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In this episode I discuss the basic equipment you'll need to be a profecient home cook.  From cutting boards to knifes to cookware to smallwares there are cetain tools and equipment we all need to make the kitchen and enjoyable work space. Making the investment in proper, high-quality tools will yield many years of enjoyable home cooking. You cannot cook properly without the right equipment, this episode will give you a list of the equipment you need and I do discuss specific brand names.

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On today's show I discuss making condiments at home. Items like BBQ sauce, ketchup, salad dressings, mustards, salsa...kind of...and mayo. These can all be made easily at home with very little effort.

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This episode is all about the Survival Hoestead. That is to say a planned homestead for the upcoming challenges we all face. I discuss gardening, row grops, dairy animals, food storage, the importance of protein, guns and ammo, security dogs and more.

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This episode has three topics; first up is a long discussion about our new doberman puppy and how the dog situation has gone since we moved here. Then I give you  a little behinds the scenes sneak peak regarding a recent trip to illinois where I did a live TV appearance and several live cooking demonstrations. I was fortunate to take my wife and spend some quality time with just she and I. Lastly, I walk you through making cherry cheeescake ice cream.

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In this episode I discuss what happens as the seasons change, now that we are into summer, the last of the spring crops are disappearing and the summer crops are either in full production or about to start their harvest. We are also about to harvest the spring potato crop, then compost and till the garden to get ready for fall crops.

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