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In this short show I discuss how I am doing Gluten free and also speak about some project cooking...VEGETARIAN WARNING pates and rillettes.....simple French from a youtube video got into the last couple seconds of closing music....!

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Here are a few recipe ideas for those wheat free...or not...great stuff like grilled vegatbles, Cilantro chicken salad with cashwes..and gluten free chocolate die health updates...

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Today I speak of being wheat free, I ramble on about foods I am eating, other thoughts on diets, Harvest Eating and lastly a terrific Poblano Pepper Cream Sauce over grilled chicken....YUM!

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In this episode I share a personal struggle I am having with inflamation and arthitis and what I am trying to do about it. Bread, wheat will be on the choppign block for hte next few weeks minimum.

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In this episode I briefly discuss the making of foccacia bread.

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In this episode I discuss using foods from the long term storage pantry like lentils and brown rice to make tasty meat-free burgers. Cooking from long term storage can be tasty indeed!

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