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In this episode I talk about cooking with lentils and other legumes from the long term storage pantry. Lentils can make a host of wonderful meals and this will help motivate you to cook with them....

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In this episode I discuss a bunch of updates  and other stuff....then get into buying, cooking and storing butternut squash. Butternut squash is one of my favorite vegetables and is one of the best long term storagble foods you can have.

In this episode I discuss cooking with frozen vegetables. Some are good, some are not but all have a place in your cooking.

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In this episode I dicuss a bunch of details regarding pasta sauce, my trip to the dentist, a hockey playing update and the meat of the show....well it's seafood not meat... I discuss way to cook with salmon.

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In this epsidoe I discuss cooking with spinach and winter greens. I speak about some spinach dumplins I had in Cortina da Ambpezzo Italy which were to die for. Also, a hearty winter green salad. Enjoy!

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I discuss greenhouses and why you shoudl have one, the best types to have IMO and what kind I used to have.

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In this episode I discuss the amazing potato and how to enjoy it. I also discuss the many merits of the potato as a survival food.

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In today's shorter episode I dicuss some basic fall cooking ideas, things like soups, pastas and more. Also and update on the deer devastation we encountered.

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This was a tough episode to record....but I feel it's important to discuss....I HATE having to think about things like this. Nobody should worry about this stuff.....Let me know your thoughts?

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Todays show focuses on what I am going to do with all the pears and apples we picked yesterday. I talk about making cider, fritters, poached pears and a few rants on bad food, rip-off dog food and pasta sauce packaging updates.

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In this episode I discuss the best cuts of beeffor a roast. I also give in depth pasta sauce updates and ramble on about allot of other forewarned....

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This is episode I talk about my first elk huntring trip...was pretty neat...also I walk you through making two soups; New England style clam chowder and also Leek n Potato soup...a fall favorite for us.

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