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On today's show I discuss pork green chili. One of my favorite comfort food recipes this simple green, chili is made with widely available ingredients and has a lovely taste and texture. In my batch last night I used ground local pork from a Hutterite Colony located nearby my western Montana homestead.

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On todays's show I discuss my thoughts on the proper methodology of seasoning foods. From basics such as using salt and pepper to mixing in Ethnic flavors and using proper cooking technique to make foods taste better. We will discuss major protein sources such as chicken, fish, beef, pork and how I like to think about seasoning them. This show has lots of banter on the thought process and skills required to make foods taste good. Also a primer on the Harvest Eating seasoning blends.

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In this episode I discuss my new walking regimen and how you can incorporate walking into your daily life. Also discussed is the importance and health reasons to stay properly hydrated by drinking adequate amounts of pure water.

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In this episode I discuss how to make pizza from scratch.  I go over making the dough, making tomato sauce, infused olive oil and also different grated cheeses and toppings  like mushrooms, bacon, peppers, etc. I also give a basic equipment primer and speak about the proper oven temperatures and getting the pizza into the oven.

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In this episode I talk all about eggs; how to find local eggs, why they are better and the ways I like to cook eggs.  I also dispel the theory that store-bought eggs claim to be free range and healthy.

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In this episode I discuss some basic strategies for finding the people near you that can provide you with the foods we need to eat local. so far, here in Montana I have made some excellent connection that have yielded a regular supply of great foods. My goal is to inspire you to seek these sources near you.

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In this episode, the very first show recorded from Montana I discuss the move in detail, why did we move, how we moved and all the crazy stuff en route. Towards the end my son and my other son the doberman invade my space and I have to shoo them both will learn all about our new farmstead.

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