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This episode discuss the recnt holiday orders plus lots of family related things....

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On today's short show I will discuss the cookies we usually make and consumer during the holidays and also what were making for Christmas dinner......

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On today's show I walk you through the making of a classic French dish Beef Bourguignon. This lovely dish is perfect for this time of year and can also be made with wild game......

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In this episode I discuss some recent dishes I made and also talk about cooking with and hunting for big game....

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A little chat on bread and rolls, here are my thoughts on bread with the big meal.

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In this segment I discuss making a perennial favorite of ours, brussels sprouts in Mornay sauce....YUM

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In this segment I discuss the method I use to make fresh cranberry sauce. Simple, easy and delicious.....give it a try.

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In this segment I discuss making stuffing or dressing. I will tell you the best way to make it flavorful and safe.

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In this segment potatoes are the superstar......learn how I cook them, what type and how you can make great tasting potatoes.

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In this segment I discuss making the perfet turkey. You'll hear my thoughts on selecting, thawing and cooking the big holiday bird.

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On this episode we talk about Mise en place, or everyting in its place, critical thinking and preparation for large meals. Thanksgiving Dinner is one of hte lagest and most important meals of hte year, these tips should help prepare the meal more sucessfully.

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This is what we will cover during this series....enjoy..hope it helps!

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I disucss the audio series Thanksgiving University I have been working on to help people with teh big holiday meal. 

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In this show I talk about my trip to cook for some homeschool kids.

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On today's show I disuss how to incoorporate more bananas into your diet. No matter who you are.... a trucker, office worker or school kid, we can all eat more bananas. They are very healthy, plentiful and inexpensive....why not eat more?

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In this episode I decribe some of the ways I use coconut in it's many forms. From coconut oil to coconut cream to dried coconut flakes. Coconut is a healthy and versatile ingredient that tastes terrific.

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Chatting about prosciutto wrapped pork tenderloin today on Harvest Eating.

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In this episode I talk about cooking with lentils and other legumes from the long term storage pantry. Lentils can make a host of wonderful meals and this will help motivate you to cook with them....

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In this episode I discuss a bunch of updates  and other stuff....then get into buying, cooking and storing butternut squash. Butternut squash is one of my favorite vegetables and is one of the best long term storagble foods you can have.

In this episode I discuss cooking with frozen vegetables. Some are good, some are not but all have a place in your cooking.

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In this episode I dicuss a bunch of details regarding pasta sauce, my trip to the dentist, a hockey playing update and the meat of the show....well it's seafood not meat... I discuss way to cook with salmon.

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In this epsidoe I discuss cooking with spinach and winter greens. I speak about some spinach dumplins I had in Cortina da Ambpezzo Italy which were to die for. Also, a hearty winter green salad. Enjoy!

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I discuss greenhouses and why you shoudl have one, the best types to have IMO and what kind I used to have.

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In this episode I discuss the amazing potato and how to enjoy it. I also discuss the many merits of the potato as a survival food.

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In today's shorter episode I dicuss some basic fall cooking ideas, things like soups, pastas and more. Also and update on the deer devastation we encountered.

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This was a tough episode to record....but I feel it's important to discuss....I HATE having to think about things like this. Nobody should worry about this stuff.....Let me know your thoughts?

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Todays show focuses on what I am going to do with all the pears and apples we picked yesterday. I talk about making cider, fritters, poached pears and a few rants on bad food, rip-off dog food and pasta sauce packaging updates.

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In this episode I discuss the best cuts of beeffor a roast. I also give in depth pasta sauce updates and ramble on about allot of other forewarned....

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This is episode I talk about my first elk huntring trip...was pretty neat...also I walk you through making two soups; New England style clam chowder and also Leek n Potato soup...a fall favorite for us.

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Learn how to make salsa with character.....using wood with your grill....amazing results await.

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On todays's show I discuss simple buckwheat pancakes, why I like them and how I make them. Also, I mention several brands of gluten free products you can find in stores near you. These include bread, crackers, and pastas.

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In this epsiode I discuss some of my favorite ways of cooking with apples...making apple cider, roasted apples, apple pie, apple tarts and curried apple onion compote. Check it out and share your ideas...

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In this episode I discuss in detail making one of my favorite appetizers.....Sweet n Spicy Pepper RElish with Goat Cheese try's awesome...also a recap of our recent trip to Glacier Park (see photos at Facebook) and a pasta sauce update...

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In this epsiode I discuss making tuna salad.....this lowly food of our past is GREAT for long term storage and can be delicious if made properly....also, be sure to check out hte photo of me and the Black Shadown on the Havest Eating website.

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In this episode I discuss getting some of the last of summer's bounty and enjoy them to their fullest. Also I speak to the coming cool weather and how were adjusting to it with heartier foods.

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In this episode I discuss how I like to make bbq sauce and give some basic pointers for you.

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In this episode recored outdoors in Colorado I disuss some Mexican food..good and bad....then describe a great dish I made last night. Also, some updates from vacation here in Colorado.

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In this episode I talk about how you can use healthy vinaigrettes as sauce to kick- up the taste and falvor profile of your foods.

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In this episode I discuss making a pork green chili. I also discuss the course I am creating to help people go gluten free and how to help them aliviate joint pain. 

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On today's episode I discuss a recent trip to Whitefish Montana and many other random topics.

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On today's show I dicuss a few dishes I've made this week that incorporate lots of summer produce, but also some broccoli, which we still get fresh here in western Montana. Many ideas for ratatouille too.

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In this short episode I try to inspire you to be motivated and use up hte harvest that will be gone in a matter of weeks...cherries, watermelon, tomatoes, zucchini etc. all will be gone i na few short weeks. so lets take advantage of this marvelous harvest.

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In this episode I discuss the Flathead Lake Montana area and it's wonderful cherries along with some recipes for the Vitamix Blender

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In this episode I discuss some ideas for using summertim vegatbles such as eggplant, zucchini nad bell peppers.

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In this episode I discuss making a simple beef n pepper stir fry and also discuss the things we pack in coolers to help keep kids hydrated and happy while at beach, river, or pool.

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In this episode I discuss some things were doign and a few rants.....enjoy

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In this episode I talk about strategies for cooking with game and get granular with a Elk meatball recipe idea. Also, an interesting salad that can be made easily with swiss chard and lentils and a feta vinaigrette...YUM!

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In today episode I discuss making side dishes for summer gatherings, picnics, BBQ etc.  I discuss a great fruit dish, melon salad with lemongrass gastrique, some tomato salads, cornmeal crusted tomatoes with lemon mascarpone and a few others. SPECIAL NOTE: Today is my birthday and I was feeling quite relaxed hence the very loose format. I hope you enjoy.....

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In this episode I discuss the Southern style BBQ were having tonight along with direction on how to make a terrific Gluten Free chocolate cake..the recipe is in the Harvest Eating cookbook for those of you that have one. 

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On this episide I chat about our Colorado trip and give health updates nad some fod related chat as it relates to my diet.

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In this short show I discuss how I am doing Gluten free and also speak about some project cooking...VEGETARIAN WARNING pates and rillettes.....simple French from a youtube video got into the last couple seconds of closing music....!

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Here are a few recipe ideas for those wheat free...or not...great stuff like grilled vegatbles, Cilantro chicken salad with cashwes..and gluten free chocolate die health updates...

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Today I speak of being wheat free, I ramble on about foods I am eating, other thoughts on diets, Harvest Eating and lastly a terrific Poblano Pepper Cream Sauce over grilled chicken....YUM!

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In this episode I share a personal struggle I am having with inflamation and arthitis and what I am trying to do about it. Bread, wheat will be on the choppign block for hte next few weeks minimum.

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In this episode I briefly discuss the making of foccacia bread.

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In this episode I discuss using foods from the long term storage pantry like lentils and brown rice to make tasty meat-free burgers. Cooking from long term storage can be tasty indeed!

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I discuss our weekend trip tp Coeur d Alene ID this weekend nad also dicuss making polenta....

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tips, techniques and ideas for this big grilling weekend!

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this show has a few topics and is under 30 minutes....make this oat pudding...

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I answer Derek's question on making French Onion Soup and also muse about our new (at leat to us) Lacanche range and my batch of fennel sausage

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Chatting about uses for fresh spinach, frozen too and some bitter greens.

Today I will be talking about our first Montana farmers market trip, I will also answer some questions and talk about my fly fishing trip.

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On today's show I discuss some question that were submitted. One about stee lcooked oats, one on venison backstraps and lastly using thickending agents such as flour or corn starch.

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I discuss meal planning tips on this show nad speak about how you need tothink like a restaurant owner. Also a quick recipe for Mojo

Direct download: 142-Tips_For_Meal_Planning_Making_Mojo_And_More....mp3
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I discuss ways to use Harvest Eating as well as other seasonings.

Direct download: 141-Usuage_Suggestions_For_Dried_Herbs_And_Spices.mp3
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I answer a few more questions on todays show

Direct download: 140-More_Answers_To_Your_Questions.mp3
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In this episode I answer your questions...feel free to call some in too...864-492-1499

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learn how I make dog food-show dedicated in memory of Keena the Jack Russell

Direct download: 138-Making_Dog_Food-In_Memory_Of_Keena_The_Jack_Russell_Terrier.mp3
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read labels....avoid processed foods...

Direct download: 137-Food_Scientists_And_The_Foods_To_Avoid.mp3
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Simple solution for making gravy so we can toss those gravy packets

Direct download: 136-STOP_Using_Gravy_Packets.mp3
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wash your fruit folks!

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great news for local food....listen to the latest show

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130-Making Hummus From Scratch

Direct download: 130-Making_Hummus_From_Scratch.mp3
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129-Making Tortilla Soup

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On today's show I will talk you thru making grilled eggplant napoleons with spicy tomato chutney and basil vinaigrette. These are quite easy to make and are perfect for a dinner party to wow your guests with bold flavors and a great presentation. This dish can be made totally vegan or just vegetarian by including some cheese which I will discuss in the show. At the end I discuss a new effort to raise cash to reprint the Harvest Eating cookbook and tell you how you might be able to help out.

Direct download: 125-Making_Grilled_Eggplant_Napoleans-Cookbook_Reprint.mp3
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On today's show I discuss the art of making corned beef and pastrami. I also discuss why luncheon meat is not a very healthy thing to eat all the time. Of course, as with most things, moderation is key. I will discuss how it's made and how I like to enjoy it. For those of you who enjoy kids my family drops in to make a appearance. The recipes and photos showing how I make pastrami will be posted as the pastrami comes along.

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On today's show I will walk you through the preparation of a terrific Ethnic recipe that comes from Southeast Asia, Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup. I explain in detail how to create this wonderful dish that is inexpensive, healthy and delicious.

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On today's show I will be telling you why I am not gardening this year in the ground . Instead we will do some vertical gardening on the deck and spend the time we save not gardening pursuing other activities such as hunting, hiking, fishing, camping and entertaining.

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In this episode I discuss healthy snacks for children and for adults. We will cover the things not to eat and how you can be prepared for impromptu snacking with convenient make ahead snacks.

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On today's show I discuss the controversial subject of soy. Soy is everywhere, in all the processed foods, fast foods, oils, snack, cakes, etc. Soy is controlled by the biggest food conglomerates in the world and they have armies of scientists for research and marketing muscle to push their soy filled agendas.

Direct download: 120-The_Danger_Of_Soybeans-Or_Not__.mp3
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On today's show I discuss how I like to make chicken pot pie. We will go over crust making, the vegetables and ever important Veloute sauce. After listening you should be able to make a delicious chicken pot pie.

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On today's show I discuss pork green chili. One of my favorite comfort food recipes this simple green, chili is made with widely available ingredients and has a lovely taste and texture. In my batch last night I used ground local pork from a Hutterite Colony located nearby my western Montana homestead.

Direct download: 118-How_to_Make_Pork_Green_Chili.mp3
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On todays's show I discuss my thoughts on the proper methodology of seasoning foods. From basics such as using salt and pepper to mixing in Ethnic flavors and using proper cooking technique to make foods taste better. We will discuss major protein sources such as chicken, fish, beef, pork and how I like to think about seasoning them. This show has lots of banter on the thought process and skills required to make foods taste good. Also a primer on the Harvest Eating seasoning blends.

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In this episode I discuss my new walking regimen and how you can incorporate walking into your daily life. Also discussed is the importance and health reasons to stay properly hydrated by drinking adequate amounts of pure water.

Direct download: 116-The_Importance_Of_Daily_Exercise_And_Drinking_Water.mp3
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In this episode I discuss how to make pizza from scratch.  I go over making the dough, making tomato sauce, infused olive oil and also different grated cheeses and toppings  like mushrooms, bacon, peppers, etc. I also give a basic equipment primer and speak about the proper oven temperatures and getting the pizza into the oven.

Direct download: 115-Making_Pizza_From_Scratch.mp3
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In this episode I talk all about eggs; how to find local eggs, why they are better and the ways I like to cook eggs.  I also dispel the theory that store-bought eggs claim to be free range and healthy.

Direct download: 114-Eating_And_Cooking_Eggs.mp3
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In this episode I discuss some basic strategies for finding the people near you that can provide you with the foods we need to eat local. so far, here in Montana I have made some excellent connection that have yielded a regular supply of great foods. My goal is to inspire you to seek these sources near you.

Direct download: 113-Discovering_Local_Foods_In_My_New_Area.mp3
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In this episode, the very first show recorded from Montana I discuss the move in detail, why did we move, how we moved and all the crazy stuff en route. Towards the end my son and my other son the doberman invade my space and I have to shoo them both will learn all about our new farmstead.

Direct download: 112-Moving_To_Montana.mp3
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In this short episode I discuss how easy and it is to make lentil vegetable soup. This healthy and delciious soup needs a good 90 minutes to reach it's full potential but the rewards and efforts are well worth it.

Direct download: 111-Black_Lentil_Soup_w_Vegetables..Upcoming_Events.....mp3
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In this episode I discuss the power of my favorite leafy green....kale. Kale is a nutritious powerhouse. This disease fighting vegetable is being studied all over the globe. Kale is LOADED with b vitamins and antioxidants that may prevent many types of cancer. It's easy to grow, versatile in the kitchen and tastes least I think so.

Direct download: 110-The_Power_Of_Kale-A_Leafy_Green_Superfood.mp3
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In this episode I discuss the simple technique on how to make stocks and broths at home with simple ingredients. Making your own ensures you are NOT consuming hidden additives like MSG or other "natural" flavors.

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