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In this episode we talk about grass fed and naturally raised proteins like beef, pork, chicken and buffalo. Why is it better? What are the advantages and how can you take part. There will be resources to find grass fed products in the show notes.

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In this episode we bring on my daughter and wife to discuss making food memories with the people we love, our family. Dishes that come from generation past should be kept alive and practiced and enjoyed throughout the year. As parents we have a sacred duty to make sure our kids have the knowledge to recreate the foods we raised them with so their kids can one day enjoy these same recipes and the comfort of enjoying them with family.

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In this episode I discuss making panty items in bulk then using them later to make healthy quick meals. Things like beans, rice, pasta, oatmeal can be made a head then later made into quick healthy meals during the week.

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In this episode I talk about cooking over wood fire. At the end of the day, this style of cooking is the most pure, the most basic and the most sexy in my opinion. I mentioned a few resources for this episode that will be of interest for anybody who likes to cook outside.

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