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130-Making Hummus From Scratch

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129-Making Tortilla Soup

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On today's show I will talk you thru making grilled eggplant napoleons with spicy tomato chutney and basil vinaigrette. These are quite easy to make and are perfect for a dinner party to wow your guests with bold flavors and a great presentation. This dish can be made totally vegan or just vegetarian by including some cheese which I will discuss in the show. At the end I discuss a new effort to raise cash to reprint the Harvest Eating cookbook and tell you how you might be able to help out.

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On today's show I discuss the art of making corned beef and pastrami. I also discuss why luncheon meat is not a very healthy thing to eat all the time. Of course, as with most things, moderation is key. I will discuss how it's made and how I like to enjoy it. For those of you who enjoy kids my family drops in to make a appearance. The recipes and photos showing how I make pastrami will be posted as the pastrami comes along.

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On today's show I will walk you through the preparation of a terrific Ethnic recipe that comes from Southeast Asia, Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup. I explain in detail how to create this wonderful dish that is inexpensive, healthy and delicious.

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On today's show I will be telling you why I am not gardening this year in the ground . Instead we will do some vertical gardening on the deck and spend the time we save not gardening pursuing other activities such as hunting, hiking, fishing, camping and entertaining.

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In this episode I discuss healthy snacks for children and for adults. We will cover the things not to eat and how you can be prepared for impromptu snacking with convenient make ahead snacks.

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On today's show I discuss the controversial subject of soy. Soy is everywhere, in all the processed foods, fast foods, oils, snack, cakes, etc. Soy is controlled by the biggest food conglomerates in the world and they have armies of scientists for research and marketing muscle to push their soy filled agendas.

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On today's show I discuss how I like to make chicken pot pie. We will go over crust making, the vegetables and ever important Veloute sauce. After listening you should be able to make a delicious chicken pot pie.

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