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Well the economic chickens have come home to roost in the form of higher prices as inflation soars. Food, fuel, consumer goods are rising at an alarming pace putting US consumers squarely in front of this trainwreck. Since the FED starting pumping trillions into the economy here and abroad, the commodities market has gone vertical. Most if not all commodities are traded in USD the world's reserve currency. As our dollar weakens from the flood of cheap or free money and credit, commodoties are rising and affecting people across the globe. This is why people are rioting in the Middle East....

This episode aims to help you understand the problem and steps that you can take to help protect yourself. Please remember to leave a comment on this episode at Http://, my favorite comemnt will win a Soil Cube a neat device for helpign to plant seeds.



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The world of cookign oils is very confusing or most consumers. Big agri-busniess and food brands are eager ot promote fancy sounding names with catch phases and proported benefits of their new "healthy oil". Mot of these oils are made using GMO ingredients and heavily procesed with chemicals like hexane and high heat. I avoid soybean oil, canola oil, corn oil, vegetable oil, and cheap big brand olive oils. I prefer "single-estate" extra virgin olive oil and pure olive and also suplememnt other fats like virgin coconut oil and grass fed butter. this episode will discuss the fraud in the olive oil busnies and how you can avoid being a victim in the supermarket aisles.

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At the end of each winter gardeners plan their spring gardens. The must decide what to plant, acquire seeds, make sure all equipment needed is present then seeds are started and garden plot is prepared, tillied, raked, amended and then final planting takes place after the last frost. This is what all garderns do, but each gardener has his/her own methods and priorities.

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Growing herbs near your kitchen not only males great sense but great food. I encourage people to grow all the herbs they need on a regular basis so that they do not need to buy herbs that were flown in from afar. Herbs are easy to grow and will produce almost all year under the right conditions. Of course lettuce is a cinch to grow to, and MUCH more economical.

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Any serious gardener knows the power of composting. Compost is an essential ingredients in our soil. It helps make plants, shrubs, bushes and trees healthy and happy. Compost is basically a mixture of two different material types, green and brown. Green add nitrogen, brown add carbon. These in combination help soil bacterial thrive to break down compost into rich, black gold.

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