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In this episode of Harvest Eating I discuss the things going on around my farm in spring. The chores like pruning, fetilizing, moving animals to spring pasture, planting landscaping and much more. My son even come in in for a minute to bring daddy some water.

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This is a special spur of the moment episode in which I let nature do the talking...grab a cup of tea or cofee, site back and enjoy the Western north Carolina nature on the Snow farm. No regular content in this episode.

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In this episode I share my thoughts on eating local and why it's important. I rant a tad about stores that SHOULD support more local foods and how anoying it is to see California produce in Florida.  Eating local is important as we develop long term relationships with local farmers which helps to ensure their long term survival and keep farm land from being developed into condos. 

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n March each year I start thinking about and enjoying fresh strawberries. This wonderful fruit is only available locally, regionally  for a short time each year. In Florida, strawberries are bring harvested this time of year on many small and large farms.  In my opinion, Florida grows the best commerical harvest of strawberries in the US. Strawberries are a versatile culinary ingredient and of course delicious and healthy. Not only can you eat them fresh or in smoothies etc. they can be cooked with too.

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