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In this episode I talk about making meatballs, those lovely classic Italian American delights. I'll take you through the process start to finish including sauce making and special Sicilian/ North African style lamb meatballs with cinnamon, pine nuts, raisins and fennel seeds.

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In this episode I discuss the venerable standing prime rib roast that will adorn many Christmas Dinner tables in a few days. I discuss the entire preparation from purchasing to sauce making.  Enjoy!

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In this episode I discuss a few potato dishes that can be made for Christmas dinner. I love these lard roasted potatoes, super simple yet really interesting and tasty. Also, au gratin potatoes are lovely and easy as well.

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In this special episode recorded from the Mile High city of Denver I introduce a new sponsor My Patriot then briefly describe how I like to make simple beef chili. Real, simple, chili only needs a few basic ingredients; meat, onions, chilies, spices and a little time...

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In this special episode I focus solely on helping you cook the perfect turkey. We will discuss the thawing, cooking, gravy making etc. Making a turkey that tastes great and is moist and delicious is not difficult as long as you follow some simple rules.

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In today's episode I briefly tell you about the history of cranberries and the easy recipe needed to make fresh cranberry compote this Thanksgiving Day.

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In this episode I talk you through the creation of mashed potatoes. Will discuss types of taters to use, methods of cooking, seasonings, whipping or mashing etc.

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In this episode I discuss making bread and why I think we all should try it. Baking bread at home gives provides personal independence and culinary satisfaction. Store bought bread have many flaws and home baked bread has many attributes. I also mention some basic equipment and supplies needed.

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In this episode I discuss the benefits of using pressure cookers and how they can be used safety. I also briefly discuss the differences between pressure cookers and canners. I also give my brand recommendations.

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In this episode I discuss eating clean sources of protein such as beef, yogurt, nuts, cheese, milk etc. I truly believe we need to limit factory farm protein sources whenever possible. 

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In this episode I am recording outside on the banks of the St John's River in Jacksonville Florida. I will update you on my allergies and TV show production as well as dive into the topic of food inflation as we watch food packages get smaller while the price stays the same or even increases. I talk about a few ways you can maintain or lower your food budget by supporting local farms, buying in bulk and cooking at home.

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As fall brings cooler weather soup making takes center stage. Here I discuss a few of our favorite soup recipes plus some other updates.

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In this episode I discuss what were growing in the garden this fall and talk about eating fall foods such as apples, greens, squash etc. I also talk about the upcoming video shoots for the Harvest Eating TV show.

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In this episode I discuss the most important meal of the day....breakfast..where have you heard that before??? I do believe that eating a great breakfast is a good start to your day and discuss this at length today. I also share what I eat allot and what I eat very occasionally.

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In today's show I discuss several ways to use up the fresh tomatoes we all seem to have on our counters this time of year. I list about 10 ways to use tomatoes in everything from soup to pasta to drying and caning. This show will help you get the most of your tomato harvest.

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In this episode I discuss eating and cooking fresh, local summer corn. I talk about my corn that has been blown over and plenty of ideas for cooking corn and for storing and preserving corn. I discuss a few other issues too and get off topic a few times but I think you will enjoy the conversation.

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In this episode I discuss the basic equipment you'll need to be a profecient home cook.  From cutting boards to knifes to cookware to smallwares there are cetain tools and equipment we all need to make the kitchen and enjoyable work space. Making the investment in proper, high-quality tools will yield many years of enjoyable home cooking. You cannot cook properly without the right equipment, this episode will give you a list of the equipment you need and I do discuss specific brand names.

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On today's show I discuss making condiments at home. Items like BBQ sauce, ketchup, salad dressings, mustards, salsa...kind of...and mayo. These can all be made easily at home with very little effort.

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This episode is all about the Survival Hoestead. That is to say a planned homestead for the upcoming challenges we all face. I discuss gardening, row grops, dairy animals, food storage, the importance of protein, guns and ammo, security dogs and more.

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This episode has three topics; first up is a long discussion about our new doberman puppy and how the dog situation has gone since we moved here. Then I give you  a little behinds the scenes sneak peak regarding a recent trip to illinois where I did a live TV appearance and several live cooking demonstrations. I was fortunate to take my wife and spend some quality time with just she and I. Lastly, I walk you through making cherry cheeescake ice cream.

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In this episode I discuss what happens as the seasons change, now that we are into summer, the last of the spring crops are disappearing and the summer crops are either in full production or about to start their harvest. We are also about to harvest the spring potato crop, then compost and till the garden to get ready for fall crops.

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On todays's show I discuss the fact that June 26th is my wedding anniversery, 13 years of marriage to my wonderful wife. I also discuss using white beans as a storage/survival food. Cooking white beans for use as a marinated white beans side dish and also for a Tuscan style white bean soup. I touch on dairy goats too.....

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I have been harvesting plenty of zucchini, squash, herbs, blueberries etc. from this year's garden. I discuss making ratatouille using summer produce then mention several ways to use it up making it a very uselful recipe for the homesteader and avid gardener. My 3 year old son Garrett makes a cameo apperaance and chats for a minute or so.

In this episode I discuss pickling. A Facebook Fan suggested a podcast on pickles and making brine etc. and I thought it was a great idea. I discuss the basics of pickled foods such as cucumbers, beets and also discuss sauerkraut and a few rants here and there. Enjoy!

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On today's episode I talk about Harvet Eating on vaction. When we travel the kid's nutrition is paramount. We always search out local farmers markets and buy fresh local produce, bread, cheese, meat, seafood etc. Whatever looks fresh and is local we buy, that way we can cook and eat real foods while away. This also means having to bring cookware, knifes cutting boards etc. so real meals can be prepared. I also briefly discuss my new, ol, Troy built Horse tiller.

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In this episode I discuss the ins and outs of making really great BBQ ribs, well talk about the meat, the smoke, the spices and techniques you need to use. Somehow I also mix in my love of American Made luggage and carry bags...I'm a big fan of Tom Bihn of Seatlle, Red Oxx of Montana and also MEI Packs of California. I own many pieces from each company..closet is stacked full of them! And, I also love smoking ribs and other BBQ'd items. So let's listen in and learn from my mistakes and sucess.

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In this episode I muse about the process of seasonal cooking and what it means to me. I toss some off the cuff tips and ideas in too. A few updates as well.

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In this episode I talk about how easy it is to grow lettuce, something I've touched on before. Also, even if money is tight foods like beans and rice can be very enjoyable, healthy and affordable. I talk some about perennial fruit gardens too.

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In this episode I share a big surprise. I am working on a new TV series that airs on RFD TV. I talk in depth about the process of creating our shows and what goes on behind the scenes. Also, the new website is about to launch, we speak about that , new packaging for products and much more...

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In this episode I discuss a bunch of things that are on my mind in no random order. Been planting tons of potatoes and about to plant corn, melons, more asparagus roots etc. Hear all about it in this brain dump.

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In this episode of Harvest Eating I discuss the things going on around my farm in spring. The chores like pruning, fetilizing, moving animals to spring pasture, planting landscaping and much more. My son even come in in for a minute to bring daddy some water.

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This is a special spur of the moment episode in which I let nature do the talking...grab a cup of tea or cofee, site back and enjoy the Western north Carolina nature on the Snow farm. No regular content in this episode.

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In this episode I share my thoughts on eating local and why it's important. I rant a tad about stores that SHOULD support more local foods and how anoying it is to see California produce in Florida.  Eating local is important as we develop long term relationships with local farmers which helps to ensure their long term survival and keep farm land from being developed into condos. 

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n March each year I start thinking about and enjoying fresh strawberries. This wonderful fruit is only available locally, regionally  for a short time each year. In Florida, strawberries are bring harvested this time of year on many small and large farms.  In my opinion, Florida grows the best commerical harvest of strawberries in the US. Strawberries are a versatile culinary ingredient and of course delicious and healthy. Not only can you eat them fresh or in smoothies etc. they can be cooked with too.

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On todays' episode I step outside and sit on the dock by the pond and record outdoors. It will be almost 70 here in Asheville so spring gardening is on my mind and that is what we wil cover today. We'll talk about soil preparation and testing, composting basics, seed selection and a touch about cooking your produce.

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A CSA-Community Supported Agriculture-Is the perfect source for local foods in your community. Joining a CSA allows you to take part in the local harvest of a small family farm. Fresh, produce is healthy and delicious and fun to cook with, best of all it's purchase supports family farms.

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Seafood is a tricky subject for most people. Cooking seafood, buying seafood and how to store seafood properly can present many challenges for seafood lovers. In this episode I discuss seafood in it's many forms and talk about farm-raised salmon and tilapia and well as wild caught fish like salmon and others too.

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What can I say...bacon is great stuff. Most of us love bacon, the smell, taste, culinary versatility and usefulness. But understanding exactly how bacon is made, where the pork comes from how it's harvested etc. is an important thing to know. I will discuss CAFO's --factory farms and also free-range pork operations and what a pig should be eating. Also give some sources for buying really nice free-range pork products, including bacon.

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Let's discuss a meaty subject-ground beef. I grind beef at home often and let you know the process I use to take different beef cuts and make them ready for storage and later use. With pink slime being added to most ground meat this is something we all should be doing to avoid big corporate food.

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Potatoes are a cinch to grow, super versatile in the kitchen and also very very healthy...and cheap too!! We'll discuss how to grow them, harvest and store them as well as touch on a few ways to cook them. For a prepper, potatoes are almost a perfect crop.

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In this episode I take a listeners suggestion and cover some basic cooking techniques we all need to use for basic or even advanced cooking. Sauté, braise, roast, bake, steam, broil pan fry etc. These are all terms we hear often but usually do not get much background information about. I try to tackle these topics in a simple way with detailed descriptions in order to help you cook better.

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In this episode I talk specifically about setting the stage for a nice Valentines dinner menu for your loved ones. With a little attention to detail, anyone can create a wonderful culinary experience for their Valentine. My simple 3 course menu features hearts of romaine with cilantro vinaigrette, seared jumbo shrimp with tomato tequilla butter, and honey lime sweet potatoes. Dinner is followed up with 3 choices for dessert. 

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I have come to love dark leafy greens. With their slight bitter and rich green flavor they are versatile to cook with, and excellent to eat. Of course they are loaded with health benefits; high amounts of antioxidants plus vitamins A, K and plenty of calcium too. Not many foods are this easy to grow, this fun to cook with and this good for you. If you do not grow and cook greens your missing out on a great culinary pleasure.

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The sad fact is that getting a good sausage is becoming much harder. The supermarket is pretty much devoid of real sausage. Instead big food companies produce and market phony tube steaks masking as real homemade sausage...the kind we all love. In places like the upper mid-west getting a good brat is a religion. But if you do not have a local butcher or artisan making them you're stuck buying big brand junk. The good news is there are many new butcher shops and artisans that are bringing this craft back. These are the places we should support in order to get our hands on the real deal.

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I have a fond appreciation for good bread. Whether a long crispy baguette from a small bakery in the countryside  in Burgundy France or right from my own kitchen. Good bread is within  the reach of all of use, no matter our location or economic circumstances. The ingredients and equipment needed for bread are easy to find and usually inexpensive. Learning to make good bread is a skill that will pay dividends your whole life.

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Many people are under the impression that fruit juice is healthy, it certainly can be in some circumstances, IE; fresh squeezed,  but most bottled juices are not at all healthy, especially for kids. The marketing and labeling laws are very deceptive and most parents think they are giving their kids healthy liquids, the truth is the opposite. This is one of the reasons type 2 diabetes is on the rise so fast. Kids are bombarded with high fructose drinks from a young age eventually wearing out their insulin system.

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In this episode I take you through the process to cook a steak properly. Everything from marination, to cooking to slicing and even how to make a tasty pan sauce or gravy. I also talk about how steak gets graded by the USDA and how to cook grass-fed beef properly as well.

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This episode is about the awful chemical called BPA that seems to be in everything. This chemical is dangerous and can cause many types of disease; heart disease, breast cancer, prostate cancer, diabetes etc. I think we should all avoid this horrible substance that should NOT be in our foods or drinks.

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In this episode I wanted to share what we've been eating lately to demonstrate the type of meals and favorites we consume in the colder months. I also talk about lots of miscellaneous things from guns to woodworking to Great Pyrenees dogs etc.. 

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In this much requested topic, cooking with game, I discuss some of my experiences with wild game and make suggestions on how you can do the same. While in Colorado I had loads of wild game to cook with and had written many menus that featured wild game. Thanks To David H for nudging me on this show.

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