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The Keith Snow Show covers current events, farming, cooking, finance, homesteading, culture, politics, and much more. My aim is to entertain and educate you on a wide range of important information you will benefit from hearing.

In this episode I discuss the most important meal of the day....breakfast..where have you heard that before??? I do believe that eating a great breakfast is a good start to your day and discuss this at length today. I also share what I eat allot and what I eat very occasionally.

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In today's show I discuss several ways to use up the fresh tomatoes we all seem to have on our counters this time of year. I list about 10 ways to use tomatoes in everything from soup to pasta to drying and caning. This show will help you get the most of your tomato harvest.

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In this episode I discuss eating and cooking fresh, local summer corn. I talk about my corn that has been blown over and plenty of ideas for cooking corn and for storing and preserving corn. I discuss a few other issues too and get off topic a few times but I think you will enjoy the conversation.

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