a traditional German red cabbage or Blau Kraut. This dish comes from my mother in-law Omi...shes's from Bavaria and this is one of my favorite receipes that she has shown me.  In Germany this type of red cabbage is traditionally served with sausags or brats. It also pairs well with pork chops whether pan fried or grilled. This recipe is simple and extremely satisfying.

On today's show I answer some listener questions and discuss several topics that have been on my mind. I will talk about a sweet chili vinaigrette which is a special treat, bthe est ways to use my Greek Seasoning and even some dietary advice. I feel it's a good practice to avoid UHT (ultra high temperature) dairy products and how weight loss can be achieved with low carb eating, without starving.

On today's show I take you along on my travels to Europe which remind me of a side trip that had me in Cortina d' Ampezzo, one of hte world's most amazing alpine villages. Cortina is so pretty and has many activities such as hiking, skiing, shopping, eating, cross country skiing, ice hockey, motorcycle riidng etc. Cortina d'Ampezzo Italy is a sight for the senses sue to it's alpine scenery that is nothing short of spectacular. If you ever go there be sure to eat the spinach balls they make....they are unforgettable.

On today's show I discuss the magic of Indian food. This is such a varied cuisine loaded with spices, textures, flavors and so regionally diverse it all adds up to one of the worlds great cusines. In particular I discuss curry powder and some fo it's uses and talk about making a spiced spinach called Palak Paneer. Indian food can be made at home simply once the spices used are understood and experimented with.

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On today's show I discuss some soup making basics including using a main ingredient, choosing aromatics and other important criteria of soup making. I descibe a roasted butternut squash soup with either pear or apple, leek and potato soup and finally a brief description of tortilla soup, one of my favorites. now that fall weather is here soups become a bigger part of most people's menu planning, certainly ours.

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Bolognese sauce is a classic Italian recipe for meat sauce. Generally, it contains 3 types of ground meat; beef, veal, and pork. Sometimes the cook will substitute other meats such as wild boar, deer or other game meats.  It's a very thick sauce and is not a tomato sauce rather a meat sauce that has tomatoes. It is very thick, chunky and has the undertones of red wine, garlic and woody herbs

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On today's show I discuss the home pantry in it's many forms. Recently a listener emailed for advice after his kitchen was destroyed in a fire and he had to start over from scratch. So I devoted most fo today's show to this topic.  I talk about the diffrent places to store food, a bit about pantry design, the facets of a home pantry; spices, baking, dry good, fridge and freezer etc. Also I touch on the long-term storage pantry, which many of you know I fee lis very important.

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On today's show I once again discuss meatballs. We had some AMAZING meatballs tonight that I made with some leftovers and some intersteing spices and flavors and textures. Trying to be thrifty, I used up some left over spinach ppine nut pie and white rice combined with a few other special ingredients to make meatballs that went above and beyond your typical Italian American meatballs with red gravy.... I think anybody would love these.

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On today's show I discuss how a pressure cooker, a good chicken, some dehydrated potatoes, and some frozen peas can make a meal the family will love and it does not require too much time. PLease don't judge me....I know ...A chef using dried potatoes is not good...but in a pinch it's good to rely on the pantry and the long term storables to make a family meal all will love. Great time saver for you busy folks!

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On today's show I discuss the many nut butters that are edible. Keep in mind, aside from peanut and almond these others are somewhat exotic and hard to find commercially....there are sources which are listed in show notes for this episode, however making your own is the way to go in my opinion. Prices for almond butter have skyrocketed so making your own is a better option, and it really is pretty simple. Nut butters are a great vehicle for tasty eating that provide protein, fats, minerals, vitamins and fiber.

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On today's show I discuss the hottest trends in food for the year 2014. While some are rediculous and meaningless, others are showing the work I do here starting to become more mainstream. Seeing healthy school lunches for kids becoming popular and trending is terrific news. Parents need to feed kids well at home also and not rely on the "state" to nourish our children.

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On today's show we discuss the joys of mustard making, yes I did say joys!  I love making mustard, it's inexpensive, easy and anybody can do it with common ingredients. Mustard is one fo the most commonly used condiments, and gourmet mustard is getting rather expensive so making your own is a good skill to have.  Mustard seeds are easy to store in your long-tem storage pantry as is vinegar so you can make your own mustard at any time without going to pay the gangsters are the supermarket!

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In this episode I try to give you ideas and inspiration to cook with local corn and tomatoes that are abundant now but soon to be gone!  Both very versatile crops, corn and tomatoes go together well and  can enhance many dishes. Corn and tomatoes are also tasty enough to star as the feature ingredients in many dishes.  I personally love both and cook with them often.

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On today's show I awnswer a few questions from the audience regarding cooking ramen noodles, beans and rice etc. I also discuss a subject that I have not spoke of recently; food inflation. In all areas of the food supply you can see inflation steadily increasing prices and shrinking package sizes. This is a trend I think will continue anad become a real problem for families trying to make ends meet.

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On today's show I discuss making a simple gluten-free dessert which happens ot be Paleo too. My toasted coconut, chocolate Paleo ice pops. These are very simple to contruct, have only a few ingredients and are very satisfying indeed. Most of the ingredients can be purchased at the local supermarket or certainly online for those of you who like Amazon. Nonethless, these chocolate coconut ice pops are sure to please.

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On today's episode I discuss something that I have been thinking about lately; seafood in coconut sauce. It's a tasty and simple sauce that is started with a seafood stock (or chicken too) and finished with coconut milk, cilantro, butter, lime juice and a few Thai flavors as well. It's pretty straight forward and uses basic ingredients. I think it goes really well with seared firm-fleshed fish such as halibut, red snapper or even salmon.

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On today's show I discuss the plans for Olivia's 12th birthday party meal. I'm making custom-ground burgers, with cheddar cheese, fried red onions, bacon and Datil pepper BBQ sauce. I'll cover making the burgersand the Pièce de résistance, bacon mac n cheese with green onions.....YUM CITY. Also, I will make Gluten free buttermilk buckwheat crepes with cherry compote, creme fraiche and caramel sauce...and yes all components were made by this guy's hands!

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On today's show I answer some question that were posted on Everything from cookign with cast iron, to feeding a family on $200 per month, ideas for using up eggs, best pressure cookers and even a question on making or using pork bone broth.

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On thoday's show I discuss making a Thai Red Curry w Beef that so many of you have asked for. This is a one-pot meal that is inexpensive, satisfying, full of flavor and just plain awesome. You wil lneed a few ingredients like lemongrass, white pepper, fish sauce etc. that might not yet be a part of your pantry....never fear...easily remedied on Amazon or your local Asian Market. 

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In this episode I discuss making a simple stew using garden fresh zucchni and tomato, with garlic, onion, fresh basil, good olive oil and some grated cheese. This dish is simple to prepare but a little technique and know how is needed to make sure you get a good texture. Also, I wax on about the proper type of zucchini needed ot make this recipe.

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In this episode I discuss making a few unrelated dishes that have been on my mind recently; a simple russet potato salad and a roasted tomato peach compote. Both are dead simple, yet delicious. I also go off on a tangent....more then once...sorry for that.

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On today's show I will use the D word. I discuss a diet strategy or lifestyle stragey called Low Carb High Fat. Basically limiting the carobohydrat intake to less then 60 grams per day, with no gluten, and eating copius amounts of fats. I choose butter, coconut oil, coconut milk, ample nuts like walnuts, almonds, pecans. Also, meat like chicken, beef etc.

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In this episode I discuss a multitude of ideas for this holiday weekend. Grilling, smoking and cook-outs of all types will take place this weekend by the millions. I hope these recipe ideas for the 4th of July help inspire you to cook something you can be proud of and that your guest will love. I discuss vegetarian options, beef, ribs, burgers, chicken and food safety.

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On today's show I discuss making grits n greens casseole; the components, the method, some history and some inspiration. Ths is classic Southern food, and if done right can be an amazing taste sensation. I think it could be the perfect dish to bring to your next picnic. 

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On todays show I give several recipe ideas for using up abundant summer squashes. Zucchini and crookneck are some of my favorite squash and I love to cook with them both. Summer squash are perfect for soups, pizza, pasta, sandwiches, ratatouille and much more.  One of my favorite dishes is ratatouille, there is a great video recipes posted in the members area for that.

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On today's show I inspire you to make a wonderful BBQ beef dish from Korea. This is popular city food, easy to make and certainly a big change from standard back yard cooking. Your friends and family will be impressed and in love with this dish.

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On today's show I discuss making homemade BBQ sauce....folks that stuff in bottles is garbage...very few BBQ sauces are worth spending your money exception is Red Law Sauce Company, they have a whiskey sweet cherry BBQ sauce that is really, really good...highly recommended.

If you're a supporting member of Harvest Eating be sure to log in and print the recipes mentioned on today's show.

As always, your support of Harvest Eating is greatly appreciated...If you like the show why not leave a review on ITunes and be sure to visit our Facebook page.

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In this show I discuss a simple chicken dish, could not be easier, but hte flavors are outstanding....Greek Spiced chicken with mater sauce....give it a try..then post your photo at

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In this epsiode I give some ideas for summer drinks like iced tea, Lemongrass mint soda and almond milk from scratch. Also an update on olive oil for those of you interested.

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In this episode I talk about a new piece of outdoor cooking equipment I recently bought...the Blackstone Griddle. This is a handy item that cook well, is pretty easy to clean and is well made...especially for hte price.

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This episode I discuss a great dish, Thai Chicken sauce with crispy (and cold) romaine hearts.....very easy dish with fairly easy to get ingredients....let me know how it turns out!

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In today's show I discuss the long down time and some HUGE life changes. We're back recording now nad the show must go on.....

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Hey folks..sorry for the delay...I'm back today with some more exciting Thai foods and techniques.

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In this episode I discuss a classic old-school Italian dish Amatriciana. Usually made with bucatini this simple dish can be enjoyed a variety of ways.

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In this episode I discuss allot of things including my smashed thumb, sprouting and our desire for warm weather and fresh foods to arrive.

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Hi folks...I know you were worried about me...but this show starts me back on track and updates yo uon where I've been....

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This episode is one where I discuss two seemingy unrelated dishes.....I think you wil still enjoy..

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In this episode I talk about some of my favorite flavors....Thai flavors. Thai food is easy to cook with the right ingredients, they are readily available in most markets and make for some tasty home cooked food.

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Here is the last installment of the Valentines menu...simple seasonal dessert with a trendy sauce....

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On today's show I discuss the main vourse of my 4 course Valentines Menu....check it out...

Here is episode two describing the Valentines menu with second course of Sherries wild mushroom crostini or bruschetta.

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This episode I discuss a soup dish I am making for a Valntines can make it too...!

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In todays show I discuss some simple salads....made with a simple dressing....enjoy!

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In this episode I discuss how to make a simple salsa fresca....perfect for the weekend and game watching.

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In this episode I talk once again about soups. I love soup and have been enjoying allot of soup this winter. I talk about some specifics on making soup plus the usual rant or two...Enjoy!

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On the first show for 2014 I discuss our plans, goals and thoughts for 2014 while touching on the great year we just finished. The kids make a short apperance and discuss the Christmas and while sounding very commercial, they sure had a fun time with Santa's visit.

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