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On todays's show I discuss the fact that June 26th is my wedding anniversery, 13 years of marriage to my wonderful wife. I also discuss using white beans as a storage/survival food. Cooking white beans for use as a marinated white beans side dish and also for a Tuscan style white bean soup. I touch on dairy goats too.....

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I have been harvesting plenty of zucchini, squash, herbs, blueberries etc. from this year's garden. I discuss making ratatouille using summer produce then mention several ways to use it up making it a very uselful recipe for the homesteader and avid gardener. My 3 year old son Garrett makes a cameo apperaance and chats for a minute or so.

In this episode I discuss pickling. A Facebook Fan suggested a podcast on pickles and making brine etc. and I thought it was a great idea. I discuss the basics of pickled foods such as cucumbers, beets and also discuss sauerkraut and a few rants here and there. Enjoy!

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On today's episode I talk about Harvet Eating on vaction. When we travel the kid's nutrition is paramount. We always search out local farmers markets and buy fresh local produce, bread, cheese, meat, seafood etc. Whatever looks fresh and is local we buy, that way we can cook and eat real foods while away. This also means having to bring cookware, knifes cutting boards etc. so real meals can be prepared. I also briefly discuss my new, ol, Troy built Horse tiller.

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In this episode I discuss the ins and outs of making really great BBQ ribs, well talk about the meat, the smoke, the spices and techniques you need to use. Somehow I also mix in my love of American Made luggage and carry bags...I'm a big fan of Tom Bihn of Seatlle, Red Oxx of Montana and also MEI Packs of California. I own many pieces from each company..closet is stacked full of them! And, I also love smoking ribs and other BBQ'd items. So let's listen in and learn from my mistakes and sucess.

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