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The Keith Snow Show covers current events, farming, cooking, finance, homesteading, culture, politics, and much more. My aim is to entertain and educate you on a wide range of important information you will benefit from hearing.

In this episode I discuss the practice of  what I call Cookonomics. In The Harvest Eating Cookbook on page 263 the section on Cookonomics begins with a short explanation that describes making things yourself.  You can make many different items at home and save money, remove preservatives, additives, fillers, colorants etc. from your diet and be much more independent.

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This episode I discuss the many befits of keeping chickens. I wil ldiscuss the lifestyle commercial chickens have which are not so good, compared to the the life a well-cared for bckyard chicken enjoys. You will be encouraged to keep your own chickens and if not so inclined to at leat find local eggs to enjoy.

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This episode is all about cheese. I offer some basic history, a primer on milk types and techniques to make cheese as well as discussions about cheese making regions. I also share my thoughts on enjoying cheese and discuss the cheese course, which is a staple in France. Building your own cheese course at home can be easy and very rewarding.

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This episode focuses on yogurts and my strong opinions about them. Yogurt can be a wonderful, healthy, nutritious food but like many other products have become science projects and marketing vehicles, yogurt too has suffered the same fate. Learn what to look for and what to avoid in yogurt and maybe try making your own.

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In this episode I discuss the basics of vinaigrette making and also what has happened to once acceptable, store brands. Making vinaigrettes is simple and can save money and also keep your family from ingesting food science ingredients such as preservatives, gums, colorants etc. These are ingredients we do not need to be consuming on a regular basis.

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In this episode I discuss salt , how I use it, some theroy behind seasoning food and also some tips on making spice pastes. I also discuss seasoning blends and of course mention the Harvest Eating Organic Spice blends.

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You asked s here it is , a show discussing kitchen tools and gadgets. This show will let you know my thoughts on kitchen tools and which ones you need to have, don't need to have and how to buy them, where to buy them etc. Like any craft with practicing, having great tools will help you immensely in cooking great meals. You cannot be a great cook without proper equipment.

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Enjoying real, farm fresh dairy and unprocessed dairy products is something I value and consider paramount to good health. Dairy foods like milk, butter sour cream, heavy cream etc. are supremely healthy foods that are rich in high quality protein and easily absorbed calcium. I find it a shame that the general public has been convinced that real fat from pasture raised dairy animals are an evil food. The words "low-fat" fat free" and other catchy terms are now considered "benefits" to be sought after. I believe that only unprocessed full fat dairy should grace our tables.

In this episode I discuss what dairy products we keep in our fridge for eating and cooking with and also discuss the many considerations of acquiring and keeping dairy cows or dairy goats. I also share my opinion on pasteurized dairy and why in most cases it is needed in the market based dairy economy we have in this country.

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