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n this episode I talk in general about my garden and give you an update on what were growing, what were harvesting now, what will come soon. I also give some tips on weed control and speak about what I am doing to save or put up these foods. I also talk about compost amending and those DARN BUGS!

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In this episode I do my best to encourage and even nudge you into starting to increase the depth of your panty or for some of you, take the first step. There are turbulent waters ahead and we all need to strap in and have enough stored food to make sure nobody goes without, especially our children or elderly. Some economic discussions and some lemonade too round out this episode.

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In this episode I have a chat with Stan Barrett, one of my dear friends about a past trip to France, a potential trip to France in 2 weeks, Lacanche Ranges and even a lovely French women with a French accent!  I hope you enjoy this causal chat with a friend and sponsor of the show.

n this episode I discuss antique and heritage apples. I recently took a day trip to the high country in NC to meet a couple who specialize in saving and promoting over 350 varieties of old apple trees that have been thriving in these Southern Appalachian mountains for centuries. These are apples with funny names like Lampoc, Limbertwig, Gano etc.  If not for the Joyners, these apple would be gone forever, this is not just food we're talking's about preserving the heritage our of food sources.

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