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Learn how to make salsa with character.....using wood with your grill....amazing results await.

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On todays's show I discuss simple buckwheat pancakes, why I like them and how I make them. Also, I mention several brands of gluten free products you can find in stores near you. These include bread, crackers, and pastas.

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In this epsiode I discuss some of my favorite ways of cooking with apples...making apple cider, roasted apples, apple pie, apple tarts and curried apple onion compote. Check it out and share your ideas...

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In this episode I discuss in detail making one of my favorite appetizers.....Sweet n Spicy Pepper RElish with Goat Cheese try's awesome...also a recap of our recent trip to Glacier Park (see photos at Facebook) and a pasta sauce update...

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In this epsiode I discuss making tuna salad.....this lowly food of our past is GREAT for long term storage and can be delicious if made properly....also, be sure to check out hte photo of me and the Black Shadown on the Havest Eating website.

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In this episode I discuss getting some of the last of summer's bounty and enjoy them to their fullest. Also I speak to the coming cool weather and how were adjusting to it with heartier foods.

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In this episode I discuss how I like to make bbq sauce and give some basic pointers for you.

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