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I discuss our weekend trip tp Coeur d Alene ID this weekend nad also dicuss making polenta....

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tips, techniques and ideas for this big grilling weekend!

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this show has a few topics and is under 30 minutes....make this oat pudding...

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I answer Derek's question on making French Onion Soup and also muse about our new (at leat to us) Lacanche range and my batch of fennel sausage

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Chatting about uses for fresh spinach, frozen too and some bitter greens.

Today I will be talking about our first Montana farmers market trip, I will also answer some questions and talk about my fly fishing trip.

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On today's show I discuss some question that were submitted. One about stee lcooked oats, one on venison backstraps and lastly using thickending agents such as flour or corn starch.

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