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In this episode recored outdoors in Colorado I disuss some Mexican food..good and bad....then describe a great dish I made last night. Also, some updates from vacation here in Colorado.

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In this episode I talk about how you can use healthy vinaigrettes as sauce to kick- up the taste and falvor profile of your foods.

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In this episode I discuss making a pork green chili. I also discuss the course I am creating to help people go gluten free and how to help them aliviate joint pain. 

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On today's episode I discuss a recent trip to Whitefish Montana and many other random topics.

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On today's show I dicuss a few dishes I've made this week that incorporate lots of summer produce, but also some broccoli, which we still get fresh here in western Montana. Many ideas for ratatouille too.

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In this short episode I try to inspire you to be motivated and use up hte harvest that will be gone in a matter of weeks...cherries, watermelon, tomatoes, zucchini etc. all will be gone i na few short weeks. so lets take advantage of this marvelous harvest.

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In this episode I discuss the Flathead Lake Montana area and it's wonderful cherries along with some recipes for the Vitamix Blender

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