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This episode is all about grilling and recipe ideas for a successful weekend cookout. I cover preparing the grill, marinating chicken and steak, how to cook meat without burning it and properly cooking chicken so it's not raw inside and burnt outside. Also, some great dessert ideas and super tasty recipes.

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In this episode I give a pep talk about bringing The Harvest Eating Lifestyle with you this year on your vacation. I also describe in detail how we just did that in Florida and how local farmers markets can play a key role. I discuss your culinary inventory, a term I frequently use. I also go into a diatribe on buying well made items like Yeti Coolers. Why buy cheap junk that will surely break only to be replaced again? 

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This episode takes you from the early morning at 7:30 am with my son Garrett urging me to get up and takes you throug my entire day. You'll hear about family fights, about my dog Yukon, The Great Pyrenees and our picnic at the beach. Many of you have requested more personal details so here you go...enjoy!

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In this episode we discuss the 5 mother sauces created by August Escoffier of classic French Cookery fame. These base sauces are the foundation most great cooking and can be made at home and deployed into many dishes that you will love. Once you have mastered these sauces you can make other "compound sauces" which are derived from the 5 mother sauces. You do not need to be a French snob to use and enjoy the 5 Mother Sauces. Also, my son and daughter make an apperance on air, and I eat some toaste too!!

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This special episode is all about the Harvest Eating Spice Blends we sell. This is somewhat commercial so I wanted to be upfront about that. These spices are really terrific and I wanted to tell you how we started selling them and a bit about why I think you could benefit from having them in your pantry.

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This episode I address some listener questions and try to give my perspective on these. I get hundreds of emails per month with various questions, suggestions, comments etc. If you would like to get your question answered use the words "podcast question" in the subject line to help me curate the email load.

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